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February 18, 2011


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I love the gray too...just wondering which gray it is...does it come with the urban chiks line...or is it a moda bella or Kona cotton?

Mary Keasler

ooooohhhh I vote for the gray. Fun, with a bit of elegance.

Cherri House

It's a color from EQ7, but it is comparable to RK's Kona cotton solid - Medium Gray, or Moda Bella Solid Gray.



You know, with the light better, I might like the white the best. I know I love those that other bloggers do.

Wish I had time to try them ALL. *S*


The gray is a knockout.


thanks so much for the ideas. seriously - they're super helpful.

Mary Ann

I like the gray but have to say I'm leaning towards the yellow.


I vote for gray or yellow. White is a bit too washed out. I've been eagerly awaiting the Hullabaloo line!

Kitty McLoud

I love quilts with a white background but I am really liking the gray!


I love the gray background! It's really amazing how different the entire quilt looks just by changing the color of the neutral fabric.


Very nice...try RED! Red is the new neutral you know...


I love these - and I like the gray. My fear of extensive expanse of solids comes more from the quilting end than the composition end - those wide expanses of unprinted fabric just seem to beg for more intense quilting than me - or my machine - are currently capable of. Something I need to work on!

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

I love the one with the grey background too.

I wonder how it would look with a red background. There is a lot of red in the prints, but it might be too much with a red background too.


One more vote for the grey! The others look too washed out to me.


Tina in Boston

Gasp! These are so cute! I like the grey best.


Now I luuurve that creamy yellow! I've worked with gray and white backgrounds, but never yellow. How fantastic!


LOVE the grey!


I am loving the grey. it looks like a lot of us like the grey.


grey grey! GREY!!!!!


weird. I commented here but don't see it. I was hoping for an answer. HOW do those of us without EQ7 come to the same conclusion about colors in a quilt like this? This is where I get thrown for a loop. Any help?
I avoid EQ7 for a couple of reasons but mainly I want to get away from my computer and SEW! :)


Do you sell the pattern for the blue quilt at the very top of the website? It is beautiful and I would like to make it for my son.

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