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September 20, 2010


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 Michelle | Cloud9 Fabrics

Thanks Cherri!

Peggy Bennett

OMG you are the best! I love your houses and thanks for the give away and the free Sugar Snap pattern! I think I'd like to try the houses too.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Well I have powdered sugar, light brown sugar, dark brown sugar, granulated sugar, raw sugar, sugar cubes, superfine sugar, liquid sugar, caster sugar, confectioners sugar and sanding sugar but no Hey Sugar. Can you help me out Cherri?
Thanks for the pattern!


Gorgeous quilt! it looks very sweet :)


I'm not much of a border girl either, but I love the border on this one - the print is perfect!! Love the quilt, love the fabric! :)


Well, as they say in the South, "Give me some sugah, Cherri, pretty please!"

And thank you for the pattern!


we just switched to splenda here at our house...taking some getting used to and it makes my chocolate chip cookies very OFF. thanks for the pattern!

Mary Grace McNamara

Sugar, ah yes, there is nothing quite like it! That quilt is just so sweet and I would sure love to get my hands on some of that Hey Sugar!

Thanks for the pattern!



Thank you ... love the freebie.

Your Cosmo link has an error in the URL though.

Katie B

Sugar Sugar
Oh, honey honey
You are my candy girl!


I think I might have to try this with more of a solids emphasis as I've been inspired by your later work!

Mary Ann

I couldn't have resisted the border with this fabric either! And since I bought yards and yards of solids this weekend I think I'd add some into the Sugar.


Well, I have an uncle whose nickname is Shug' (short for Sugar) and we indeed ask little ones to "give me some shugah" and they oblige with a kiss on the cheek. So, Hey Sugar is perfect for a girl's quilt if it is actually called "Hey Shug-ah". Thank you for this lovely giveaway.


Sweet! Thanks for the free pattern as well!


Here is something sweet, first literally... I made my first batch of rice crispy treats in quite some time and I was very very pleased. Now figuratively... I am picking up my newest pet on Saturday. She is a 7 month old ferret named Luna who is half sister to my current boy.


What a sweet pattern! Love the sweet colors. Looks just like candy :-)

Tami @ Sew Many Mamas

The fabric is eye candy! And the pattern is lovely! Thanks for the chance! I love super sweet give-aways!

Carol in E TN

What a "SWEET" giveaway!


Oooh thanks for the gorgeous pattern - sweet!!! Doing my best Homer accent here:
"Mmmmmm sugar......"


Very Sweet of you to host this giveaway and share your pattern! Thanks!

Lindsey F.

It would be so sweet to win this giveaway!


great pattern, and what a sweet name for a sweet line of fabrics! thanks for giving us the sweet chance to win! =P


Sweets for the sweet - we're all sweet, aren't we?


nice legs!
gimme some sugar!

[sorry, i had to go there!]


what a sweet treat! I know sugar cuz I spent my childhood hoeing sugar beets.


Hey Sugar - how about that coooool fabric - isn't that sweet????!!!!


I've got a sweet tooth for some sugary, quilty goodness!


That's such a cute quilt design!


Lovely pattern, very sweet. Also love sweet fabric!

Quinta da Quilter

love the quilt! love the name of the fabric - hey sugar!

Mama Mel

My name means "honeybee", so I think I should have some of this sweet fabric! :) Thanks for the free pattern and giveaway!


Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.
Sugar Ray Leonard

Sweeet!!!I guess I'll dream about sugar fabric and find an opportunity!


How SWEET of you!
Thanks for the chance.


Hey Sugar Hey Sugar Hey!

Many thanks for the give away -I have 32 sweet teeth!


Thanks for the free pattern. It's so SWEET of you! And what a SWEET Give away!

Thanks Cynthia


What a sugarlicious giveaway!!! Everyone needs a little sweetening!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Karen U

Hey Sugar, how SWEET that you're giving away fabric! Thanks for the free pattern, too. Thanks!


Thanks for the pattern and sharing your fabric. Here's to hoping my number appears.

Mary Johnson

Pretty please with Sugar on Top! Great giveaway for such beautiful fabrics!


Great pattern, snap your fingers and it's done! Sweet!


Oooh, that's a really nice pattern and the hey sugar line almost makes my teeth hurt. I have a little(big)girl in mind that's just the right level of sweet to make this quilt for her
Thanks for the idea and the pattern and thanks for the chance for the fabric.

Cheryl Arkison

I do like that border print though. Not that I'm a border girl myself.
Have a sweet Tuesday!

Nancy B from Many LA

Thank you for the pattern and the giveaway! Now, I like borders, so I like this one very much! It's sweet!

Deserae Fiedler

Sweet giveaway! :)

Debbie Gallett

Love the Sugar. The colors remind me of all the colors of the sugar sprinkles that I put on frosted sugar cookies.

Shirley Swenson

Love the pattern and fabrics. I have a new granddaughter (born May 3), and the fabric would be perfect for a quilt I'm planning to make for her. Thanks!

Sara @ One Silver Thread

Love the fabric - very sweet :)


Delicious, yummy goodness! Thanks for the chance to win!

Ellen G

What a lovely quilt!! I just came across your site, and am loving is so far!

Mandy T.

I really like the arrow border; don't know how patient I would be to cut it properly, but I think it's a pretty sweet effect! What a fantastic baby quilt for sleeping under or playing on top of!

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