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July 03, 2011


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Welcome back. Going from a romance to a friendship always involves a few rusty steps and then 'poof' just like magic we will be best friends.

PS - if you do put a funnel on your head - please share, embarrassing or not!


I'm more than happy to have you back! I am really sorry that your headaches are still giving you grief, and hope you can get relief soon! I've been waiting patiently, concerned, and look forward to moving ahead....and I don't fault you at all for being 'real!'


I'm so glad that at least the depression is under control.

And, hey!! Don't think of it as a date you've told too much - Think of is as bff's that you vented to, who completely understand that some things normally too personal for sharing need to be listened to and then "forgotten". ;D

paulette doyle

So happy to have you back...friends are friends...and that goes for blogging friends!!
Now we just need to get rid of those darn headaches and we can get you back to blogging full time!! You take care!


I still LOVE that lake story. *L*

Listen, if you can't talk to friends, who can you talk to? Just because we're "virtual" doesn't mean we're any less friends, you know.

Welcome back. Here's good thots to get those headaches fixed up.

Elizabeth Gower

One of the things I miss most about having a job in an office (okay, the only thing I miss) is having other women around to share my aches, pains, good times, bad times, and all of life's dramas. All I can say is "Thank god for the internet, for blogs and for SEWERS and CRAFTERS!!

Mary ann

So we'd hardly be bffs without a few embarrassing moments....and there is nothing embarrassing about being real! Sorry about the headaches but glad the depression is in check and very glad to see you back....when it's right for you! But I do want to see the photo if you end up with a funnel on your head....who knows maybe it would funnel out the bad rays causing the headaches?

Cheryl Arkison

Oh Cherri, you are funny! ANd honest. The internet can always use more of both!
Take care


Phew - I'm so happy you're here! Not so glad that the headaches are still there. Glad you are not apologizing - no need to. I thoroughly enjoy your writing, your quilts and your honesty. Welcome back! Pam


Personally I prefer to read blogs where I get a sense of the 'real' person behind the webpage. I find nothing more offputting than those blogs where everything is perfect, fluffy bunnies play in the garden, cats never wee in the veg plot and nothing nasty EVER happens.... Blah blah blah (tbh I tend to want to slap those people with a wet fish).

Welcome back and keep us updated about the headaches. I suffered really badly a couple of years ago and the Dr's never worked it out. Although something in the treatments must have worked cos they eventually went. I found it helped to know others understand because they suffer as well.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Welcome back Cherri! Now back to creating!


cherri, we've missed you! we also don't care if you overshare; isn't that what blogging is for?

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

My first thought on reading "Why would you call me the tin man?" was (being a little rusty in the Oz memories myself) "Because you have so much courage!"

Honesty and a sense of humor will take you far and you've got both in spades. Welcome back!


I've missed you! I'm so sorry the first procedures didn't work for your headaches. Fingers crossed and prayers said that the other one will take care of it. Glad to see you back!

cynthia karkut

Oh crap get in the depression line. That's why we quilt and do crafts!!! Thank God for good meds too! I just bought your book City Quilts and have been reading it like crazy while on vacation. I'm totally obsessed with solids now. I can't wait to get home and try one of your quilts you are an amazing artist. I pray your headaches go away and stay away. They can be horrible. Peace Cynthia

Pat V.

Sorry to hear the headaches are still an issue, but it's good to get an update from you. Share whatever you want, isn't blogging just online journaling?

Marianne Haak

Good to hear from you.....hope you get some relief from the headaches.


Best wishes with the surgeries and even if you have to put the blog aside for a bit again, I think we will all understand. A time and season for everything. . .

Marguerite Leahy

Hi cherri, nice to have you back. You aren't taking Estrogen in hormone replacement therapy or Contraceptives are you? Taking Estrogen can cause headaches. Years ago I had to change my contraceptive pill because I had horrendous headaches. Fixed overnight once I stopped taking the estrogen. Another avenue for you anyway. Hope there is a solution soon, I know how terrible it can be. Marg


You should never be embarrassed about being honest and true. You are one of the most genuine (and talented) people I've ever met.

I'm so glad to hear the depression is improving and hope the headaches disappear very soon!


It is so refreshing to have someone be honest with what is REALLY going on with their life. I, myself, tend to be that way also. I admire you a great deal for you strength and courage to put it all out there.
In an odd way, we are all friends here in blogland. Friends share with each other. That's just the way it is.
Keep doing what you're doing ~ please.
Hope you find out what the heck is going on with your body too.


You can be the Tin Man or a Flying Monkey as long as underneath it, you are still the person we have come to love.
Glad to see you back! I'm happy the depression is in check. Sorry to hear the headaches are still there, but mostly happy that you feel comfortable enough to share it all with thousands of your most "intimate" friends, many of whom are going through the same issues (except for the falling in the lake part).

Kaaren Babb

Just yesterday, as I was taking some "me" time, I spent it looking at "City Quilts" and wondered how you were doing. Now I know, and who know I would know so soon? Cheri, as for sharing with the world, isn't it sometimes easier? It's almost like a diary with live responses and your entries have automatic reply/entries from masses of people who believe in you, but are up in your business on a daily basis. Seems healthy to me. Independence Day seems like a great time for your coming home party, and oh my, aren't we glad to have you. Here's to you kid! Hoping the seas remain calm...........Kaaren B.

Miss Nancy

You are sharing your life's journey chapter by chapter. This honesty and willingness to share these tidbits is courageous as well as helpful. In a way it sorts it all out. Wishing you the best. So glad to hear that the depression is under control. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes and have a super great sewing and stitching day.

Angela Neff

That's what friends are for!


Welcome back; rusty or not. No need to apologize for being MIA OR for things you've posted in the past. There are always times when we all feel like putting things onto 'paper'(or computer nowadays I suppose) help us a bit more than to talk to our best friend. The 'paper' doesn't talk back or tell us things we already know are the obvious right.

I feel for you with those headaches. When I was in my 20's (ummmmmmm a few years back) I dealt with migraines no less than four days every single week. It was tough because I also had three children during those years all under the age of 6 as well plus worked two jobs. I am happy to say my body just decided one day to stop those migraines for whatever reason; at least that often anyway. I still get them but thankfully MUCH less often to where they are only a once a month or every other month thing. As migraines do, they still kick my butt, but at least I can get through them now knowing it won't happen again tomorrow. I REALLY hope you can get those headaches figured out because I know how hard that is to lead anything close to a normal life with that kind of pain all the time. *big hugs*!

So now, turn the page and we start fresh. Hi! My name is Vicki. I love your blog. :)

Nicole Gendy

Cherri, don't feel embarrassed about what you post on your blog. We love you and thanks for having the courage to be honest. Hope you can get that headache stuff sorted out soon!

Tina in Boston

You also forgot "brave"! So brave of you to share your moments with us. We've all been there. Hang in there, Cherri!

Amy McAllister

I miss your posts!

Like all old, good friends, you are welcomed to come as you are.

What have you been doing for fun? Are you having any?


Hey, share what you want, don't share what you don't want to....just keep in touch. I like reading your posts. I think we all see a bit of ourselves in our blogging buddies.


thoughts and prayers are with you!

Dianne Ritter

I agree what are friends for if not to listen when you have something that needs to be shared to be borne? And it is nice to know that someone besides me does a boneheaded thing like fall in the lake whilst trying to catch that perfect shot. We should not go alone into embarassing moments! Welcome back and I also agree with Allison if you put a funnel on your head I want to see the photo! :o) Good luck with the surgeries to cure your headaches!!!


Blogging mojo is kind of like that anyway, at least to me: once you get out of the rhythm of posting, it's super hard to get back in. But here you are!! And so happy that makes me!! (Happy enough to slip into Yoda-speak, apparently.) I say you share what you want when you want -- however you feel comfortable. :)

So sorry about the headaches. Hoping you find some relief soon....

Julie Koehler

You just gained a new friend. I used City Quilts this spring for my step sons and my mom LOVED the quilts. So she is making one for my niece. So, now me and my mom are your fans. Yay!

Kaaren Babb

Good for you Cherry........keep on lubing! I often request an oil can just get the old joints moving in the morning, so this is a good thing! Take care...... it sounds like you are trying to turn the corner with your headaches...... I sure miss you, Kaaren B.


welcome back. i honestly feel for you. I have been on cymbalta for years for depression and it has the added benefit of helping me through the fibrommyalgia. and recently my doc put me on topomax for my daily headaches ( which felt like an angry octopus was out to take off the right side of my head) and it seems to be working,they also checked to see if there was a small hole my heart- which is apperently common and an easy fix and makes the nasty headaches go away forever..i didn't have one so here's to hoping that he topomax works. anyway..this was not meant to be all about me...just a hang in there for you and to let you know that i do get it.

Meg in CT

Cherri, I thought you weren't going to stay away so long! Hope you're ok, been thinking of you the last few weeks.


please don't apologize ... you're a real person who has lots of talent and some unfortunate health issues. When you share it gives some of us the opportunity to give back by sending you positive thoughts and energy. Just know that there are lots of us quiet ones 'out there' who wish and pray for your health.


i was getting headaches every day, my doc put me on topamax....maybe something to bring up with your doc. it has pretty much eliminated mine.
hang in there, we are all here for you.

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