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October 13, 2010


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Of course we're already friends! We are sooo excited for you to visit our KC crew. I hope you love the group as much as I do. We contribute our fair share of laughter to the world. It's such a fun bunch. You'll fit right in!

See you soon!

Cheryl Arkison

You will be great! I wish I could be there. It's a little far away...


Wishing I could be there to hear your story about quilting and admire the quilts you made. Good luck Cherri, you can do it, make it work!


good luck Cherri! PS come up to New England some day :)


Don't be nervous! We are all so looking forward to seeing and listening to you tonight and the workshop tomorrow will be a dream come true. welcome to Kansas City! Can't wait to meet you.

Rafael's mum

Best of luck! I know you will come away and say 'what was I worried about?'. Just tell the story as you would in your sewingroom to a good friend and everyone will feel the vibe of being that friend and love you! no doubt!


All the best!
You will be O.K :D

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

I wish I could be there! I'd love to hear all about your quilting journey. I know you'll be great.


You'll be fine. You'll feel nervous at first but they'll hang on your every word, and they'll love and appreciate your quilts, your story, and your courage to tell your story. You'll be just fine.


When I have had to speak in front of a group, I forget to breathe and then have to yawn and it looks like I am boring myself and that is pretty darn funny! You'll be fine, we're nice people who love the same thing and love your work! Enjoy it!!

Jen Eskridge

I'm up the road in Wichita and I totally wanted to see the KCMQG presentation, but I cannot make it. I'm sure you'll be awesome though! Good luck!!!


You know how lucky you are to have Jacquie there to welcome you to the Guild presentation. You can lean on her for sure.

You'll be great. Your quilts will take all their warmth into the room, and keep people's eyes on them.

Connie Sayler

You will do so well. I wish I lived close enough to join the fun. If you are as I think you are from reading your blog they will love you! ENJOY!

Jennifer Can Quilt


Speaking in front of a crowd is pretty natural to me. A crowd of sixth graders, that is! Whenever I have to present to my peers I get so nervous. Last year I presented at a state-wide middle school conference and I thought my knees were going to fall out.

One thing that helped-- getting to know some of the folks in my session before the speaking started. It really helped to see them as friends instead of professionals, and put me at ease a bit. Another thing: tell a joke! Be funny and be yourself. That will keep people completely engaged.

Last thing: Have a plan. Nothing is worse than realizing you're rambling!


I know how you feel. Last week I did my first trunk show in front of my guild and I was still nervous. My boss who is an excellent public speaker said to pretend it wasn't me up there but an actor - act your part. It worked. After the first couple minutes I really wasn't nervous anymore.
Good luck!


Don't be nervous. You're a star.


Aww, you'll be fine. Wish I could hear your story! Break a leg!


Y'all are going to have so much fun, Cherri -- I just know it. :) And I'm so envious of your audience!! I'm still kicking myself for having missed your trunk show here in town. One day....

Have a wonderful time!


I wish I could be there, too!!! I'm sure you will do great! I'm reading thru your book and loving it.


Wish I could be there to cheer you on. I'm sure your love of quilting will just take over & you'll be a natural! Have fun.


You were more than alright, you were amazing! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your honest and informative presentation. I loved seeing your quilts in your book but in person...Wow! I learned a few things about myself as a quilter tonight. Thank you for coming to Kansas City.


Thanks so much for coming to speak to us! You didn't seem nervous at all. Your quilts are beautiful and I'm glad I got to meet you!


Fantastic presentation! You made our KCMQG meeting even better and I didn't think that was possible. Thanks so much for making us a part of your life.


You. Were. Fantastic. It was wonderful to meet you and hear your story. When you open with the tale about the pier, you can't go wrong.

I think my favorite thing is that you are so approachable and genuine. That, and your quilts are even more fantastic in person.

Well done! Enjoy flaunting your new tote bag around. ;)


Trust yourself, and remember, they asked you to come speak to them because they love you. So you have already won your audience's hearts, now, just be yourself. Still, sending you my bestest good luck wishes.

Becky L

I'm a day late in reading, but you DID GREAT! It was amazing to see your quilts and hear about your inspiration. Thank you for making the night so enjoyable.


I missed the KU/K-State game to hear you last night and I wasn't disappointed. Thanks so much. My daughter chose your City Scapes pattern for her graduation quilt. It looks fantastic.
PS I also have a tabby cat named Finn. How cool is that!

Tammy Vasser

Your presentation was awesome. You have such an wonderful story of hope and healing. There are so many women who need to hear your inspiring testimony. Thanks you so much for coming and sharing!


You did a fantastic job. We all really loved having you here in KC. The workshop today was a blast! You were genuine and that counts for a lot in my book.


Wishing you all the best and all the luck you need, to do a good job - indeed, loving your fantastic book, I'm sure, that you'll succeed!!!


Thank you so much for coming to our KCMQG meeting and sharing your story with us. It was really inspiring! I was especially encouraged to hear that you create such amazing, sophisticated quilts in addition to working full time. Your incredible example has empowered me... THANK YOU!

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