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February 21, 2011


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I've enjoyed this a lot. It makes me really pine for a space to put up some sort of design wall here.

Of the two at the top, I like the narrow red outline the best.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I love that last idea a lot!
And for the first two, I like the narrow band of red!
Thanks for showing us around with solids and prints Cherri!


I like the solid red background the best. It isn't too matchy, but rather it just goes.


Oh yes, make a pattern for this one! I love that small border in there, in the red or the two tones of grey.

Dianne Ritter

The small red border with a white background is my fave - as fresh as a spring day with a definite lightness of being! My second fave is the light grey border with the darker grey background. I hope you are creating these in EQ7 or the like. Otherwise that is a LOT of sewing committment for you blog peeps! Either way I appreciate your taking us on this journey.

Sandra Davidson

I loved this idea of putting a solid background and prints together especially the red background with prints. I guess you could choose any solid color for background--fun.

Tina in Boston

I like the white with the thin grey border. A pattern would be great!


Beautiful designs!


I love the red inner border. I wonder how that would look with the gray...
I like the idea of the log cabin with the solid center and print border. I've enjoyed these solids-and-prints posts!

mary ann

Oh, I love, love, love the red inner border! But the red quilt is bold and fun, the gray is calming... guess it depends on the mood you want to create.

mary ann

P.S.: PLEASE offer a pattern for this one!!


The white with a narrow red border looks like flowers growing on a lattice outside- so pretty. I like the gray, too.

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

I don't like the red background as much as I thought I might - I think it overwhelms the gentler prints. The inner borders are a nice addition.


I second the idea that the red narrow border makes the whole thing look like a lattice with flowers. That would be very pretty with all florals for the prints, making sure there was a fair amount of green included for the leaves. (Also very pretty as is.)

Without that narrow boarder, the white block blends too much with the white backgrounds of the prints. Using colored blocks or a darker narrow border solves that problem.


Well I love them all!


I still love the gray one, but the one with the red borders is so interesting! Great idea to use those borders, it completely changes the look.

I'm still not sold on the white one though, even with the light gray border. Maybe a darker gray would work better? So many possibilities!


i think my fave is the white with red outline. very pretty


I love the simplicity of the pattern and how it makes the fabric pop. Amazing how differently they look with different colors!


Yay! I am so happy you posted these, I just bought this fabric and wasn't sure what background color to use. I love this pattern. Would you ever post it? I am making matching quilts for my daughters twin beds.


Is a pattern available for this?

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