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July 11, 2010


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They are all wonderful!! I can't wait to see it in person...


Love all but the brown... but I am just not a brown person. I especially love the blue.

Live a Colorful Life

I was going to say orange because I love orange, but I'm not sure I want a nearly completely orange quilt, although I certainly have the quantity of fabric to make one! Aqua/turquoise maybe...


I'd love to see this done in the pink version....


The blue is dramatic and beautiful, but I just love the purple!


i don't usually like pink.. but i love the combo you did..

but orange wins..
please send me the color list as I MUST make this quilt...

so we added chickens

The blue is simply wonderful! I think that is my favorite.


The orange one really speaks to me. BUT, being me, I'd have to add a bit of black, navy and intense red with just a touch of blue. Love the design - wonderful!

Shayla Sharp

I'll take one of each! lol It's funny how just switching color gives each such a different look. I was thinking of making one with gray tones--maybe with the little blocks in b&w or in brights.


Love the brown ... perfect for a man. But where's the Green????

Mary Ann

Blue, pink and the orange!


Oooh! I LOVE the Orange!


The blue and the pink both jumped at me. Love 'em.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Purple is great! Love the blue too = and the orange!


I'm not really a brown person, but I REALLY like all three of the others


In an orange phase lately so the orange blend was certainly my favorite though they are all great combo's!


Really like all of these and seeing the creative color options but I love the blue - what colors did you use? My granddaughter would love the pink!

Cheryl Arkison

Love, love, love the orange!


Pink is my favorite color, and I love the brightness and warmth of orange, but if I had to choose from these four quilts, I would definitely go for the blue one. I don't know why, because blue is not my color, but it somehow has the best balans and soft contrast in the solids.


oh oh oh!!! I totally want to do the orange one (it's my fave colour) and I just checked with the usually conservative husbeast, and said "I could live with that, it's very nice" - high praise indeed! Am about to get stuck into a City News quilt, but this would be next!

Debbie - Esch House Quilts

The orange and the blue are my favorites.


Um, what if I like all of the different colorways?!?! This is a problem... ;-) OK, I can narrow it down a little and take out the blue version. That leaves me three... hee hee Love them all! How great to show us how different the quilt can look!

Cathy A

Those are great! It's wonderful to see them with different colors. I'm sure an aqua and a green version would be great, too!


Brown yes, I like brown. Blue yes. Orange, wow!

How about green? Loud acidy apple greens or soft sagey greens.



Oh I love love love love that orange!! WOW!


The blues, the blues, the blues! Oh and the red! I love to do it in purples! Wow weeee



What about green!

Krista - Poppyprint

OMG - I never thought my fingers would type this word, but ORANGE!!!!! Gorgeous.

Becky in Georgia

The blue one is my favorite.


Are you going to offer the color number list? I just received the pattern - thanks. My favorite is the orange - hands down!


Cherri, my husband shocked me the other day when he said quietly "where's my quilt?
I think I need to make him one, and I think he'll just love this design. I'm going to make it in blues, using paler baby blues for the little bits, and a range of rich blues for the squares.

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