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September 24, 2010


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Mary Ann

Such a clever trick and the little dog ears are gone! I'll be trying it this weekend.


I like your method! I also use this method for HST and am working on a pinwheel quilt right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekYpJzHoW6E

pinwheel quilt: http://www.threadedmess.com/2010/07/love-pinwheels-part-3.html

Mary Grace McNamara

I'm bookmarking this one! Thanks for sharing!



I've got to try this! Thanks!


I like your method tooo but I have seen another one on Bleu is Bleu blog http://blueisbleu.blogspot.com/
just wondering is there a difference with the bias.........or do both methods work out the same. Cheers for sharing.



Donna C

I may be crazy but don;t you end up with two different sized squares this way?


brilliant! thank you for this trick, and congratulations for your nice blog (I just discovered). ithink I´çll become your follower to keep an eye onyour great posts!
greetings from Ireland!


Didn't you end up with two different sized triangles?

I cut 2 squares 1/2" bigger than I want, then draw a line down the centre corner to corner and stitch 1/4" from it on both sides, then I cut down the drawn line. You end up with two half square triangle blocks from each set of squares.

I just had a look at the link in the other comment and that looks even easier for equal block results! http://blueisbleu.blogspot.com/2010/09/quilt-along-part-six.html


You're brilliant! What a quick and easy way to make HSTs. Thank you for sharing!


Thankyou for sharing this great tutorial. I am definitely going to put this in my favorites!

Rebecca Johnson

Thanks for sharing this great tip!! I just found your blog and its so great!! xx thanks for sharing!


Sweet Fancy Moses!! That's a good one, Cherri -- I'm terrible at visualizing this kind of thing. What a help!


I use HST paper; I just cut the paper patterns off the roll and then sew along the dotted lines. http://www.blockcentral.com/hst/hst-2inch.pdf

Is it considered cheating to go this route? Because it's SO much easier, I fly through my triangles.

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