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March 07, 2010


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Looks great!!!
One woman's trash .....


What a great idea! I love this <3




Gosh you're so clever! That's darling.


Love it! I just found you on quilterblogs.com. I don't know if you ever do giveaways here, but selvages would make a great one — there are so many lovely scrappy things to make with them! (I saw some potholders in another blog, though I can't remember which at the moment.)


Really cute!

Busy Little Quilter

I love this, too!


And here I am, with this brand-new purse that was too cheap to come with pouches for all those little things we lose in purses.

And here you are, with a solution!

You are a genius, madam.

wishes, true and kind

Fabulous! I love it!


Well that is just too cute! Now all your friends are gonna want one, too.


Bravo! I was feeling a little verklempt when I thought you left your lovely selvages in the trash! This is so cute and clever, I'm snitchin' it!



I always feel so sad for the selvages that I cut off and throw away. I think I'll be keeping them a bit longer from now on. ;)

kim at allconsuming

That'd be Jodie over at RicRac: http://vintagericrac.blogspot.com/

She's a bloody legend!

Cheryl Arkison

I'm never going to make something with my selvages either, but I have got in the habit of saving them and passing them on to friends who will make something.

Mama Spark

This may be the blog you are looking for
The little coin purse is so adorable, thanks for sharing!!


Oh I love selvages and keep mine religiously so that I can make a quilt some day from them all!

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