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February 17, 2011


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It seems to me that the really important part here is to choose a print with LOTS of color in it, huh?

In your example, is there a match for all those solids in the print, or does the eye just make it seem that way?

Cherri House

For this example, yes...picking a print w/lots of colors aids in creating a successful quilt. This way there is less opportunity to have it go wrong. No, there isn't a match for every color in the print. I kept the value of the solids fairly tightly controlled from a light to medium range...again, this helps eliminate the possibilities for error.

Good question...thanks for asking :-)


That's a really cute pattern, and a really great way to use a print with solids.

I wonder how it'd look done in reverse, with a single solid and a bunch of different prints. (Busy, obviously, but maybe interesting.)

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

Very cute quilt!

I hate those international symbols on the clothes - I can never remember what any of them mean :)

 Michelle | Cloud9 Fabrics

I adore this block! The overall effect is wonderful. And I love when people accent prints with solids- it just makes everything pop.


I love that you made a block based on the international symbol to dry clothing in the shade. Genius!

Tina in Boston

My first thought was that you are a genius, too Cherri! Has anyone had trouble downloading the file? I got a window when I clicked the link, but there was no file.

Cherri House

Hi Tina,

I think it must have to do with the computer you are on...one computer I used did the same thing, the other allowed me to access the pdf.



This is a great block - love how you mixed the print stripes with the solids. Deanna

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