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June 11, 2012


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Congratulations on the new grandbaby.Flowers,and seeing other quilts.Thanks for the chance!


Cerise is a great color! I get most of my inspiration from abstract art books.

Joan Rodiguez

Everywhere I go, everything I see inspires me too.


I have your book city quilts and have been collecting blues and greys, I want to make the cover quilt this summer



Clothing! Although I really find it everywhere I go. Thanks for the chance! Smiles~Beth


Can't wait to see your quilt. Thanks for a great giveaway!


I find inspiration for color everywhere: outdoors in nature, looking at photographs, going into a quilt shop and seeing the fabric sorted by colors--and a myriad of other places!


I love Cerise too! It might be perfect for a quilt I'm making.

joanna jenkins

I find my color inspirations from movie posters! There always seem to be a "hot" color with the summer blockbuster season and I get excited about THAT color.

Would love to win this book. Thanks


I usually find my color inspiration on the Internet...design seeds, Pinterest, Flickr, and quilting blogs. :)


I find inspiration from just about anything. I might see a grey bucket sitting on the green lawn with a blue bird sitting near-by and have to run and find me some paper to get a plan written down.


People watching on the street always gives me new ideas for color combinations. This book looks so lovely...thanks for the giveaway!

W Bellwald

Fabric and yarn shops, a handfull of pebbles, a bouquet of flowers, autum leaves, fruitsalad, a dress, my grandsons drawings, landscapes, bookcovers. In short everything I can look at inspires me.


I have things pop out at me in all types of places, lately the grocery stores!

Jane S.

I'm inspired by nature. Flowers, greenery, sand and sea, rocks, the sky...it's all good! Thank you for the chance to win. :)

Jude Jones

Thank you for the great giveaway! I want to win!

Jenny D

Thanks for sharing the opportunity to win colours ... for me, I find inspiration in everything I see


It's good to see you back on your blog and congrats on the new grand baby! I love solids and Kona Cottons are the best. Your quilts are an inspiration!

Lindsay Mattison

LOVE the new Kona colors! I'd LOVE to win this bundle (and share a lil with my quilty friends) :)


Can't wait to see your quilt! I find my colour inspiration everywhere- Nature photos are a great source.


I find color all around me. Usually in the landscapes or in magazines.


Vibrant colors are
Our wonderful joyous friends
Bringing quilts to life.

Shelley dionne

My inspiration for color comes from the country life I live...from the soft light of breaking dawn light to the muted worn grey of the barnboards to the peonies in my flower bed!


Lovely giveaway!


Inspiration comes from looking out my window...the forest, the sunsets, the deer eating my flowers (that no longer exist); flower gardens and paintings. I love colour!!

Pam M

Your favourite colour is beautiful, Cherri. I get my inspiration from looking out my window as I sit at my sewing table. I live in the middle of a 15 acre paddock in South East Queensland, Australia and can see the brilliant Australian blue sky, grass waving in the breeze, trees, birds, and my clothes line! Love your work (and Lizzy's too).

Pat V.

I find color inspiration everywhere. But I love finding photos of quilts on flickr that combine colors I would never have thought to put together in a million years!

Anne Rita

I have always loved nature, however recently I have found so much inspiration at different blogs.


Donna Cheyne

My inspiration for color is found in others inspirations...a flower garden that someone else designed, a picture that someone else painted, raw nature that God created. For me, color inspiration is connection. Thanks for this offer and congrats on the new family addition! Babies are so wonderful!

Joelle Lamberton

I often go to Farmer's Markets in the Summer to find inspiration! Fresh produce with bright vibrant colors!


I find inspiration in all the quilting blogs I follow! Thank you for the giveaway!


I find color inspiration in construction sites, vegetable gardens, and sunsets. The Hubble telescope provides color inspiration from the photos it takes of the wonders of space! I find inspiration in space and here on earth! !


I find color inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Most recently I was inspired by the colors in an ice cream shoppe and just finished the "ice cream quilt" this afternoon.

Mary Groth

I love modern quilts with solids Yeah! Would love more inspiration from the book. Thanks!


Thanks for the chance to win some colorful krona fabrics


I am dying to see this book! Kona solids are my favorite fabrics!

Vicki in MN

Loving solids and seeing all the new colors!

Leslie A.

I usually go to the color palettes found in nature - when you really look, you can find some amazing colors.


Like you, I find inspiration everywhere--flowers, food, clothing, etc., etc.

Rhonda H.

Thanks for chance to win this great book; color inspiration is all around us, isn't it?

Bridget Butler

I cant wait to get a hold of a bundle of these new colors!


Color inspiration is everywhere - outside, inside, in books, on TV. Thanks for putting my name in the hat for your drawing!

Melissa Corry

I love that Cerise is your favorite color :)

Jeanne G

I find inspiration for color in almost everything. I even dream in color and have awakened at night with the vision of a color which I write down and then I go in search of it when I shop online or at LQS


I am really very much excited to see what will they produce but i can guess that whatever they produce will be fantastic as usual.

thomas sabo


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