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March 27, 2011


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Yes, I use Google Alerts and I agree that sometimes the places where things pop up are unbelievable. That said, it is amazing that you made it in the Wall Street Journal! Congrats.




awesome <3 Love your book! Totally deserves that mention!


That's fantastic. Congratulations. I love your book. I think solid colours are often just lost into the colourwall of a store and just in the "basics" section when they can stand on their own 2 feet and make stunning modern quilts. Well done.


Cherri that is amazing!!! Way to go!!! I am so excited for you. I love to tell people that I know this woman who is an amazing quilter, and how she even has her own book out. You are so cool! Love ya! -Jenny

Jeanne Gwin

Congratulations on the Wall Street Journal mention, I can only imagine the insanity that was flowing when you saw it! I don't even know how I would react to something like that, but so sweet, you hit the big time gal and well deserved. I too use Google Alerts as a time saver and a stay in the know type of thing. Again congratulations, wear your pride it is so deserved!


Congratulations on your book being named in the article! There were only four book titles there and yours was one! So very nice! I have your book and I love it!


so cool!! I love your book too - great job, Cherri:)

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

Wow! The Wall Street Journal! Who would have thought! Congratulations!

Melissa H.

Cherri, I thought the same when you commented on my blog about my finished quilt: "The author commented on my blog??!!" :) I love your book and I'm so glad you created it. It's beautiful!

Barb M

This is so great! Someone did their homework and picked the most interesting quilting books! I love City Quilts because it is unique AND because of the solids.


Hi Cherri, I am not surprised - your book is stunning! I know that feeling too, it happened to me when I opened a book called "Social Media for Crafters" and found a screen shot of my YouTube channel in the chapter on video. I was absolutely frozen-in-place stunned.

Kudos to you, ignore the comments about no prints (!!!) and enjoy the view from cloud #9 because you deserve it :)


That's great Cherri!!! It's a wonderful book.

Miss Nancy

Congratulations! for a job well done! The book is super good. I do want to try out the fusible batting from Hobbs. Sounds like something very useful.

Have a super great sewing day.

pat richter

Congrats! It is an awesome book that I place to purchase soon. I loved it when I paged through it.

Flying Blind

Wow - what goes around comes around and you are getting all good!!


Wow. Congratulations. The Wall Street Journal. How exciting.



Marty Mason

A most beautiful surprise. Congraulations and all that great stuff to you. You deserve every accolade!

Beverley Rose

Congratulations. How exciting for you. What wonderful things life brings to those who take risks.

Nan Baker

Congratulations! You just never where your stuff is going to pop up! Way to go and I love your book!!!


This is wonderful! And by the way.... I love your book!

Maria Wallin

Wow how cool! Major congrats! =)


I was going to email you today to tell you about it! My son is in an MBA program and subscribes to the WSL. He should me the article and asked if I had ever heard of the books. I was able to open my computer and show him your blog! Congratulations! Wonder when the business world will figure out we aren't just a bunch of old ladies sitting around a quilt frame?


Sending congratulations your way ~ happy, happy day!!


Congratulations! That is fun and exciting news!


I love this book! I could not put it down till I read it cover to cover and I can't wait to do some of the projects. I borrowed it from the library, but it is on my list of books to buy!

Marianne Haak

It's a fabulous book....of course it deserves mentioning.....I get the hyperventilating thing though.


I love your book. it's modern quilting presented in a modern context. fabulous. it inspired me to want to start sewing quilts again after a lull.


I don't use solids at all. Don't have any in my stash (which is huge) but I bought your book with the intention of making your quilts with tone on tone fabrics and batiks. My husband looked in your book and fell for the City Lots quilt. He wants a quilt, for our bed made like yours. All solids and KING size. So I went off to the quilting stores and came home with at least 30 or more Kona Cottons and have started on the quilt.

Kaaren Babb

I find your work incredibly inspiring as I take a turn toward the urban look in my quilting journey. I'm sure the makers of Kona Solids are now happy about this. I am sewing, sewing, sewing, and can't get enough of your delicious work!

Krist Van Os

Wow! That's pretty cool -


i'm a new(ish) quilter, just bought your book & LOVE it. love, love, love it. it was a real eye opener for me in terms of color & design & i am so excited to start tinkering with your patterns! congrats on the wall street notice-- it was well deserved in my humble opinion.

Kathy Johnson

Don't know what book you have on the list but would like to know how to get it and read it too. New to this site and to quilting. Maybe someone could tell me how to get hold of one, but congrats.


I am a little behind the times, and just found your book last week. I love it! I was up til 2 am yesterday finding a website that carried all the Kona Cottons I needed to make City Harbor. can't wait until they get here!

Fran Mineo

Hi Cherry. Congratulations on your book. I'm way behind the times, too but happy to have found your lovely book. I fell in love with the quilts and their simplicity and beauty. I wish you great success. You are an artist. I have already made the quit on the cover, although I made it from solids that I had, but my son loves it!! Inspiring book, one of my favorite quilt books. The way you teach about color, etc., just wonderful!! Thank you.

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