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February 17, 2013


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Four dogs and one quilter

Wow! Congratulations on the weight lose. So nice to see you posting on your blog again. New book looks great, can't wait to see it.


So amazing on the weight loss! I bet you feel amazing!!! I can't wait to see the new book!


Goodness, Cherri! That is an incredible accomplishment -- well, both things are, for that matter. Congratulations and continued success!!

happy zombie

I rarely check my twitter feed, and poof I was there today and saw your tweet! The universe definitely at work here! Big huge congrats on your 125 omgpounds! That is awesome!!! I'm so proud of you and wish I had your strength!!! I'm selfish, but I hope this doesn't mean we can't break bread (with donuts) next time I'm in Houston. Or maybe we can find a healthy alternative!!

Such great news about the book, too! I love it already, as I do City Quilts, as I do you!!! I love you gobs, woman, and am so deliriously happy for you!!! XXXOOO!!!


Wow! double congrats! super excited for your new book!


Wow is all i can say! It was great seeing you last fall. You looked like a sister to the girls. Congrats on all the wonderful things happening in your life. I was happy for the girls but sad for you when I heard Melissa moved. Big hugs. Xo


Good Lord Girl!!!! R u an inspiration...


wow Im impressed - not to mention envious! You must feel fabulous about both the weight loss and the book. I look forward to adding Urban Views to City Quilts on my book shelf.


just so, So, SO awesome.
congratulations :)


Congrats! I saw a preview of your new book...can't wait!


Wow! Wow! Wow! I don't know you personally but I have followed the blog a long time and I was just wondering about you yesterday - hoping all was well. Little did I know just how well you are! Congrats on both the book and the weight loss!


Congratulations on the weight loss and the book! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to hear about both!


Way to go!!! One both the weight loss and the book!


cherri that is fantastic! weigh to go (hehe)
the book looks to be another winner. cant wait.
so my question is...why dont you move to slc???

Andrea Franklin

Congratulations - twice! The new book is very intriguing looking! Can't wait to see it and hope you post a new picture of the New You soon!


I was actually thinking about you this weekend as it had been so long since you blogged. Congrats on the weight loss!!! So awesome and so hard to do. And a book too!! Best wishes.


WOW! What an amazing weight loss. You must feel great and you must be so proud of yourself ... as you should be! Congratulations. Taking care of yourself are the best gifts you can give yourself and those who love you. You're an inspiration on many levels!


Wow, that is a great accomplishment! Both, actually, but the weight loss is more impressive to me. Are your constant headaches gone?

Jen B.

Huge congratulations on the weight loss! Looking forward to seeing the new book.


Congratulations on the 125 pounds! That's incredible, and I know it took a lot of dedication. I need to do the same, and I'm going to think of you for inspiration. You're amazing!


So glad for you Cherri! I have missed seeing your smiling face around Blogland!


Congratulations on the weight loss! You look amazing!!! I'm really glad to see you posting again as I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I can't wait to see your new book.


You look great! It's good to hear from you again. :D


wow!! Congrats! You are amazing!! XXXOOOO!!!!

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