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May 27, 2010


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What a wonderful introduction. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Some of the most amazing quilts (at least to me) are the simplest. Your book is gorgeous and I can't wait to get my own copy.


I can't wait to get my copy! I love the passion that you have poured into your book and it has been fun to see the "behind the scenes process" here on your blog. You make beautiful quilts and you have much to be proud of!

Jennifer :)

Cheryl Arkison

You sound like me - emotion wise. The worst is when I start crying when I'm so dang mad!
Lovely to hear that you are getting such a wonderful reception to the book.


Cherri-- I can't wait to buy this at my LQS. You know I've been admiring your quilts for a couple years now. They are so wonderful and you put so much heart and soul into it. I appreciate that.


Beautiful introduction, Cherri!

I send you a virtual hug!


Ok Cherri...I cried also when I read the introduction...on the PLANE ride home from Quilt Market! So yeah, I do adore the book!



Lovely! So happy for you with the success of your book and quilting. All well deserved.


I love how much you love your quilts and want them to be used and loved.

kim at allconsuming

Well now I just love you even more.

And totally in that creepy stalkerish internet way.


Wow, I am the same way... a smart a$$ or crying like a baby! You crack me up.
I loved your intro too. I once told my brother, after I gave him a quilt for his first baby, "if you put this in a closet and keep it "safe" I'll never make you another one... BUT, if you wear it to shreads, I will make you a new one for each quilt that is "loved" to death!!!"
Can't WAIT to get my hands on your book!!!!!!


That introduction is beautifully written.
It's a sentiment I think we all share. We just want our quilts to be used and loved!!!
Congratulations on the book.
Andi :-)

Karen Alimi

I fell in love with your quilts as soon as I saw City Quilts last week. I had to have it. I was so happy to see quilts with solid colors. My first quilt was made with solids and then everyone told me that solids don't work well in quilts. Thank you!


I ordered my book yesterday...I can't wait to recieve it to see all the amazing quilts you've created.. BEAUTIFUL!


::sniffle:: Now you've done it. ::sniffle:: Please pass the tissues...


I loved reading your book and loved all of those beautiful quilts!!! I wrote a review over on the C&T website, as well as on my blog. Then I popped over so I could link your blog to mine, so peeps could get over here and visit you, and saw this post. Sniffsniff...I think we may have been cut of the same cloth. Best to you, and congratulations!!!!!

Debbie - Esch House Quilts

What an absolutely lovely introduction! I can't wait to get my copy of your book.

France Riddell

The colors of your quilts is so fresh, you just want to trow one onthe grass and dream.
I love the simple design of your quilts.
I am glad I have found your site.
Good Luck with your book.
Sincerely, France from Canada.


The book is so wonderful! Love the way you injected your philosophy about the quilts as well as general instructions. It is the first quilt book that I sat and read, every page. I love it. The photography is fantastic and the quilts beautiful. What a wonderful book. Thank you.


I've had a longtime love of Amish quilts (thanks to Sue Bender) that has led to lots of reading and collecting books and viewing exhibits whenever possible, but I've only ever made a couple of simple baby quilts. Your book has completely inspired me! I bought the fabric for City Lights yesterday and plan to make it for my dad, who is recovering from a heart attack. I know he will love it as much as I do. Your designs are sophisticated, fresh and so beautifully heartfelt, thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

happy zombie

How do I say this without getting all mushy and gushy? I can't. So I'm not even going to try.

Even if I had not know that was your into, I would have known right away it was yours. Full of love, full of fostering love, full of spreading love and full of beauty. And making some really cool kick a$$ quilts along on the way!

I'm so happy for your success, Cherri!! I'm so happy I'm a quilter and there are talented people like you that make me want to run to my fabric cupboards and sewing machine.

I wish I wasn't under the weather at Market, and wish I could have spent more time with you (if you even wanted to spend time with a cocoa puff like me!). You awe me. You inspire me. You make me happy. I'm so glad we got to meet! And that goes for Lizzy too!!! xoxoMo

Kyra H Thomas-Moore

Shoot, now your making me cry! That is exactly what quilts are about. Gramma's or yours (who like me may be a Gramma). Every one should have a quilt, and be wrapped in love. Your's are wonderful and do-able. A tasty snack for the eyes as well as the heart. Way to go with the book and wishing you continued sucess! Kyra T-M

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