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November 22, 2010


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Gosh, I'm so glad you shared this need! At the risk of sounding like an idiot (there's a switch!), it never occurred to me that some of our troops would be sitting overseas w/o *anything* coming their way. That just makes me want to cry.

Such a good egg, your boy. :)

I hope that the days get brighter and brighter for you, Cherri!


oh my goodness! What a sweet son you have. There's a very lucky significant other out there somewhere. I would love to help out! I'm not really sure what the restrictions are but I'd be happy to send handwritten cards or candy or something!


Oh man... I have been needing this in the worst way. When I was a military wife and we lived over seas I told my husband if any of the guys in his unit didn't have family that they could come over to our house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually ended up cooking and cleaning for a house full of smelly men but I loved it so much. You can bet I will send something to your wonderful boy for his freinds :)

Cathy A

Thank you for sharing! I would love to send something over! What a kind and thoughtful son you have!


Mary Val

Cherri, what kind of video games? For what type of game player, do you know? I will most definitely send a box. Suddenly I feel like Christmas. What a fabulous son, you must be so proud.


Thanks for sharing... I am a 3-time Iraq veteran and currently live at Fort Hood. I can relate to your son feeling bad for fellow soldiers that don't get care packages- while I was there (and while my little sister and her hubby were in Afghanistan) my mother send hundreds of boxes for us to share with our fellow soldiers. you'd be surprised how many soldiers never receive a stitch of mail during a year deployment. I can say that your son is lucky to be in the location he is (I was stationed the same place in 2003).

I can tell you from experience that soldiers LOVE to get packages that have a little love packed in them. Find some cheap movies of video games this Black Friday and stick them in the box- and books that aren't romance novels ;) (there are a billion of them floating around!!) healthy snacks like trail mix and granola bars that are individually wrapped are awesome too because you can stick them in your pocket when you are out for the day. (the boys might want to stop reading here....) but to be honest sometimes tampons are hard to come by, so they are always welcome in a package- i would write "girl" all over the box to save your son a bright red face! haha if anyone needs help with more ideas please feel free to email me... oh yeah, and go to the post office and get a large flat rate box to send over there- you can make it as heavy as you want and pay about 11.50 to send to the troops it'll save you lots of money!!

anywho, count me in for sending a box- i'm always here to support the troops no matter what! and in the spirit of you all might also want to check out www.fantabulouslyfrugal.com this black friday to bid on some amazing items that are up for auction- all of the proceeds benefit the wounded warrior project! (we donated a red white & blue stocking i made and a a beautiful knitted scarf my friend erin made)

[email protected]


Thank you for posting this message, lately I have been so involved in my own life I have not given enough thougth to anyone else, especially my own grandchildren.

Did you mention any other vendors besides the nut people who give special serve to our service people?


I was just thinking about this very thing. I wondered how to find a list for soldiers who don't have anyone. I know there has to be a lot of them. I'm going to get some things together. I like the list in the comment above, if anyone has other ideas please list them.


Ok...did I really need to cry before 9 am? You sounded like me with my son. You must be a really special woman to have raised a son like this.

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

What a lovely story! Thanks for posting it - I really needed to get out of my own head this morning and look around!

Rebecca Merry

What a proud Momma you must be! I will def. be looking into this!! My gpa was a Chaplain and they always had a housefull of young soldiers that had no where else to go over the holidays. Many of these soldiers are lonely kids mostly just missing mom and dad. A quick stocking stuffed full of goddies would make a BIG difference!


My daughter and I on it....we will put together a care box

Cheryl Arkison

You have every right to feel sad, but good for you for moving forward in such a generous way.


What a wonderful son you have there!

Luke House

Thanks mom, having great parents and examples always makes doing the right thing a little easier. The great men and women that I work with wanted to thank you and your readers for all the love and concern. Happy holidays everyone its our pleasure to serve.


You have a great kid! I'll be glad to put something together. Thanks for the info.


One of my favorite quotes Cherri is by Andy Warhol y"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

From meeting you and Lizzy, I know you are both such strong women. Continue to be so and take care! And thanks for sharing Luke's story. I shall definitely be sending some goodies as troop care packages hold a special place in my heart!


Your son is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I am going to ship some things out right NOW

Happy Thanksgiving and hugs to you and your son.



it was such a joy to shop with my kids and explain to them what/who/why we were shopping. our package is going out tomorrow. happy thanksgiving.


What a wonderful job you did with this guy. I am sure you are very proud. My son is also a soldier and has spend three tours in Iraq. He finally will get to be home this Christmas. It has been three years since he has spent the holidays at home. My son is very quite but he is the first one to help any of his soldiers. If only our world were filled with young men and women like your son and mine.

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