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June 11, 2010


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Amy C

Sounds like fun. Looking forward to the blog tour!


Can’t wait for the blog tour!

Love to see City Aviation, my most favourite quilt from your book!

I have been in awe over the quilting of this quilt! I saw it was done by DeLoa Jones. She used different sizes between the quilted lines and circles, so I wondered if you discuss the quilting with her or leave it up to her. I guess the quilting of solid quilts ask for more than of quilts from printed fabrics.


I wonder what it's like to work so closely with your daughter? And how do you compromise when you just can't agree.


yay for the blog tour!! i'm so happy to be a part of it mom!!


Oooh I'm looking forward to this tour, and to seeing more of your quilts. I'd like to hear about designing with solids. I was planning a solids quilt and the woman in my local quilt shop said it would be a bit lifeless without patterns (!). I thought to myself, "But what about City Quilts, hmmm?".

Mary Ann

Wow, that is a wonderufl quilt. I can't decide yet on my favorite. I have been adding more solids in my quilts lately and with your inspiration I am break out and try a whole quilt done with them.

Michelle Kumar

Can't wait for the two to start.

I would love to know more about your colour selection process, it's an area that I really find difficult so love reading the pro's approach.

robin (rsislandcrafts)

I LOVE blog tours and exclamation points!!

Stunning quilt!


City aviation is wonderful. My question is do you prefer working with solids over prints?

Marcia W.

Question about solids and quilting stitches: it seems as if the stitches show more on solid materials than prints. Any advice for a rank beginner who does her own quilting (by hand) when working with solids? Question: What is the best method for matching a solid to a print fabric for a quilt? My fabric choices tend to be too blended or look unmatched. Please pick a collection to explain with some concrete examples (Hope Valley, Modern Meadow, Bliss, new Quilt Market collection, etc.) Thanks for the opportunity to pose some questions.


Love the new quilt, I'd like to know when you design a new quilt do you have a color palette in mind before hand or does that come afterwards?


Finally got my book yesterday. I LOVE IT!! I don't know which one to do first...

Cathy A

I sometimes see one of your quilts I love, and then the color palette isn't quite right for the purpose that I'm wanting. How could I easily and successfully go about using a different set of colors with one of the patterns? Or is that just too difficult? What about guidelines for substituting a color if one in the pattern is not available or I just can't find it anywhere.

I'm looking forward to following your blog tour. Thanks!!

Becky in Georgia

This will be fun:) I'm curious about the solid white fabrics that I see in many of the modern quilts out there. What fabric or fabrics are quilters using for the white they are pairing with the new pre-cuts out there? Thanks! Have a great day!


So glad to have found your blog! Love LOVE everything I'm seeing. One question from an enthusiastic but novice quilter would be: at what point do you look at your design and say, "done"? Do you ever change your mind as you begin to actually make the quilt and see how it's coming together (either design/structure or color)? I find that I can think about a quilt to death only to find as I'm working on it that I want to keep making changes. Sometimes the translation/evolution form paper to fabric can be tricky!

Beth Patrick

exclamation points are wonderful to use as well as CAPITAL letters - all ties into how excited we can be !! ( oh yes, double exclamations are very! good! )
I'm just getting into working with solids,, I love the look, the simplicity... and the pure color.
I'll be following the blog tour! - see another one :)
Beth in Dallas

Judy Barber

You got me with the City Aviation quilt - just so perfect! Had skimmed through your book and decided I did not have the time right now to start another quilt so delayed buying it. Well, it is now in my possession. What's a few more nights without sleep?
Nana B

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