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March 22, 2011


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laura west kong

Hobbs fusible is a great batting! I didn't know it was made in Texas. Go Texas! :)


ARG!! #1 is never chosen...I would love to try this batting...I have always pinned my quilts...

heather w.

Would love a chance to try it. To not have pin would be wonderful :)


I have not ever tried this and would love to. I really have not had good luck with pinning either. Best luck has been hand basting but not my best either. thanks for the opportunity to give it a try.

Julie Swenson

This is the most amazing giveaway ever! I HATE pinning more than anything (doesn't it seem like they are always in the way)and spray is just to messy. I would love to try this!!

Melissa BK

I hate pinning too! I would love to try this.


I have been so intrigued by this batting since I read about it on your blog. I'm starting on two baby quilts too so this would be perfect timing!

Not pinning .... now there's a wonderful thought :)


I love Hobbs batting, but have never tried the fusible.


Fusible batting is on my "to try" list since I read how much you like it! I have a couple of baby quilts in the hopper, so this would be a perfect time to try out the fusible :)


I would be happy to try this batting, I always pinned or spray basted !


I haven't tried this batting yet, would love to give it a go! Thanks for the giveaway.


What a smart idea! I've never heard of it before! I spray baste, but I would looooove to try this! Thanks for the giveaway!


Where do I get in line? Although I do little projects, I have found fusible battings wonderful to work with.

Would love to be one of the 12 to try this out!



I'd love to be counted in for this giveaway.
Thanks for sharing.



I usually spray my quilts, and I don't mind it - but I'm always willing to try something new and possibly better. Here's hoping :)


I just used this for my last quilt. I still used some pins (I was paranoid) but couldn't believe how smooth the quilting went.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

That is so nice of Hobbs to help you spread the love about fusible! I would sure like to try it!


How timely is this?!?! Some quilty friends and I were just discussing pin vs. spray, and someone mentioned fusible batting. I never knew such a thing existed! I don't know if I never noticed it, or the shops in my area don't carry it - but I DO know that I'd LOVE to try it!

Cathy Black

WOW, Would I LOVE, LOVE to win some of this batting. I too also have to use the spray fusing.
Thanks for the opportunity to win some of this wonderful, new (to me) batting


I still haven't finished a quilt because I'm afraid of the quilt sandwich. Sign me up for the giveaway!


Oooo! I could use a crib size batting. I have a baby quilt underway. I haven't tried fusible batting so no time like now, right?


Hmmm... I've never used fusible batting... would love the opportunity to try it out! Thanks for the giveaway :)


Nice blog, nice giveaway!
Barbara in Nova Scotia

Moneik Stephens

I would love to try it, what a great concept in batting.


Wow, this is a really generous give away. I'd love to try it.


I used this batting for the first time in the QuiltAlong we did here. It seemed to work well on that small quilt.

I'd like to try again. Thx for the chance.


I did my first quilt job thanks to the quilt along and anything to make the process easier would be much appreciated. I did NOT enjoy pinning.


Wow, I wasn't aware Hobbs made a fusible batting. Thanks for sharing.


I just started quilting, but don't mind the pins. Would love to try the fusible batting though. Thanks for the chance.

Erin Bennett

I love everything you say about Hobbs fusible batting! I detest pinning and spraying!! Love working with Hobbs! Made in America! WooHoo!


fusible batting sounds like a great idea.

Amber H.

Well, my Daddy's from Texas, so does that make me half Texan? Not sure..

Anyway, I've been wanting to try out fusible batting myself! It would be handy to have, since I've got quite a few quilt tops that need to be quilted.. but I too get fustrated from pinning and whatnot; I actually laid my latest quilt project out on the floor and hand basted my quilt together.. it took me four hours! And sitting cross legged on the floor when you're 8 months pregnant is not an easy feat..

Anne D

Thanks for a great giveaway. A friend and I got together yesterday and finally started sewing our quilt along quilts. Love your blog!

Kimberly Pelikan Gervais

I have always wanted to try this batting! And you make such beautiful quilts so it must be great. Thank you for this giveaway!


Sounds great to me. I'd love to try it out, and I have tons of friends having babies this summer, so the timing is perfect.


Interesting! I've never used fusible quilt batting before, but I do HATE pinning and basting. I'd love to try this out!


I am *dying* to try some batting like this, as our local quilt shop doesn't carry it. Also, crib size is perfect as my only granddaughter is almost a year old. :)

Did I mention when I got your book, both my daughter and my husband found quilts in it that they liked?


Sounds interesting, I would love to try out this product. Lizzie

KD Quilts

I have been wanting to try disable batting for quite a while. I refuse to safety pin baste so I make a sticky mess of me and my deck everything I baste a quilt. Fusable batting sounds so much better!


I have always pinned and have been interested in trying something new. I'd love a chance to give this a try. Thanks!


I would love to win! I live at least an hour's drive from the closest store. When making little things, I use quite a bit of batting and like the fusible kind.


Hi, I am a new quilter at age 68! Always said before I died, I wanted to learn to quilt, play the piano and how to make baskets. Well, now I am running out of road, but a dear friend just taught me how to quilt. What a fun ride I have had so far and adsolutely prefer fusible batting. So much easier and workable, especially for a beginner. Would love to win a piece of batting as I am going broke buying all the fabrics, battings, rulers and other handy "toys"that are part of quilting!Thanks!


I am making some quilts for the Head Start program in Baltimore and would love to try this batting for them. I didn't know that fusible batting existed until I read your post. (I'm new to quilting.)


I hate pinning too. Ouch! I would love to win this


Basting a quilt is my least favourite part of quilting. After washing will there be any residue from the resin left in the quilt? If not, this might sovle all of my basting woes.


Okay, I'll give it a shot! I've never used it, but like you I detest pinning, and so does my back (and I'm a young one!), and the fumes of the spray even in big spaces are too much. So let me try it, please, please!


Wow! I'd love to Go Texan and try this -- I've never tried fusible!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Sandra Berglind

This batting sounds like something I would love to try. I have a baby quilt top made - ready for backing and batting, so this would be a very timely win!


This looks right up my alley!!


I too love this batting, but it's very hard for me to source it locally :-(

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