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April 09, 2010


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Jen Eskridge

Congratulations! That's awesome.

paulettte Doyle

Well that is one radio show I am going to listen to!! Do you have any quilting jokes? Like the blonde quilter or the Farmer quilter or the Priest Quilter ot the Quilter at the bar...have one ready..JUST IN CASE...Seriously..well done!! Can't wait!


How exciting!! And the giveaway... OMG, I have to win!

Jennifer :)


I may be out of luck with another give away as I just won your book from the Fresh Modern Quilts Flickr group give away! I am so excited to be getting it.

Robin Klein

I will be listening. Would just love the prize.

Amy R.

You will do great!!!!


I'll be listening. Good luck and remember to have fun! :^)

Barb C.

I enjoy reading your blog. I am also a fan of Pat Sloan. Now, her blog has sent me back to yours! ha ha small world.
I like your bold, modern, simple look.

Cathy A

I just listened, and it was so fun to hear! I learned to quilt when I was a beehive from one of my teachers--my mom doesn't sew. I'm going to the Seattle Modern Quilt groups (or trying to get there), and it's been a really fun thing so far. Anyway, I enjoyed your interview!

Cathy A

I forgot to mention, that I love that your book is about quilts as parts of the city (or that's how it sounded to me--I hope that's not too far off)! I had assumed City Quilts referred to the modern/cityness of the design. I can't wait to see the book--I'm gonna splurge and buy it!

Quilter Kathy

It was fun to "meet" you on Pat's radio show. I have never heard of the Modern Guild, so that was really interesting. I enjoyed reading your blog!

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