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October 19, 2010


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Kaye Prince

Thank you for sharing your story Cherry! I grew up in an abusive home, but luckily escaped many years ago; I have always thought that crafting helped to heal some of that trauma. Sharing my love of quilting and sewing has been a great joy to me ever since I picked it back up, and I hope that one day something I have shown, taught, or talked about with someone else will help them too.


Cherri, Thanks so much for sharing your story and your "gospel". We are all teachers of something so my favorite line in your post is this "if someone believed they were not capable of creating something of beauty, and a teacher showed them that they could; their perception about them self would change, because something they once believed true, was proven not true. One could easily replace the words "creating something of beauty" with something else (ie math, swimming, loving, etc.) and your gospel would apply! With your permission, may I use your quote as modified


I love your comment about learning that we are capable of creating something beautiful, and how that changes our view of ourselves.

badlands quilts

When we lived in Houston before my children were born, I had a very successful career and my dream job... that I had attained after a very circuitous and bumpy route. We decided that I would stay home with our children because of their food allergies but I had never in my life thought I would be a stay at home and had a very difficult time with my new identity. (and lack thereof) Only in the last year that I have began quilting obsessively am I finally comfortable with the new "me." Not only is quilting healing, but in my case life transforming and I am very appreciative.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Thank you Cherry ~ I'm so glad we both healed.

Lee Ann Wahi

I have quilted my way through most of the difficult times in my adult life. Mindless ... no, I would call it purposeful because it helped me heal.


I'm glad we all have each ohter! xo


I too believe that quilting is healing. Thank you for sharing your story!

Jennifer :)


Thank you for sharing your story, Cherri. I truly believe that teaching someone to create something beautiful does spread their wings a little farther. I have seen it transform kids in the inner city elementary school I taught at. Quilting for me is therapeutic...that chain piecing thing? Since my move here, it's almost meditative and I do lots of soul searching and thinking. Thank goodness I have that outlet! (if only jogging had that same effect on me!) LOL

Francis C. Moore

Thanks for sharing a very personal story. I wish you much good success in all your future endeavors. The world is a better place because of people like you.


Thanks so much for sharing, Cherri! I relate so much to the mindless string quilting that you got started on. I struggle with depression and when I'm low it can be too much to do anything really complicated and I often just reach for my tubs of strings and mindlessly work on them. It's very healing.

L. Rudd

You are a survivor! Thanks for sharing your personal story. Your Gospel of Quilting rings with truth. I know, because learning to quilt helped me in my recovery from ovarian cancer. Thanks for reminding me of that.
Take care.


Thank you Cherri. I understand both how you can be unable to do something you know you love, and how finally doing it can bring you back. Quilting helped me come out of depression following a difficult job (and loss of that job). Even now I can measure my "mental illness number" (to borrow a phrase from another blogger) by how much I am quilting. If I can make myself quilt, the number goes back to a manageable level.

Mary Ann

Thank you for sharing yourself with us all. I watched my Mother deal with a challenging situation and find her peace in sewing. Years later I found myself on the same path and only began to really find my way when I found quilting. Again, thank you.


I really enjoyed your presentation...thanks for sharing your story with us.


Yes, thank you for sharing! I have been inspired by your designs and colorplay. I JUST finished my first quilt, your "I quilt" quilt. I enjoyed the process. Thanks!

Cathy A

I'm so glad you found your way out of a horrible situation. It's inspiring to hear how quilting and creativity can really heal the soul.


Oh, my heart goes out to you. I'm so glad you're out of that relationship. And what a wonderful thing you've done: not just quilting but quilting beautifully and teaching your amazing craft to others. I love the simplicity of your patterns, combined with your bold color choices. If I ever make a quilt, I'm going to try yours first. I read a lot of quilting books as part of my job, and most of them really make me want to sew. Yours did, I think more so than any other one. So glad you found your true love in quilting!


even more reasons you inspire. bless you and thanks for sharing your story!

Jill B

Beautiful and moving. Thank you for sharing.

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

Thank you for sharing your story. Now, I am as inspired by your courage as I am by your creativity!


What an incredible story! It is amazing what can really touch us and save our lives!

Sandra Davidson

Good for you Cherri, I know we could all tell stories about quilting helping in our healing.I know i feel so much better quilting even doing the small things. I have a lot of pain but I forget about it for a few hours when I quilt. Many blessings to you my dear quilting friend.


What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

Barb in MI

I am almost inclined to say "amen" to your post. Somehow I feel like you described me and my "before quilting non-creativity self" to the "after". Thanks to (quilt) blogland and talented quilters & teachers like yourself, I have found something that makes me feel good & creative about myself! Go figure. Best of luck on your ongoing journey (and I heard my QG may be contacting you for a future teacher engagement - can't wait!)


I so hear you!!! I am not yet able to put it all into words as i am not truly healed yet, but i'm getting there :-)


Wonderful you were able to leave your abusive marriage! So many women CANNOT leave! My two passions now, after raising kids and teaching school, are volunteering at Margie's Haven House, a domestic abuse shelter, and quilting! After reading your story - I think I just may see if some of our ladies would like to learn to quilt! It may be a way to help them feel good about themselves....which they so desperately need.

Thanks again for your testimony! Quilt on Sister!


Well said.


Amen sister!Thank you for being so honest about your life and the blessings that have come to you, your strength and confidence through creativity. I, too, was in an abusive marriage, and am still in the healing process. I actually started working on a wedding ring quilt using dark colors,,I didn't intentinally pick them out, but I guess my soul did, a part of the mourning process. You're so right about passing on the 'Gospel' to others, it may be their saving grace too. It is for me and I am working with some girls now that I think it is for them as well. You are an inspiration, and your story and quilt books we will use as a guide for a "Gospel" meeting! Hallelujah!!


thanks for sharing your story! it's always nice to know more about the person behind the beautiful quilts. the more I know about you, the more I admire and respect you. your quilts are so inspiring, too!


After reading the comments on your "gospel" post I can only add my praise to theirs. You have always been a strong woman. Knowing of the struggles you have faced and overcome in raising a wonderful family, starting a business and doing all you have done and will continue to do I want to tell you how proud I am of you. I am so grateful to be your mother and your friend. I am looking forward to continue watching you grow and develop as a quilter and business woman.


You are a true inspiration and your story has to give hope to so many people.

Mama Spark

Thank you for opening yourself up and sharing such a traumatic story with all of us. I am continually amazed when people allow others to see their vulnerability. It gives us all strength! You are an inspiration. God bless you.


thank you for sharing your story! I admired so much your work, but now i admire more the wonderful woman behind them. You have all my respect.
I love your courage!


Cherri, you have blessed us with your brave story. I totally agree with your comment about the ripple effect of quilting. It is therapeutic and gives a quiet confidence, which permeates the rest of our lives. This post will stay with me for a long time. Thank you!


quilting does bring healing...everyone of us has a "story"...Your story made me sad. I am glad you are getting stronger, because you have remarkable talent.


Beautiful quilts and inspiring story. At about the same time, 2005, our first grandchild died of SIDS. Quilting has been the therapy that kept me sane.


The ripple affect has created someting so wonderful for all of us to enjoy! Thank you for sharing your ripples with all of us because we all have them in one way or another.

Grateful for your friendship & inspiration,


thank you for sharing! Hugs to you. Quilting and other crafts have such healing power!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience of quilting as healing. I suffered from an illness and at a time when I could barely function in my life, I managed to create about 5 quilts in one month. The satisfaction of creating them helped me to reengage with my life. I think quilting will always be a form of therapy for me and I love the idea of "quilting as gospel." Many thanks for sharing.

Lisa Mason

Thank you for sharing your story. It felt like I was reading my own. The circumstances are different, but the healing through the creative process remains the same. Amazing what some fabric and a sewing machine can do for you . . . and of course the courage to move forward. What a gift you have to teach others and help them along their path.

Cheryl Arkison

Oh Cherri, what a great post. You are obviously incredibly strong, loving, and well-loved. Very proud of you.

Mary Keasler

Oh my, I am writing through tears. I am thrilled at what you have been able to endure and now what you have been able to accomplish. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story, and it seems to have already touched many, many people. I can totally understand your Gospel of Quilting. It has saved me so many times. And is continuing to do so. I am so very happy for you and your ability to conquer. You are an incredible person.

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