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September 04, 2012


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Looks like a great book..Thanks for the opportunity to win.


I lean toward traditional quilts and love the modern methods of achieving the traditional look. Love Barbara's book.


Barbara's designs are absolutely stunning. I'd love to give them a try and winning the book would be marvelous!


This book looks terrific! Thanks for a chance to win.


These are gorgeous! I admit, I shy away from triangles all the time. :)


Thanks for the chance to win this book! Looks great!


Thank you for hosting this give away. I am definitely a traditional quilt person, but have noticed some of the modern ones are beginning to grow on me.

elaine r.

Simply Triangles looks like a fun book to have!

Lisa Marie

This looks like a great book! I went to Patchwork Plus a few years ago when I was in that area. I remember there being gorgeous quilts on display and now I'm thinking some of them must have been Barbara's!

Mah Quilter

Admitting that I am the worst piecer in the world. That's why I ask my sisters to do my piecing for me. Anything to make it easier for me to achieve perfection(wishing I didn't need to try to make every point perfect)in my piecing is worth trying. This book sounds like it just might be my answer.
Wishing all who read this blog a great day.


The cover quilt is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for a chance to win this great book!

Marjorie nath

Looks like a great book for those of us that are afraid to tackle triangles. Thank you for the chance to win this book.

Marj in Mexico


Great interview. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this book. I really think this book is one that could help me for sure. I love her choice of colors, especially in the cover. I adore the cover quilt with the purple and blues.

Jeanne G

I would so love to win this book and replicate the quilt on the front. Thanks for a chance to win! Great interview and fun blog hop!

Kathie L

You've taken a simple shape and done wonderful designs with it. Thanks for the giveaway.


I absoutely love what I see, thanks for the chance to win.


Barbara is great! She's my teacher at Patchwork Plus and I always enjoy her classes. I'd love to win her book.


This looks like a book that must be on every quilter's bookshelf to use! Thank you for the opportunity to own this one.

Pauline Kennelly

You sure have a cute daughter. Love the colors of the piece she's working on. I would L♥VE to win this book! Such an innovative approach to a traditional block.

Carole S.

Barbara's instructions are so good. This is a great book.


Triangles is on my list of things to try in 2013. I would love to have this book!


I would love to try the quilts in this book!


This book looks to be full of new and spectacular quilts. I do love triangles!!!

Carla G

What beautiful quilts! Would love to try triangles! Thanks for a chance to win! :)


Beautiful quilt that Parla is making. Triangles are always fun! Thanks for joining the blog tour, Cherri!


I love traditional quilts as well as modern. Would love to try something with triangles :-> Thanks!

Susan Lock

The book looks awesome!I would love to win a copy... thanks for the opportunity!

Bambi Mayer

This looks like a wonderful book. Thanks for the chance to win!

Cindy W.

Oh your daughters quilt, lovely colors. Love the front of the book.
Thanks for a chance to win.


Parla's quilt is beautiful. I love Barbara's quilts. Would love to win a copy of this book.


My first triangle quilt was a nightmare! I'd love to get this book for the tips!


Looks like a lovely book!

homemakerhoney @gmail .com


Parla made great color choices for her quilt. It looks like a fabulous book. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.


Looks like some great patterns, love the dimensional look she has given the quilts with her use of color.


This book looks amazing, and I'd love to have a chance to make some of her patterns.

Sharon Buford

Being a new quilter triangles seem a bit scary - but this book may be what I need for inspiration.

Lori Smanski

What a wonderful book. I love that the passione for sewing is in all the family like this.


This looks like a great book and I love triangles

Vicki W

It looks like a fabulous book! Thanks for the opportunity.

Deb G. in VA

Beautiful quilts! Thanks for a chance to win a copy of the book!

Kim Martin

I would love to win a copy of this book.

Joyce Mitchell

I'm a traditional quilter with a modern twist, Thanks for the chance to win.


Sounds like this book would fit right in with my style of quilting. Thanks for the chance to win.


Thank you for hosting this give away. The book looks spectacular.


This is a beautiful book & I love the book tour idea of promoting it!

Beth T.

This looks like a great book. Thanks for the glimpse of Parla's quilt in progress. I wish you'd asked where her daughter's unusual name came from. (Name nerd here!)

Sharon Griffith

Oh the book looks fabulous...I would love to win a copy of it and not be afraid to work with triangles.

Emily C

I love the quilt on the cover, such beautiful colors. It reminds me of fireworks.

candy grisham

Love the quilt shown. thanks

LeAnne L

What a fantastic looking book.

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