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April 01, 2010


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I also love to see quilts being used!


Ohhh cute baby on that quilt! I like seeing my quilts used as well.THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE FOR! I think people just see them as too precious.


It makes me feel SO good to see my quilts used. My daughter has been very sick this week and she has been buried under a quilt probably because there is just something so comforting about a quilt... especially when Mom made it! ;)

Conversely, I have also been hurt by seeing a quilt of mine not used. Thank goodness most people love and appreciate quilts!

Jennifer :)


I so agree! It is one thing to give it, but to see it being used as we hoped...that is icing on the cake!

wishes, true and kind

Absolutely! I guilt is made to be used, enjoyed, comforted by, admired. We put a little bit of ourselves in each one. There is nothing better than seeing someone enjoying a quilt made with love!


I gave a quilt to my son and his wife 11 yrs ago. I never saw it being used or displayed. Last year when we were over for dinner I snuck into their room got the quilt out of their closet and took it home - I don't think they have missed it at all. It is now living a very fullfilling live with me!

Debbie - Esch House Quilts

I definitely want my quilts to be used, but, hopefully, not abused! My definition of use also includes being hung on the wall to be enjoyed that way too. Put in the closet for best - not my favorite.


It brings me special joy to see my quilts being used by the people who receive them. My sister Gloria has my favorite (to date, anyway) and folds it up at the end of her bed to admire, but not use. Drives me crazy! At least I know she loves it too much to wreck it.


A customer said to me yesterday while holding one of my quilts: "How can you use them? Don't you worry about getting them dirty? They're like works of art."
I replied: "Thankyou. But they're made to be used. Keeping them hidden away is like buying a beautiful silver tea set and leaving it sitting in the cupboard for that special occasion that never quite comes".
I especially love seeing my quilts enjoyed by children. They have no problems using them, playing with them and truly enjoying them with abandon.
Andi :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

And they become more beautiful with use, don't they?

Cheryl Arkison

I think I would actually be more offended if I gave a quilt and it was never used. So far no problems with my gifts.


I love for my quilts to be used and loved. I made bibs for my grandson and my step-daughter said she couldn't use them because she didn't want to ruin them lol. I told her go ahead and use them. If they become stained, I will make more. I feel the same way about my quilts. I make them to be used and loved. I make lots of baby quilts so they are meant to be layed on the floor, dragged around, and go in the car. When it becomes tattered, it is time for a new one :)

Nanna mary

You Have A Big Heart And It Is Full Of Love.
Hugs Mary.

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