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January 25, 2011


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Thanks for taking the time to help other quilters. The quilt is stunning and I like feeling like I am sewing with a group of friends.


I've never participated in a quiltalong in real time. I've stumbled upon some wellllllll-done-and-already-over ones on the blogosphere.

I really just love seeing what happens when 50 people take the same pattern and create 50 crazy, amazingly different projects.


I usually do quilt-a-longs for two reasons 1 - to try something new technique wise and 2 - to insure that I actually do the project! I would so love to win these Kona solids!

Amber H.

I think the sense of community is what compels me to join in on a quilt along. It's nice knowing that yes, I'm doing something unique, but every once in a while, doing what everyone else is doing is nice too!

Kristin H.

I have not participated in a quilt along before. I am looking to try something new and come out with a fabulous quilt that I might not have otherwise! And as I am totally in love with solids right now (but have not made a quilt from just solids yet) this seems perfect.


Have not done many quilt alongs. I think they move me to just "do it!" I have trouble carving out time. Itching to try some solids!


Quilt-alongs are great for getting motivated to finish those quilts and for meeting other quilters!

Holly Dallow

I have never joined a quilt along before, but I love the solid quilts you created for this one! Thanks for sharing!!
[email protected]


I've done a few quilt-alongs & I think they are fun. I like the instruction as I still consider myself newish to quilting & I love to look at the photos. It can be so amazing to see the same pattern worked in so many different fabrics. I actually think I've learned a lot that way


what an awesome giveaway! i love seeing so many different people create quilts that looks so different. :)


Haven't done any quilt alongs but this seems attractive.

Linda Smith

I've never done a quilt along and haven't done any quilting in close to 10 years. I love so many of the Cherry House quilts and this seems like the perfect opportunity to get back into quilting AND make a Cherry House quilt!


Even if you aren't participating, quiltalongs are always fun to follow - people have such creativity in combining fabrics, I always see something wonderful & unexpected!


I've never been in a quilt along. The reason is because I'm always worried that I won't finish what I started. But your solids quilts are always top notch, and I'm a solids girl, so I think it's kind of a no brainer this time ;-) I hope to learn a new trick or two from you!


This is my first quilt along, so I am hoping to just stick with it and learn how it works!


I really love sewing with others - the laughter, the banter, the fun, and the community. Thanks for giving us that opportunity!


I'm excited to see what everyone else comes up with! That is my favorite part of quilt alongs!

Mary Grace McNamara

I've participated in a few quilt alongs, mainly to force myself out of my comfort zone to try something different. But I also enjoy the challenge of keeping up with everyone and the opportunity to learn new techniques. I enjoy seeing the same project done by lots of different people and all the variety in the finished quilts.



I have not participated in a quilt along before. I am in the midst of city tracks and saw this posting. I am really enjoying that pattern and look forward to creating another. I look forward to interacting with other Quilters and learning a new technique or two.


I participated in one quilt-along. I really enjoyed it because it kept me motivated and I loved seeing others progress on the same project. I think it's a great idea.

Mary Jo

Hope to keep on track by participating in a quilt along.
Think I will learn some things and have lots of people to ask if I run into an issue.

Thank you .

Katie B

Excellent! I love quilt-alongs! It's a great way to learn new techniques with a support system of quilters to help you along the way.


I haven't done a quilt-along before. I am picking it up again after several years of low creativity, and I am hoping to re-learn some piecing skills. I expect working with a virtual group will make it much more fun. I love kona and have a hard time choosing between gray and orange. They are both great colors!


im finishing up a quilt along right now and i LOVE how it has kept me on track with my progress...no dilly dallying...i have also enjoyed the feed back from fellow flickr people! thanks for doing this quilt a long!

Anne D

I love quiltalongs. They keep you motivated and I love seeing the same quilt in so many different fabrics. There are usually a lot of great new ideas on the way.

Lindsey F.

I like the gray but was thinking I would try it in the orange colorway. This will be the first time I have used solids exclusively and I am looking forward to it.

Sarah Marie

I have never done a quilt along in real time.. I NEED the grey colorway. :) I will be doing the next quiltalong.. I can't wait!

Maria Elkins

I've never heard about quilt alongs until this week. What an interesting idea!

Cindy A

I haven't done a quilt along yet, but it sounds like fun.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts

i love QALs b/c it's so much fun to encourage each other and see so many photos of the same thing at the same time. i hope to use this QAL as an opportunity to make something for myself just because. :-)


quilt alongs are great for procrastinators like myself who needs some structure and that little outside push along the way to help get a quilt finished =P


YIKES!! I love that gray...and the yellows..and the greens...they are all so pretty..


I love those solids...especially gray. I want to get sherbet pips and extra gray fabrics for a quilt for myself.


I just started quilting so I haven't had a chance to join a quilt along yet, but I look forward to doing one soon! I don't have a fabric stash yet, so I need to get working on building that up! :)

Amy Quackenbush

I would love to have the pink or brown, I am enjoying quilting again after 3 years off. We had to move because of a job change and I really missed my old sewing room. But have just recently finished turning a bedroom into my new room. I am feeling organized and ready to sew!!

Carol in E TN

I have not participated in a quilt a long, but I want to work with some solids! This would be a great win!


I am new to the blog thing and started joining swap groups to get to know everyone our there in quilt land. I hope to join a quilt a long very soon. Kona have exceptional solids and I would love to play with the greys.


This is my first quilt-along. I'm excited to try the orange quilt. It will be perfect on my white wall.

Mary Haler

Quilt alongs are a great way to be held accountable! Thanks for the opportunity for a great prize.

Elizabeth D. @ Don't Call Me Betsy

I love learning new things in quilt-alongs, and I love the idea of using solids for a change. :)


This will be my second quilt along ever. I like that it gives me a schedule and I love seeing the what other people choose to do with their versions! Thanks for the quilt along and the giveaway!

Lara Gibbons

My 2010 goal was to complete a solids only quilt. I started it just last week.... A quilt along using just solids is very attractive. A great quilt, like minded sewers, some incentive to keep up and perhaps some great fabric?


I'm a self-taught quilter so I love that I can get a little "instruction" from some very talented people and learn new tricks and try some things I never would have thought to do on my own.


This is my first quilt along - this whole quilting world is all new to me but I'm loving it. Can't wait to try some solids! Thanks for the chance.


I've never done a quilt in all solids - that would be a real stretch for me. Quilt-a-longs are great to keep you motivated. Thanks for sharing.


I like the guidance of a quilt-along. Someone to show me something new and the fun of a group - seeing what others are choosing for fabrics, how their progress is coming along.


I love the grey tons. I have never done a quilt along but I plan to do this one! I hope to learn and be inspired by others in this group! Making new friends is always a bonus:)


I haven't quilt-alonged either, but I do like your pattern and would enjoy making a quilt with others since I don't usually take quilting classes and all that stuff!


This will be my first quilt along. I am looking forward to learning and trying new things.

Mary P

I've done two quilt alongs, and I find it always pushes me to get something DONE! :) I may not do it exactly on schedule but close to it. And it is SO cool to see different people's take on the same pattern.

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