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June 20, 2010


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Amy C

The quilt is beautiful. Thank goodness you are unharmed and safe.


This is hilarious Cherri! Oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to understand how you must have felt.
Did you have duckweed in your hair...LOL?

BTW... the quilt is gorgeous and even more so with the story...! Great idea to start a Lady of the Lake quilt!


oh my goodness. life is an adventure, right? I love The Tempest!


That was quite an adventure you had!! I'm glad that both you and the quilt are safe! The quilt is beautiful, I love how the photo shows off the quilting detail too!


yikes! So glad you are okay and the quilt didn't get in the water!! LOL


Wowzers! Fun day! Glad you (and the quilt) are safe :)

paulette doyle

Right out of a movie!! Very funny...in a terrifying sort of way...YIKES! so glad that you are able to laugh about it...but had no one been around I shutter to think..! Next time please take someone with you!! ;o) Love the quilt by the way...and the pier..to die for (almost!)


I read it on the internet, so it has to be true, right? No one could have ever made up that story! Glad you were able to laugh when it was all over. And the quilt is beautiful!


oh bless your heart.


OH wow!! A totally incredible story....and happily a happy though wet ending....sorta...
Glad you are okay..sorry about the camera. and glad your "blanket" didn't get ruined...


Oh no! But that is a GREAT story...tuck that one away for the grandkids...and you saved the quilt, lol!


OMG sounds so much like something i would do! Happy you got everything back and that you were able to laugh it about it all at the end of the day!

Anne D

That is one of the funniest things I have heard for a long time. I am glad you are alright. I can only imagine what the people watching thought. The quilt looks great. I think you have to modernise the lady of the lake pattern now.


Oh my I would be laughing if I didnt feel so bad for you. I would be mortified if it was me:) Glad you and your quilt survived.


I'm so glad you are alright! It is kinda funny though, sounds like something I would do.

Cheryl Arkison

I'm glad you were laughing because it is a funny story! Just think, opportunity for a new camera! (That's what I'm telling myself because I broke mine this weekend.

Honore Francois

A wonderful memory for that quilt's story! Glad you were able to retrieve your keys and glasses and memory card.

Amber Lee

Oh my goodness! I am nursing my dauhter, trying not to laugh to hard as I'm trying to get her to sleep! But it's hard not to, I can just picture it! So glad you are alright though. What a way that would have been to go, lol!


I know it's not funny to laugh at someone else's misfortune but I can't help it! I'm glad you're alright but feel bad about the camera!

Cherri House

You know everyone has felt bad about the camera, but it doesn't matter too much...it hurts a little to have to replace it, but losing put everything into perspective.


Christina M.

Oh wow Sister House!! I'm so glad that you're ok!! How scary! Very awesome though that those people were willing to help. Lol, next time, you can call me for your photos too!! I'd always be willing to come give you a hand shooting your beautiful quilts! (Oh, and I'm glad the quilt survived too!)

Christina McKinney


Well, the photo turned out great. Glad you were able to laugh yourself. You gave all the other people there a good story to tell their friends and family.


Oh Cherri! I've got tears in my eyes reading this, following your every step (or lack thereof). I'm so glad you weren't hurt. How amazing there were people there to help you! Lucky girl. And the photo? I mean, that's now a legendary photo, so it's good, right? Quilt's lovely, by the way :)


OMG, that is one of the funniest things ever. Thankfully there were good people around you! Every time you look at that picture you're going to get the giggles, you're never going to forget that moment!

Becky in Georgia

Thanks for the laugh! I could so relate to your adventure. The quilt is ok. All is well. Take care!


what a fabulous story this quilt will always always bring to mind! so glad you are safe!!
alls well that ends well!! gorgeous quilt!!


Oh I'm sorry, but that is the funniest story! As I was reading, I'm thinking, no, no way, surely she's not going to fall in! But she did!! I don't think you have a choice but to run with the 'Lady of the Lake' idea next. That story must be commemorated! Glad it all ended well when it could have turned out so horribly wrong. Imagine if you'd lost 'The Tempest'! We will forever see your photo of your gorgeous quilt and laugh!


Yes, yes, it was definitely worth it!

What a beautiful pic of a beautiful quilt.......Just as if Annie Leibovitz had taken it....truly. *S*


Glad you're ok. xo

Scarlett Burroughs

The quilt is living up to it's name I see. Glad you are fine.


Oh my goodness! So glad you are ok! (And yes, the photo and quilt are beautiful!)

jennifer r

so happy you are not hurt...or worse. that quilt is spectacular. can't believe how beautiful it looks on the dock with that water color. but wow. what a story.


quite a tempest, indeed.

glad you are okay!


Oh no, glad you got the humor side of it once you and your belongings were on dry land.

Love the quilt.



Oh no! At least you were able to walk away laughing...even if it was from crazy hysterics. jk Hope your next shoot goes better.
BTW...I saw the photos of your market quilts all over the quilting blog world and I. AM. IN. LOVE! You are great!

Barbara Brainard

Cherri, you are too funny! So glad all worked out well in the end. The quilt is stunning!


The quilt is beautiful. Glad you're ok. Thank goodness for kind strangers! Glad you can laugh about it, cause other than the nearly dying part, it's pretty funny.

 Michelle | Cloud9 Fabrics

Ha! Great story.

Kelly Ann

Now that sounds like something I would have done...

Mama Spark

How very exciting and dramatic of you!! LOL. BOTH my daughter and I were laughing out loud!!! Thanks for the visual image. Glad you are OK though. Lady of the Lake sounds like a great next project!


Wow - all that for a photo! I do agree with the others, this is a moment to commemorate! The quilt, even as it's photographed there, is lovely!


Oh NO! What an experience. But you do have a beautiful quilt:-)

Becky Merry

Love the story and love the quilt!! I can just picture the whole thing! Glad you can laugh about it! You'll never look at that quilt without the memory!


Oh My Goodness Gracious, (OMgg)I'm glad you're not too badly hurt and that no property was lost.

In spite of you laughing, that's pretty scary. I'm glad things are all right now. I'm sure next time, you will make sure you have an assistant.


What a funny story! I especially giggled - cuz I recognize where you fell in the water! I used to live near that restaurant's pier....and my kids still live in Huffman & Crosby.

Sooooo glad you saved that beautiful quilt, and of course, yourself!

Marianne C

I love the photo and the first thing i thought of when you fell off the pier was, don't let the quilt blow away! priorities..right?
Do you do your own quilting?

Coffee and Cotton

So glad you are ok and not hurt, well maybe your ego got a little damaged? That quilt is gorgeous. Considering what you went through to get the photo it definitely should be on exhibit in a museum of photographic art!


Oh no! Glad you are ok! Beautiful shot though!

Catie Roche

Great story! Beautiful quilt! So glad that it came out all right.


OhMyGosh!!! I'm sorry to say, my first thought was of the camera -- I guess I decided since you're here to tell the story, you must've survived. You POOR Dear! That picture should be blown up and framed. OR printed on fabric and put on the back of The Lady of the Lake that you'll now, surely have to make!!!

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