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February 03, 2011


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Sophie D


Thank you for this tutorial!


Gorgeous block. I hope there were no precious pics on either the camera or computer.

Sharon Vrooman

Love pinnies! I am so sorry for your loss - nothing worse than losing that secure feeling of home tho.


I am so sorry your house was violated. Thanks for carrying on. This is my favorite block so far.


How scary! I hope your stuff turns up sometime soon. Love the pinwheels!

Mary Miller

How horrible! That has to be so scary. Thank you so much for this tutorial, this block is adorable!!


This is a beautiful block. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I love the pink checks against the flowers. I'm sorry about your camera and computer. So nice of Julie to jump in and help you.


happy to help you out!! love the block mom!


Are you able to provide this pattern in a PDF file so it can be saved like the previous three blocks? Thanks.


Man ... I'm sorry for the intrusion! Thank you for the great block :)


Love your block! Great addition....

Mary Ann

One of my favorite blocks, and I love the gingham! Thank you.


Thanks for geting us the tutorial, and I am so sorry about the theft of your things. I do really hope you can get them back. Keep you head up.


Since I'm so busy doing a certain Quiltalong *S*.....I'm just keeping the patterns for later.

Also, I'm not sure what fabrics to use, so there is that. I want to shop my stash.

This is a very cute block, tho.

Carrie Graziano

Wonderful block, thank you! Glad you and your family are okay, such a scarey thing to have happened. The block instructions are great, thx to your friend Julie, too!


Love this block! So sorry to hear about your precious digital items! Keep up the good spirits! :) You have designed a beautiful block. Thanks so much.


Thanks for the PDF File!

Mary Jo

Like the block and love the quilt along , hate that someone did that to you.

Terri in BC

Don't you just hate the thieves, for violating your space and taking your stuff? I had the exact same thing happen to me about a year ago, and I still get mad.

What a beautiful block! I can't wait to get my hands on some Sunkissed to try them all.

Gabriela Castillo

Hi Cherry, do you have information on the Houston Modern Quilt Guide? I went to the Ming site but it is not active. Thanks!

Brenda C.

Ughh, I had my home burglarized, and my computer stolen. So much information lost, and nothing backed up. Alarm system is unfortunately a must. Check the local pawn shops for your items. There is also a tracking device that can be installed on your computer, and if it's stolen it can be tracked when the thieves turn it on. On a positive note, thanks for sharing and keep your spirits up!


Very pretty block! Thank you


I am late to the palooza. Catching up now. Great job! Love your pinwheel.



Thank you. I love the look of gingham against the tiny floral fabric.

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