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July 12, 2010


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Love your work and know you book will be a smashing success!

Cheryl Arkison

Having done the interview with you, I can attest that it really did feel like the real you. It was a great conversation. Next time I'd love to have it in person!

Live a Colorful Life

I think this book is one of the absolute best to come out in a really long time. Congratulations. And it is good learning to know more about you.


Once you fell into the lake, I decided I knew everything I needed to know about you. *L*

Amy C

I have a tendency to way over analyze my work. I'm a perfectionist at heart. But I'm working on being better at this. Your work is beautiful so no need to beat yourself up.

Thanks for sharing about yourself. Will keep your son in our prayers. I thank him for his service to our country.


i'm glad i posted that comment today, or else i would never know you have a son! what branch does he serve in? my sister is a marine corps officer getting set to deploy next january or march. i'll be relying on you for tips on how to cope with a loved one serving in a time of combat.

city news is my favorite quilt you ever made, and i think the first quilt that really inspired me to get creative. i admire it on a weekly basis (it's in my flickr favorites) and i have been conspiring to make one for myself out batiks and solids. i think it will look great on my bed!


Looking forward to reading all your interviews! So nice to know someone as passionate about quilting as you!


Yay for the blog tour!


I didn't know your son was in Iraq either!!

Sending good thoughts his way, and off on the blog tour :)



that is great!! congrats! finally I have your books in my hands and I just can say: is pure bliss!!!!

Mary Ann

I just couldn't wait any longer and bought your book last week. Its stunning, I knew I loved your work but all the info and lessons on color and how you go about designing. Wow!


How very wonderful, a huge congratulations to you!!!


I knew you have a son and that he serves in Iraq, you have mentioned it several times in blogposts. I’m sure you love all your children!

I hope to get to know you a bit better by reading the interviews, Cherri! My feeling is that having read so many of your posts over the past couple of years, that you have become more self confident and less shy...LOL!

I always question what I make/create/do. It might have to do with having a Mother who never questions her actions/creations and values people by their achievements. Even at my age I still desperately seek her approval. Pretty crazy don’t you think?!

I’m off now to read the first interview!


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