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April 01, 2011


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Flying Blind

Oh honey don't worry about us - you get yourself feeling good and proper soon x


Headaches are the worst! I hope you find a cause & get some relief soon!


Hope your headache goes away really soon... 6 weeks is 5 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours & 59 minutes too long ... & I thought mine which used to last 3 - 4 days (estrogen drop) wer bad ... take care!


:( Hope your head lets up and soon!


Headaches--YUCK! I am glad you are looking for help and hope they find the cause soon.

Sandy Narayan

I'm so sorry you are having headaches. When I was a kid I had a headache every day for as long as I could remember. They did a ton of medical tests that showed nothing. It wasn't until I was about 14 and we changed dentists that we discovered what the problem was. I had TMJ really bad. They corrected my bite and the headaches are gone. If you are stressed and notice that you are clenching your jaw, it can lead to headaches and you might need to get a nightguard to help. I do get occasional headaches from allergies, especially this time of year. Sometimes I get one and need to visit the chiropractor because I am out of whack. I hope that you feel better soon. There is nothing worse than a constant headache. Makes it nearly impossible to think. Can't wait until you are feeling better and sharing your creativity with us!=)
Take care!


I get headaches too - but never for 6 weeks! I hope you feel better soon. They are THE WORST!

I also used to think that Lizzy House did all the quilt patterns, but somehow I did realize that you were her mom and the quilt designer, while she's the fabric designer. I checked just now and in google reader your posts show up as "by Lizzy House". Whereas on your blog it doesn't say her name on the posts. I'm sure that's part of the confusion.


Oh no headaches are the worst. Take care of yourself. I used to have migraines. This wonderful NOT doc told me I was afraid of getting pregnant because I already had three children. Can you believe that nonsense? Turns out it was a hormone imbalance.

Hope your doc is more enlightened.

Get well soon.

Carol in E TN

So sorry you are suffering from this long term headache. What a bummer. Thanks for the batting giveaway, would like to try this batting.

Janie Grohs

Feel better soon!!!!!

Karen Linton

I'm so sorry you've had such a bad time. I hope the headaches disappear soon.

To be honest, it never occurred to me that there'd be any relation at all. When I read House in either Cherry or Lizzie, I thought more as in House of... :o)

Fusible batting is my newest best friend.


Oh dear! I had a headache for 6 or 7 hours today (isn't it funny that you don't really know when they go away, just that you realize at some point they are gone?). I can't imagine six weeks! You poor thing! Hope you feel better soon!

Shelley C

My husband suffers from headaches pretty consistantly too. Don't know what triggers his, but they tend to last a few days to a week before subsiding...can't imagine six weeks! Get better soon!


I feel for you!! My hope and prayer is that you will find some relief soon. Headaches are horrible!

Tina in Boston

Feel better soon!


Hope you feel better soon! I know how horrible never ending headaches can be (I have pseudotumor cerebri). Hope your doctors figure out something for you quickly!


Bless you, I had a continuous headache for 18 months without a let up. No one could diagnose it, and I was actually told I was crazy by a neurologist! It was actually a atypical migraine. A lot of the "normal" symptoms were missing. Good luck with ending yours.

badlands quilts

I so hope you figure out what's going on so you can start to remedy the situation & feel better.

Well I do like you because your hometown shop was one of my fav places to shop when I lived there...wish I would have been a bit more into actually quilting than just buying back then and perhaps I would have met you?

& I'd love to try the batting! (Thanks!)


Ugh. Headaches are the worst! I suffer from migraines and for a while this fall I had some marathon headaches, too. Lots of tests...including an MRI that showed that my brain was "unremarkable". I wasn't sure whether to be relieved or insulted.

I hope you're feeling MUCH better soon!

Mary Ann

Oh I am so sorry. Now I am thankful to be out of the "cluster" of migraines and hope you find your way out too.


OH gosh do I feel for you. I used to get migraines regularly and they were SO bad. I got the kind where even sitting in a dark room I still had to wear sunglasses. I hope they find out what the problem is. I have no idea why but I rarely get them anymore but when I do they are killers. I feel bad for one of my boys because he inherited migraines from me. Poor guy.


I hope your headache goes away! I did realize you were two different people because more than once Lizzy House has bragged about her mother, author of City Quilts on her blog. I'm an avid reader of both of your blogs.
Feel better soon!


I so sorry you are still suffering, as a sufferer of migraines and facial neuralgia I know how bad it can get, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you find relief soon.


Oh no, that sounds miserable! Hope your headache is gone soon. We are excited to meet you Friday at PMQG!


Do not worry about us and the batting! Feel better! I went through several years of migraines. Long story short, it was caused by a deviated septum. After the septoplasty (the operation to fix it) the migraines disappeared. My thoughts, prayers and empathy are with you.


Hope you feel better soon! So sorry about your headaches. My husband suffers from almost daily headaches. He has a wonderful doctor, who found a medicine that really works for him. I hope you find a medicine that works for you.

Brie Henri

When I was younger I had a about 2 weeks of debilitating migraines and ended up in hospital for a week. No one ever found out what was wrong with me. They never really stopped and there was nothing I could do about them.

Sooo about a year about I went to a Homeopathic Chiro and he told me they were my bodies physical response to so emotional problems I hadn't dealt with. He helped me figure them out and now I only get them when I'm under huge amounts of stress.


Feel better soon, Cherri! And, take care of YOURSELF first. It's the only way we can take care of others as well. BTW, I always wondered about the Lizzy House thing....! xo


Oh Cherri, do hope you find out the cause of the headaches soon. I've had a marathon headache before but not 6 weeks of it. Take care of yourself ~ the batting thing is SO unimportant.
By the way ~ I follow Lizzy House too and knew you were Mother and Daughter!


So very sorry about your 6 week headache. Sounds just awful. Hope you soon feel better.


Headaches are rotten. I hope that yours goes away very soon and that you find out it was something simple that caused it.


Hope you feel better soon. Headaches are the worst.


Headaches are awful..........hoping & wishing you are feeling better real soon!!

Lisa LeBlanc

Sorry to about the headaches..I am a migraine sufferer...Imitrex is my best friend for those times. Lisa in Texas

Elizabeth Gower

Miss you, but want you to get better more:)

Kathleen C

I wish I had something more to say, but everyone has said it already. Stress is bad, no matter what the diagnosis is, but you already know that. I have migraine-drugs help hugely, also getting older helps :). My Daughter Libby has TMJ, giving headaches.
Knowing that other women also suffered-yes, that's the right word-somehow helped me through. Sending warm good thoughts to you. Put everything else aside, take care of yourself.

Sandra Davidson

Headaches are miserable. I had migraines for 25 years so I know what they can do to you. Sending hugs and prayers and hope that you find out the cause and get some help soon.
Blessings Sandra


Oh no, I hope you feel better soon!

And no, I didn't know that you guys were two different people! Oops. I thought "Cherri" might be Lizzy's nom de plume--or nom de quilt. I stand corrected!


Oh sweet Cherry! I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Headaches are horrible! I hope that you find a solution quickly. And I definitely realize that you and Lizzy are different people. Two extremely talented people in the same family though. ;)


Poor you. I used to get horrible headaches but seem better now I am through the menopause. I hope you feel better very soon.

Beth G

HI Cherry
I hope you find the treatment that you need. My husband suffers from daily headaches, some days worse than others - I know how tiring it can be - get well soon.

A long arm quilter just opened a small shop near me. She will quilt your top or provide lessons on using her machine. I am going to take my Cherry House quilt along top over there. Those nice big 6 inch strips are going to make for some great quilting opportunities - wish me luck.

Mary Ellen

I empathize with you regarding your headaches. I, fortunately, got past the migraines, but remember wearing sunglasses in the house, and everyone had to whisper. Have not tried the fusible batting, but would like to. Have your book and did know you're mother and daughter through your blog.


I know this may sound odd - but have they checked your heart? Turns out my awful headaches where because I was throwing blood clots up to my brain (TIA's) because of a hole in my heart (PFO). Just another thing to consider if one of the doctors hasn't thought of it yet. I hope they find a solution soon because headaches are a real pain! :D


Did you try going to a chiropractor. My Chiro. was telling me that he had a patient that had a headache for months and he was able to take care of her problem in one visit.


So sorry to hear about your headache. I'm subject to migraines and can sometimes get them under control before they become too difficult to bear. My last bad headache was actually the result of being anemic! Go figure. Hopefully your doctor can figure out what's generating yours and get a cure asap!


Batting can wait. Hope you feel better soon. Your health is way more important. Just take care.


So sorry to hear you're not well ...
I had a similar experience several years ago and it turned out, after all sorts of medical tests, to be a dental problem ...


feel better soon...


Well, hope you get better soon. Severe pain, in any location, is horrible. I can relate to that. Hope you get some answers soon. I didn't know about either of you until I started following your blog. The 2 of you are blessed with lots of talent.


Hello sweet Cherie, I hope you will find some relief from your headache soon! Maybe the reason for the confusion is: when you read your blog in a reader (like me, i read in google reader) right under the title of the blogpost is Lizzy House noted as the writer of your blogpost. So that could lead to the confusion. Althou you do sign off with your own name :-)
Good vibes (especcialy to your head, 'cause we do want more of those Solid books in the future) from the Netherlands, Merel

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