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May 24, 2010


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Something nice ... today is a holiday (in Canada) and I am at home listening to great music and quilting! Nice day!

Giveaways are always nice too - thank you!


Glad you had fun...I would have loved to see some of those quilts in person!


Welcome home!

My something nice is that my husband will be home in 15 minutes and I'll finally get a break from the kiddos! LOL


I would say something that is nice would be to have my husband back home after him being away for a few days.


I've definitely put City Quilts on my wish list - too bad I'm not the recipient for a gift-giving holiday until Christmas, it's going to be a long time for this one to make it's way into my hands! Maybe I'll have to treat myself for my half-birthday in August, lol :)


Oh, I love that quilt! The colors on it are so pretty! I love the design too, great! Welcome home!


Cherri,what's NICE is your Blog-love reading & keeping up with you! New at quilting & it's like a whole new world opened up to me! Love,Linda


Something nice?
My three year old just asked me to teach her how to make a quilt, because her friend Oscar is always chilly.

Busty LaRue

That quilt is so pretty! Glad you had fun at Market! :)


Oh wow! Something nice...your giveaway! Something else nice...loved your tweets throughout market! So fun...and funny :)


I just finished stippling a quilt! That is VERY nice! Your quilts are LOVELY!!


Oh it sounds like everyone had such a wonderful time at market. I haven't seen your book at my local b ook store yet so I might just ha e to but it online

so we added chickens

Something nice: my husband is away for 2 wks and my MIL came to visit for a few days to visit and help out in his absence - we had a great visit and a wonderful time; it was very nice indeed :)
So, did you need to bring a pen to the signing?

Lynn H

Something nice is working on a baby quilt for my very first grandchild!


Your quilts are beautiful! Very inspirational for a brand new quilter.


I love the delicate colors. I never win but I did enjoy the pictures. Thanks oodles!


I bet market was exciting! Wish I could go :)

Kimmy G

Your quilts inspire me!


Glad you had fun at Market Cherri, and so glad to know City Quilts was well received! You already know I love the book :)


so jealous of all the fun you had- i'm hoping to make it to houston in november now that i'm living in texas- if only i could figure out how to get into the trade show days....!!! thanks for the sweet giveaway! one of these days i'm convinced i'll win something on a blog! {crosses fingers}

Emily {Creative Chicks}

I'm canning up a storm today, filling my pantry with yums for the winter (even though summer is fast approaching.) I feel like a squirrel gathering my nuts!


I would just die to go to market! I love seeing everyone's photos when they get home.


The quilt you made for Michelle and Gina is beautiful. The pattern is amazing.


Congrats on a successful market!!!


I've been looking for your book but have not spotted it yet! Will surely grab one when I find it, the quilts are lovely!


Something nice...sitting on my deck with a glass of wine on a lovely spring evening and being inspired by pictures from quilt market.


Well done on publishing your book and great you enjoyed the market. Love your quilts. Something nice is the sun shining, happy children, a good cup of coffee, a yummy slice, great friends, a good book and a quilt to sew. Enjoy.

Kerri Kowal

I am going to have to get your book. I'm loving your quilts. I just found your blog and it is quite the inspiration. It's NICE of you to share so much of yourself.


that quilt is amazing! i love your work and desings! thanks for the giveaway, it sounds yummy!

Paula in NH

Well done on the book! What's nice? Date night at home with hubby: Celtics, Red Sox and banana splits. Life is good. Oh yeah, a little fiber playing will be done, too.


Nice is a completed quilt! Hurrah!

Mary P

My husband made molasses cookies yesterday. I would say that is really nice!


It finally quit raining here and the sun is shining. That is really nice, since it has been so cold here most of the month. Beautiful quilts. Winona


Something nice - sharing time with my friends. Having the freedom to sew when I want to. Cuddling new little Grandson. And best of all having the most incredible husband.

paulette doyle

All weekend long I have drooled over pictures and reading about Market- thank you!! I was starting to get that feeling-you know.... like I had actually been to Market too...except for the fact that my Market bag is empty ;o(... SO thanks for the chance to fill it!! Your give away sounds wonderful!!
Take care! And thanks for the chance!!

Kim M.

That Kona Solids quilt is amazing, LOVE IT! I may have to copy the entire thing! : ) Thanks for the great giveaway!


Well - this giveaway is nice, and you're nice, and here's a nice story:

The way I found you and Lizzie is from my sister, who met Lizzie right before she graduated at the student art sale where they both went to school!


Something nice? My 4 month old is sleeping and I just sent my 20 month old chasing his dad. We've already finished dinner and I'm going to do some sewing this evening. I love your blog! :)


Is the giveaway open to your Aussie friends downunder. Something nice would be to win this prize I never win anything. I would be over the moon if I won. Love your quilts and blog. Take care Carol


Something nice? Today was a beautiful day! Thanks for the chance!


Congratulations on the new book.
Can't wait to get my copy.
Something nice? Cookies and Cream Ice-cream!!! (Of course)


I saw your quilts at market and took photos of several of them. They are lovely!!!


What's nice is: those 2 quilts pictured and your awesome giveaways.


Congratulations on a successful market trip! Love the quilts!


I am always drawn to quilts made from your patterns. I love the clean, simple lines and bold colors. Keep writing those patterns!

Jen Eskridge

I loved meeting you at market and getting my own copy of your book signed!!! (you're on my blog) Thank you thank you.

Mama Mel

I love looking at your quilts for inspiration! :) I am hoping to finish my 7th quilt of the year tomorrow! Yay! Thanks for the chance to win!

Ellen in Texas

I love the quilt in the Kona Cottons display!


I have to pick only one thing... hmmm my flowers are blooming, love them and I got to quilt today! Love your book and I am so looking forward to getting it!!


Very pretty quilt. Would have been great to see in person. Something nice is I have 8 of teaching left until it is summer vacation :)

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