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February 15, 2011


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I am so glad you advocate pins! I am a beginning quilter so I use pins for everything.


It's gorgeous - the colours look like twinkly lights in an apartment block (missed the first bit to know what the real inspiration was. But guessing I MUST be close with that?). I haven't been quilting along, but I love this quilt top so I may come back and revisit it at some point. Thank you for all the wonderful tips. X

Peach Rainbow

Your little tips are very valuable - I wish I knew some things when i made my first quilt top - Thank you.
having said that, I am way behind!!!!
Lots of things were happening - sick relatives, funerals, visiting etc.
I am not sure whether I can catch up - But I'm gonna give it a try :)


Thanks so much for this little quilt-along. Now I can't wait to get home and sew!

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

I'm a pinner too - especially with long strips like these!

Thanks for all the great tips. Can't wait until I can work on this step :)

Amy McA

Sweet tutorial!
Thank you so much for sharing!


Not sure I can wait a whole week to quilt this little gem!!!


It IS a sweet little quilt! I feel that I need to whip one up, too. :) xo


Thanks for some great tips, it is a great quilt!

Mary Escott

Hi - all done - i love it. Have to say i have almost surprised myself albeit for a few imperfections (obviously down to my cutting!!). It is now lovingly hanging over my sewing cupboard door until next week.


Very pretty! Love the design :)


I'm a little behind with this quilt along. I picked out the fabrics for 3 of these quilts, but had to finish a large shop sample for a class I'm teaching. Tonight I cut the first quilt in espresso with blues. I loved that it didn't take long! Hoping to sew tomorrow. Thanks Cherri for a great project!


Just put pictures on flickr. Love love love the tiny squares. Thanks for the tip of sewing across the seams on the edge. Never thought to do that before.

Kim Hicks

Thanks for this quilt along. It's my first modern quilt too and I love it.That was a lot of fun!
I hope you'll be suggesting some quilting ideas because I'm a little stumped.

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