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October 05, 2010


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oh that is fabulous Cherri!! I love it!!


I love this too! I'd love to make one for our living room, it's not too bedroomy and would look lovely in browns, tans, deep reds and navy blues.


I suppose it's silly to ask how you posted then. *L*

I really DO like this tho. You have some interesting colors going on.


i love the quilt- do you use a specific program to design your quilts like EQ or photoshop?


Sorry about the cable. But this quilt looks fabulous!


Heavens, I hope you get all your services back soon! But if you don't that is better for us, I suppose, as we will get more great patterns, right?

Amanda Elizabeth

excuse me but my jaw just DROPPED. I just bought some kokka luggage fabric and now all I want to do is make a luggage mini quilt. You are seriously incredible. I can't say that enough.


That's beautiful!
Now all you need to do is get onto a "flight"! ;D


I thought of a cute pattern name... carry-on!
Ha! Keep on creating! It is amazing how much one can create while not being 'plugged' in.



A wonderful graphic design, as usual! I want to start it today :-)

I'm on board all the way with the unplugging comment. Early morning before the neighborhood is up is when I sit with thread and needle and let my mind wander. Perfect way to start the day!


If you keep putting up patterns like this when you lose your internet service, then I'm going to have to use my hacking skills to disrupt your internet service on occasion.

I can be bribed however if you get this pattern in the shop!

It's fantastic. I love the idea, the use of solids. This is the first quilt I've seen that will be perfect for my husband. I can't wait to get started!


Theresa's comment on the name---Carry on!---brillant!

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