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May 06, 2011


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Headaches are awful and debilitating! Been there and grew out of most of it.

Hope the shots help. They sound terrible.

I think I am #13 on the list so if there is a no show, maybe I move up?

Best wishes for putting the pain behind!


Dang modern medicine has so many answers! Seriously glad you are getting great care. Take it easy and go forward with a smile! I think I missed the dirty dozen but wanted to check in with you when I read your daughters were attending market via our dear Happy Zombies blog. Xo Pam in Chico

Nancy Lee

So glad the headaches are being eradicated...although those shots do sound horrible!!
I am #2 and have sent you a pvt email..

Thanks so much...


I was in the first 12 so I just emailed you my address! I am so glad you are getting treatment for your headaches. I suffered horribly with migraines for years until I found a drug that helped. Then my insurance quit covering it! I persevered and finally found another drug that worked. I still have them but my life is so much better since I've been able to minimize and control them. Keep trying because sometimes it takes some experimentation to find the right treatment. It will get better.


So glad you're feeling better. Hope things keep improving!


My grandpa used to say "thanks a million" good memories! Hope the fog lifts soon and I love the quilt.


Hope the treatment does the trick!
Beautiful quilt, btw!

Mary Ann

I spent years with this off and on and I know the relief when it stops! Hope this does the trick Cherri!


So glad you are seeing an end in sight. Keep looking up


I send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery.
I am # 10 and emailed you my adress. Thank you very much.


Look at you. . good news.

Elizabeth McDonald

Happy to hear that you can now name the headaches, and that they are on the way out! Great news! (Saw that gorgeous quilt on the cover and did not realize it is yours. CONGRATS!)


Oh, I'm #13. shucks. ;D But I really just wanted to say how happy I am that they've found a cause! (And that it's not a tumor or something that scary!) Sure hope the hellacious steroid shots work out!!

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

So glad to hear there's a plan for getting rid of the headaches! Here's hoping you're feeling great again soon.


I was #9 & emailed you.
Hope those shots provide the relief the Doctor promised! You have been in my prayers & will continue to be.


Whew! Glad to hear from you! Sending very positive vibes your way!

Miss Nancy

Congratulations to the winners! Good going!
I think your story may be of help to me since my headaches are on the return. Bless you for sharing your thoughts. I wish you nothing but the best.
Have a super great Mother's Day and a super great sewing day.

Meg in CT

Cherri, I'm glad you finally have a diagnosis--what a relief! I literally feel your pain from the steroid shots--I had two rounds of two shots in my lower back in March, and the second round did the trick. I am thankful every day for the relief from chronic pain! I hope that it works for you as well. Keeping you in my thoughts.

ps--I saw that quilt and was immediately drawn to it--I love the scrappiness!


Just finished a little quilt for a baby shower and wanted to say thanks a million to you, too.
Instead of worrying for days about machine quilting, I jumped right in and used vertical lines you encouraged on our sock quilt-along. For the first time, my binding's ends met up *perfectly* using your tutorial. Thank you for all the inspiration and information.

Marianne Haak

Saw your quilt on the cover and bought the magazine right away. I didn't realize it was yours...I should have known.

hope the treatments work well for you.


Omg I love this quilt. Im making this for my sister thx.

Rocky Delafontaine

I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing such headaches. Well, at least you are still able to do your sewing and quilts. What I can say is they're absolutely beautiful! You are a crafter and an artist too because you are sharing the talent you have. :-)

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