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July 22, 2010


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It's the ripping and re-ripping that can take time and cause anguish! But I will remember just 18 (!) minutes next time I need to fix a quilt. :-)


Funny, I've been there and done the exact same thought process. The good news is next time it happened it only took me half the time to decide to do the right thing. Learning every day even the hard way. Love the tour and the quilts.

Belinda Gelhausen

My motto - if you are not willing to unsew and resew, you have no business sewing :-)
Doesn't mean I like to unsew and resew though!

Jean Etheridge

My favorite of your answers...even though there wasn't really a question. Thanks for sharing.


I bet we all have similar stories to yours. Sometimes it is as simple as a quick fix. Personally, I have set aside quilts for years because I was unhappy and then come back to it only to have fixed the problem with it in very little time. So you are not along and we quilters need to stick together and can totally empathize with you. All your quilts are beauties and it shows that you put great thought into them.

Shayla Sharp

Been there, done that--and probably will many more times! Isn't it funny how we will spend more time trying to decide to do something than just doing it--must be a human trait! :)


That’s funny indeed, I’ve not seen a picture of City Lights during the blog tour and I love it!

I’ve been travelling the unpicking path a lot and I’m sure I will be there more often. I sometimes only see mistakes I made when I take a photo of the finished item and look at it on the computer...

Rafael's mum

I have this quilt with non matching seam lying in a corner... (since last January...) maybe I should rip those two long seams that are the offenders?... I bet it will take me more than 18 mins to rip and sew back... but your story sure is inspiring!


What a fantastic post!!!I bought myself two extra unpickers at the sewing shop the other day ( now I have 4) because I figure it's good to have them within reach at all times. I put off finishing a quilt for a year just because I had to change a small thing. Next time i'll remember it only takes 18 minutes.

Debbie - Esch House Quilts

You are so right! We usually feel so much better when we take the time to do something right, even if we don't think we have the time.

Mary Ann

Great post Cherri. Sometimes my friends tease me about being obsessive but I just can't leave a mistake in a quilt and enjoy it! (And I always end up telling everyone as they admire it, oh but look where I blew it..geez) Thanks for making me feel better...18 minutes, sounds like a good name for a blog!


Me too!! Done it. Sat there and stared at the quilt for sometimes days before I finally ripped it out and replaced it. As a matter of fact it happened on City Park!! I had a block put together incorrectly. I finally took it apart and fixed it and I love my City Park!


I'm definitely and unpicker and fixerupperer from way back! I know that I just can't live with things being wrong. That quilt is absolutely stunning!!



I went to True Up but there is no blog tour on her website? What's up?

Mary Ellen Honan

Enjoyed your tour and 'meeting' everyone.
I did learn your 18" job from Flylady. Her idea is just take 15" chunks to accomplish what you have been dreading. It's amazing what you can complete in 15" (or 18").
Cherri, I wasn't able to get on until late in the day. Sun. 7/25


i had a similar experience with an orange square recently. you are right, it doesn't take long to change it out and that nagging feeling can finally be put to rest!


I totally agree. The quilt I'm working on now, I'm up to 79 pieces that I've ripped out and replaced (they're 1 1/2"). There may be more, but at this point I like it sooo much better it's all worth it. Thanks for sharing.

Deborah Domin

I was taking a course with Karen Mctavish & someone pulled out a city quilt to get the classes input on how to quilt it. Karen scooped it up and said this is a city quilt and it's the closest thing you will create that is like an amish quilt. The designer showes you how to quilt it in her book and really that's the best way to quilt it. After class I rushed out to buy your book. And my husband picked out fabric at My Sewing room in Calgary so that we could create City Bank. This is the next class that we will be teaching and I can hardly wait to introduce my students to your work. And I will be Longarming it just as you did in your book. Love it.

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