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February 07, 2011


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It doesn't really make sense to me, why you would strip piece this, since each of the columns is a different color. You would essentially only be piecing two strips, and then cutting them down. Just shifting the bulk of the cutting from the beginning to the middle. This doesn't necessarily make strip piecing in this instance more streamline or effective.

Unfortunately, haters gonna hate. blah blah blah.


it probably wouldn't save that much time to strip piece this, really.

wishes, true and kind

I couldn't resist looking for and finding the message board referred to here and mentioned on Twitter earlier today. It is obvious from some of the comments that they were written in ignorance, and I pity those people who responded to something without knowing all (or any) of the facts. I appreciate that you are doing this out of the kindness of your heart, your passion for quilting, and your enthusiasm for spreading the love. Go, Cherri! We love you and your quilts!

Peach Rainbow

I am late!
I planned to do this with the fabrics from my stash, now I have to start cutting them - hope to catch up soon.
Thank you for the clear & step by step instructions, which are really helpful for a beginner like me. Please continue without bothering about the 'experts'


I'm not doing this quilt along, but I think it'll be great. Just ignore the ignoramuses.


Well, I think that if people spent more time coming up with their own ideas and designs, instead of sitting on their butts, thinking of snarky and rude comments about what others do on message boards, the world would have more quilts.

They're just jealous....

Cathy A

Sometimes it's more about process than product. For me, it's about the process most of the time (especially since it's so hard for me to finish a project and have an actual product at the end!). But the process is what's important sometimes, so it's okay if it's not always the fastest possible method.


I wasn't sure if I needed to comment because what I wanted to say has been said by others but I felt the need to let you know that I appreciate this quilt-along.

It's sad to see that even quilting has fallin to that fast paced, gotta get it done mentality. I stepped away from quilting for a while for personal reasons and am just getting back into it. I believe this quilt-along is wonderful because it is giving me a chance to reorient myself to quilting. Yes I could have just gone ahead a sewn up everything already but what is the fun in that. I want to enjoy myself while quilting not just push out a quilt.

Cherri I am right there with you in this quilt-along. After I picked out and cut my fabric I set it aside in anticipation for the next step. I do quilt-alongs because they are fun and I can meet new people and see their work not to just churn out a quilt.

As Lizzy said "Haters are gonna hate" We are all with you and appreciate what you've done.

Margaret @ Konstant Kaos

I hate quilters that live to shoot others down. We each have our way of quilting and some of us value the skill and technique over the quick and nasty ways of doing things. Keep on doing what you are doing, we love your work

Anne D

Thank you for the quilt along. It always amazes me how critical people can be. I recently found a blogger who made great quilts but spent several posts criticizing many of my favourite bloggers for writing patterns that are so simple. I appreciate the patterns, the ideas and the effort they put into them. I decided not to follow this blog!

I have not decided on what fabric to use for your quilt along. As soon as I do, I will be starting.

Thanks again.

Noas' Libellule

I did not know there were boards where you can post comments like that... Clearly a beginner in this game! I decided to do this QAL because it is simple but looks great - and I can fit it around my day job. Those people have just too much time... Anyway need to post pictures of what I have done so far.


I am so sorry this happened to you. There is a process and a way to do things those petty people need to be put on the back burner please don't let their words hurt you. Those that complain are the ones that are jealous. They are jealous of what you have become the quilts that you make! I am so impressed with your work and will be making this with you!

Maria Wallin

*virtual hugs*
I'm so sorry to hear people have been behaving this way and I really wanted to say thank you for ignoring those negative voices and continuing on with this anyway. I think it's such a cute quilt and a greatly appreciate you sharing not only your process but the pattern with us all for free and for our enjoyment. Thank you!


Simple pattern or not, a quilt along is a fun way to make a quilt. Thank you for the time you've spent creating and hosting this fun project!


Speaking for myself, I never manage to strip piece very accurately! So cutting out the squares individually suits me much better. A pattern like this needs to have the accuracy spot on I think. I love all your work, including this QAL and whilst I am late to the party I will definately be joining in. Don't worry about these other comments, some people don't seem to have enough to do with their time!


Oh Cherri, the way I am agonizing over my colour choices should prove there are those of us who are thoroughly enjoying this quilt along. I pattern looks simple at first, but has much depth. It can look great, or go ugly fast! I am sure the same people who say this quilt is simple, don't appreciate Rothko or Jackson Pollock.
The whole point of a quilt along is to QUILT ALONG. I love the anticipation of the next step.

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

It never fails to amaze me how some people feel the need to criticize when all they have to do is NOT participate if the project doesn't appeal to them!

For me, I'm having lots of fun thinking of other colors I could use and waiting for the next step each Tuesday.


badlands quilts

I am not participating, but am enjoying following along. Thanks for doing the QA. As a stay at home mom I really appreciate the QA available online as frequently my schedule doesn't match up with classes at my LQS.


I find myself feeling sorry for those who can only criticise rather than participate.
I joined this quilt-along because I love your use of solids and classic, simple lines.
I'm quite sure that with thought any quilt is reproducable.
In fact I would think it is easier to come up with a pattern than to write instructions that are both easy to follow and enjoyable to follow.
Please don't be discouraged, some people are not happy unless they are upsetting others.


I, too, will not touch on the rudeness of others! I will thank you for this quilt along! I admire your work, your color choices, and your willingness to give if your time and talent! It is the simple piecing that often gets lost in today's fast paced, cut corners world! I am looking forward to the challenge of getting all my squares to play nicely together! Again, thank you!

Stephanie H.

Cherri---Big hugs!
No worries here! This is my second quilt along and I think it is wonderful. I am newer to quilting, but I appreciate the step by step process. It helps me to gain knowledge and skill in my quilting. Those that don't appreciate that, can go do their own thing! Thanks for all the thought and care you put into this quilt along and everything else you do!


Cherri, I read that board this morning and knew just which QAL she was talking about. I actually laughed when I read it. Seriously? Maybe you don't know any better? I'm still laughing. Putting down others to show how smart you are just shows how ignorant she really is. Don't worry, we know and love you. Thanks for the QAL. I love all of your quilts, I will follow anything you want to show me.


Cherri, you rock. I'm sorry to hear that other people are behaving badly. "Quiltzillas" are not helpful whatsoever and distract those of us who are just trying to learn new ways of doing things, from kind people like you who are willing to share your skills with us. Thank you so much.


Thank you for doing the quilt a long (and the beautiful block for Block-a-Palooza!). I've been quilting for about two years now and still consider myself a complete novice. I'm so grateful for the quilt a longs because they challenge me to step outside my little (really little) comfort zone. Please don't let the critics get you down....for every one of them, there are huge numbers of us who appreciate every single thing you share with us!


Not much more to be said except I've been quilting since 2004 and still like the simple things to keep track of my accuracy. I love making your patterns. I've made two from your book, and this is fun to be working right along with you on this one.

Simple or not, it will be striking. Do like the President does - just brush those other comments off your shoulders. *S*


I think that is why I try not to spend too much time on Flickr. I don't understand the comments some people make, as in, how can they be such jerks.

Anywho, I am thrilled to be participating in your quilt along. I have my squares all cut and ready to sew back together into the columns. So excited to get each step from you. Thank you for sharing your design with us!


You have a wonderful sense of humor, as well as being a fantastic quilter & teacher!


You know, Cherri, I don't think it makes sense to strip piece this! Since there are 18 colors and 19 BG squares, you'd have to do strip sets of two, four, six, or eight. Only strip sets of six make sense, and then you'd still have to piece together, etc etc. So, it makes perfect total SIMPLE sense to do this as pieced squares rather than cut strips...

I'm not quilting along; I swore them off for this year. Instead I'm working on sewing a cute rainbow quilt for my not-nephew, NIckolas.

But I still read the posts!

Anna McD

My strips always seem to get bowed so I don't strip piece. My daughter is having a baby today so I can't start on your quilt until next week. I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the easy to follow directions.


Please know that you are doing a great job. My mom always says to treat people how you would like to be treated & if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all. These haters must not have been tought etiquette by their family. So for those who's choice is to put people down sham on you and that's the clean version of what I would like to say. Good thing that mouth filter is on. I think it is great when people share there patterns and do quiltalongs. I sure hope that you continue with this quiltalongs as well as more in the future. Thank you so moyuch for you hard work.


Cherri Keep up the good work, and thank you for spending you time making wonderful things to share with all whom appreciate the good things in life that make us smile!!

Barb M

I'm compelled to say this...I'm a VERY new quilter and don't have a clue what strip piecing is, much less whether it will save time. The quilt may in fact be "easy", but thank goodness it is - I'm not sure I'd be here if it weren't.
And last but not least - I've looked at hundreds (thousands?) of quilts in books, quilts on blogs, quilts on flicker etc. The only one I really want to make for myself (and I mean desperately want) is from the City Quilts book (found after finding this blog).
Cherri - You are much more generous with these people than I would be, and I really am thrilled with this quilt along and appreciate not only the design of the quilt but also the fact that I think I can actually make it.
Thanks so much for the work you've put into this and realize that for every good comment you read there are probably 10-15 more people who feel the same way and won't post.

Barb M

ps - I couldn't make this without instructions and guidance and am grateful for both!


Throw the quilt police outta here! Many thanks for your kindness and generosity in sharing this pattern with us.


cherri- most of this has been said already- but you're doing a great job, and i appreciate the time you're putting into it! i'm a quilt teacher (but not a member of the quilt police) and i'm just fine with the way you're instructing to do this! the pieces are so small, and so many, that strip piecing is just not practical for this! and anyway, it's soothing to mindlessly piece away... and like you said- it's a good chance to practice those accurate seams! i wasn't following those comments/whatever they were, adn won't even hunt them down now. i've too much to do! i love this quilt for the simplicity- we don't always need to do huge and complicated quilts- that's what drew me to this QAL- and it's my first! happy sewing- and ignore the dopes out there with nothing better to do!


Well, again, most of what I have to say has been said by other commenters, but here I go anyway...

I already have my quilt top together (and I did opt for strip-piecing, but that's just my preferred piecing style — different strokes), so I am among the people who found the pattern simple to put together without guidance. But I would like to say: The simplicity is what makes it beautiful to me! I never would have thought to compose a quilt like this, so I am incredibly grateful for the free pattern. I'm making this as a baby gift for a co-worker, so I was delighted to find a free pattern that wouldn't take too much time (since this isn't a gift for a close friend), but that is still lovely and elegant and will delight the recipient.

Well, what I was trying to get across in all that wordiness is that what some people complained about, I found to be the big draws of the pattern. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Flying Blind

I am keeping an eye on this quiltalong, as I am just way too busy to join in right now; but I LOVE what you are doing, I am going to follow your instructions, and to anyone looking in, hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame by being negative - get a life! Cherri you're a star.


I can't belive this! But I agree that you should ignore what those dumb-dumbs are saying. Just remember, what goes around comes around, Cherri.

love, a big fan :)


I am so sorry to hear that people are making comments like that. Although I am not quilting along with you, I am glad that you are sharing a free pattern and how tos with everyone. I think people take for granted that all these quilt alongs are patterns for free and that people are using their own time to create them. Thanks for sharing!

Brenda C.

Once, while viewing a Picasso exhibit I over heard a person say, "Well, I could do that with one arm tied behind my back." My thought was "well just try it and you'll eat every word!" People forget that you must first conceive the piece and bring it to fruition. Once the artistic piece is conceived and created, it's easy for the viewer to look at it and comment on "it's simplicity or complexity" The bottom line is we didn't conceive the quilt pattern, you did and I thank you for sharing your creative talents with the talented and the not so talented quilters. Less is more and your quilt is fabulous in it's artistic simplicity and artistic complexity. It's fabulous! Again, thank you and please don't let the turkeys get you down. There are definitely more supporters than naysayers.

Cheryl Arkison

It's because of QALs like this one that more and more people are being drawn to quilting. Easy or hard, who the hell cares? What's most important is that something inspires or motivates people to create.


Cherri- We appreciate you and the work you're putting in to this! I'm very excited to get going on my quilt and I am glad to participate. I love the 'haters gonna hate' line- definitely agree. Thank you for putting this together and sharing. There are many more of us than there are of them...

Also, your photos are fantastic! I love them! Speaking of art, I'd love to have these framed and hanging in my sewing space! :)

Rebecca (NZ)

Love your book, love your colour choices, love your blog, love your work in general..........so just keep on doing what you're doing cause it's obviously what you love and everything else will just seem funny to you.

Mary Escott

I love this QAL - it's my first time so please don't stop now that i have just found you. As i am new to quilting i couldn't survive without your help.


ugh, you are right..no good deed goes unpunished...but bring on the good deeds, i say!!!!! just wanted to say thank you for sharing! thank goodness for folks who are willing to share the things they love with total strangers! thus is the spirit of blogging and crafting! keep on rockin, cherri

Judith Blinkenberg

I had my granddaughter strip piece a honey bun and it bowed terrible! Thank you so much for this information. It is so helpful!

Mary Ann

Cherri I love this quit and although I am not quilting along right now I have spent lots of time thinking of the colors and designing my column quilt for later in the year. I appreciate all the time and energy that goes into writing clear directions and I especially appreciate your generosity in sharing this pattern with us all. Down with the grumps... ( I thumb through City Quilts at a minimum weekly, I love your style)

Angelina S.

Haters gonna hate pretty much sums it up. The idea that you wouldn't know what strip piecing is is laughable. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and that should be ok.

Quilt-alongs and sew-alongs aren't just for complicated projects. They're good community and relationship builders, and great for beginners to jump in and try their hand at something new.

I'm not participating in this QAL because I've got too many things on the fire, but I'm a huge fan of your work, book & blog. Don't let the negative nancies get you down. You're doing amazing things!

lynne s of oz

Thanks for sharing this pattern with us - I appreciate it and can't wait to get cutting, ahem after I finish the current two quilt tops and umm the two other quiltalongs I am doing... Its beauty is its simplicity.
(Boohoo, I am in Oz and Kona Cottons, when I can get them locally, cost $15 a metre! Online shopping doesn't have instant gratification since it takes a week or two to get here.)


Simple or not I always learn something new from reading tutorials. Thanks for sharing. Hope to get to this one later in the year.

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