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August 28, 2011


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Cheryl Arkison

Funny, I was just thinking about you yesterday. No, seriously, I was. I even started an email then the kidlets distracted me. Just want to pop a note by to let you know folks are still thinking about you and hoping you are well.

Sweet pattern concept!


It's so nice to see a blog post from you. I was really hoping those headaches would be handled by now. :(

Nice to have a nurse in the family tho.

I love that quilt.....I'll be in line for the pattern.


Hope you are feeling better SOON with your own personal nurse at your side! Haven't checked in for awhile and thought they would be handled by now. BIG hugs and prayers coming towards you! LOVE LOVE LOVE the suitcases!


Your quilt is beautiful and it's so nice to hear you have your own personal nurse!


Love your suitcase quilt! Glad to see your blogpost Cherri! I’m sorry about the ongoing headachesm it’s good to know you have a personal nurse now. Take care!


So good to see another post by you. My father suffered in a similar way to you (and I'm prone to 'bad heads' myself) and the only thing that helped him was walking at night. You know after sunset. I will keep my fingers crossed that your health will be back with you once again very soon.

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

I was so happy to see a post from you! But sorry the headaches aren't under control yet. I have faith in you, Melissa and the medical field to conquer them.

Love the suitcase quilt!

Hang in there!

Marty Mason

So good to hear your lovely voice again. Prayers your way that each day will be more healing.


Be well, Thanks for the post I was miss'in you!


I know the perfect person to make this Suitcase quilt for ~ love it.
Glad to have you back.


I love the suitcase quilt. We believe right along with you that these headaches will go away. Until then, here is a little pixie dust to ease the pain.


Hi Cherri,
So glad to see you working on a wonderful new quilt! I'm glad your daughter is there taking care of you : ) I'm sending positive thoughts your way. Hopefully you will be feeling much better soon!

Mary Jo

Glad to see you are back.
i will believe/ pray /hope (maybe that is really one meaning) for the best health for you.


It really is a cute pattern. I hope the diet and exercise work with your headaches. How you can design and create with an aching head is beyond me.

Peggy Grow

Will be praying for you - have missed your blog posts! Stay positive and strong.

Kelley Hart

I'm sure you're sick of everyone giving you advice. . . but I thought I'd share my 2 cents. Have you tried chiropractic treatment? My son (who is 15) has been having intensive treatment for his severe depression for about 3 months now. Last year he had to leave high school, because of his depression. He has slowly improved, and is now feeling "fantastic" (his word!). He started school again last week, and we are sure the chiropractic is helping. The doctor has explained why this all works (too much to explain here), and it makes sense, though I had never considered it before I went in for my back issues. She says she has great success treating people for severe head ache issues too. I hope you find relief for your pain. You are so strong! Keep up the fight.


Another bit of 2cents-maybe check out any food allergies or sensitivities they can play on the brains chemistry and testing for food allergies is rather simple skin tests.Its just another avenue to try! Good luck!


I just read your book, City Quilts, and I must say I really love it! I live in Sweden and usually enjoy quilting very much. Right now I'm going through some difficult times and I don't have the energy to sew. But reading your book really gave me a feeling of energy coming back to me. Thank you so much!
All the best to you,
Annelie in Sweden


That's going to be such a neat quilt -- I can't wait to see how it looks in fabric!


Hi Cherri,
Just checking in and seeing how you are....I hope the cooler weather is a good change for your headaches and that things are looking up. Thinking of you...


Hello there: Purchased your latest book and the City Lights kit from Mad About Patchwork and just finished piecing the top. What colour did you use for the backing, and what colour thread did you use to quilt it with? so little time...so many quilts!!!

Shayla Sharp

Oh, that quilt is going to be so cute! I used to get horrible headaches from ice cream, an allergy reaction, so while not as bad as yours--I totally sympathize! I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you feel better soon.

auntie pami

So happy to see this coming along as a pattern!

I hope you are better. I miss reading your blog.


Oh I LOVE that design!!!!!! You are amazingly clever! I also love your candor--everybody's so guarded and surface these days. I was hospitalized for depression/anxiety a few years ago as well. I've never talked about it on my blog, but I guess I could, since you can.

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