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March 18, 2010


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I am greatful for my friend Lorraine who lives far away. We talk sometimes and no matter what, she always shares a story or experience that helps me put my junk in perspective. She's great.


I am so very grateful for my family, my beautiful girls, my friends and for being a part of this awesome world we live in. Sunshine always helps, too! Can't wait for the City Quilts book...

Anita in Florida

I am greatful for my family. I have a wonderful husband and 3 lovely children. Unfortunately, since my husband and I moved to Florida 10 years ago...we don't get to see them too often...but this summer my son and his family will be coming for a visit from New Mexico...how fun is that, and probably one of our daughters will be able to be here from New York than too.


I'm most grateful for family and good health! Add to that the promise of sunshine today and maybe planting some flowers in my pots this weekend!

Cheryl Arkison

How generous of you. I hope sunshine brings your joy in the coming days.

Personally, I am grateful for girlfriends that offer to babysit, overnight, so Hubby and I can have a much needed break.


this might sound 'odd'- but i'm thankful for the 'down' i'm having right now, because i know that when i overcome the trial, i'll appreciate the 'up' that much more and know that i can handle anything life wants to throw at me after that...


Emily {Creative Chicks}

I'm grateful that in this economy my husband's business is thriving and actually expanding. Go figure!

so we added chickens

I am grateful that our basement did not take on water in the recent three-day storm and I am loving the views of rivers in flood (with attending road closures). I am grateful for my family and the coming spring.


At this exact moment I am greatful that I have so far, at 38 weeks had a wonderfully healthy pregnancy, with an active babe who loves to let mommy know he/she is there.


I am thankful for family -- the two little granddaughters my two daughters have given me -- and the fact that I was able to spend a week with one of them up in Washington this week -- God is good!


I'm thankful for the internet that expands my quilting knowledge!


Hmmm I've been feeling the same way. Maye it's the changing of the seasons.

Which, is what I'm grateful for today. New growth on the trees and sunshine!


I am grateful for Mozart especially, and this week for Vaughan Williams with his "Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis" that keeps playing in my mind as I go through my day. Poetry beyond words. And for giveaways like yours!


With a recent suicide of a high schooler in our town, I am grateful for my children. They are self confident, loving, caring, and communicating individuals. I have hugged them far too often in the last couple days but they have been kind enough to accept the hugs and even sometimes hug back :)


I am grateful for my family's health. I have a dear friend who just lost her 8 year old daughter to illness. I told my husband the other night that yes, we deal with our fair share of colds, flu, ear infections, etc. but that we are so very blessed to be very healthy overall.

And of course I'm grateful for quilting and beautiful fabrics to surround myself with! ;)

Jennifer :)


How sweet of you Cherri, I hope you're feeling more chipper today. Hmm grateful for so many things in my life, probably the one that sticks out the most is that I was able to send a message to my eldest daughter today whom I haven't had any contact with for over 6 years. Hoping it will be received with an open heart.


the Liberty stuff @ Target is making me pretty happy right now - I actually bought those notecards the other day, I figured I could use them to write little notes w/my swap packages :)


I am so greateful that my kids are healthy. Currently, my son has an ear infection, and it just reminds me of how blessed we are to have such good health in our family. He is such a great trooper with his infection and the medicine is working quickly, but who wants to be feeling crummy when the beautiful is shining down on us...yay! welcome spring! and how does one explain an ear infection to a darling 2 year old?? thanks for all your inspiration.


That’s a very sweet and wonderful give-away! Thanks for a chance to win some Liberty of London goodness and fabrics!

I’m grateful for so many things, big things, health, home, job, family, friends. But I’m very very grateful for being blessed with an eye for the beauty of nature, my love for colours, the inspiration I find on blogs, the knowledge that people share. Those things make life extra special and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Britney R

Today, I am especially thankful for the sunshine! Spring is coming! I love feeling it in the air and knowing that soon the plants will be blooming and winter will be behind us for the year!


I can relate to being down at times. But when I think of all my blessings, it seems quite silly. I am so happy spring is almost here and for good health and a great sewing room. I could go on and on........
Thank you for a great giveaway!


I'm grateful for friends who have become like family.


I'm so grateful for my husband... who is everything I ever wanted Prince Charming to be.


I'm grateful for the spring weather and the health of my family that lets us run out and really enjoy it.

Morgan M.

I'm grateful to all the cool people who write blogs that inspire in my crafting! & I'm also grateful for this new chocolate bar I just found in the store with sea salt and caramalized almonds... mmmmmmm.


Right now I'm feeling grateful for all my quilty friends -- real and virtual -- who are such interesting and inspiring people. And for the fact that I've been able to quilt entirely from my stash for three months now without even thinking about buying something new!


Grateful: for the "kiss" i just got from baby (actually a sort of silent slow headbutt, but there was intent, and it just melted me); for the lone swallow (surely a scout, a very speedy one) I spotted this morning, heralding the season of dresses; for warm tea while said season doesn't arrive.
But not so much for being far, far, away right now, what with the astounding (as in, who knew I'd be wishing for Target one day?)lack of a Target.


I am grateful for my family of course, but lately I am also grateful to find quilting as a hobby. I am new to the area and a stay at home mom at the moment and sometimes quilting is the only thing that I can use to relax and not think about all my troubles.

badlands quilts

I am grateful my childrens' health...they have food allergies & asthma (yes, sadly the one born in Houston is the worst that pollution theory may be true) Anyway, we are very close to conquering a big hurdle so I am very appreciative of the situation.


I'm very thankful for my family and that I can rely on God for all that I need to care for them.


A brand new talent (smiling) by my 2 month old and my 17 month old having a blast playing in the beautiful weather at the park we found on the way home.

Meg in CT

I'm so thankful for my mom. She's the rock in my family, and keeps us all sane(ish) and comforted. We all agree, we don't know what we'd do without her.


I am grateful for the friendship I have found in the bloggy world.
Never would have thunk it!!
Andi x


I'm thankful that my family members are all healthy and I'm especially thankful to be retired. I would be thankful if I won some of your beautiful fabric.


The adventure! Good times and bad, life has so many twists and turns. The fact is, it makes me feel more 'Alive', and for that I'm truly grateful.


I'm grateful for sunshine, flower seeds and VERY much for our new Granddaughter ( who is just adorable...of course)!!!! Thanks for sharing. I went to Target too. A HUGE fan of Liberty.

Lori in SD

I'm grateful for my life. My husband, my daughter and her family, a grandson. My sisters, my extended family, my friends. I'm glad I live in the USA. I don't want to be anyone else!


I am grateful for bloggers who always bring a little sunshine in to my day, for my little boy who is about to start school and is bursting at the seams with enthusiasm for "learning new stuff", and for the ability to make choices and decisions about my life using my own free will.

Lizzie Swinney

Even in my darkest hour my friends and I always smile and joke about how we "at least have our health". So I am grateful for my continued good health, my favorite friend Cleo (my dog), a roof over my head, be it ever so humble and of course my family. Thank you for the lovely give-away. Please count me in. Lizzie


Cherri, I am so grateful for the internet which keeps me in touch with my friends and the world as we live quite remote. It takes me on new adventures every day as I peer through blogs and web sites expanding my knowledge and making friends.
thaks for this generous opportunity and hope the sunshine has helped to lift your spirits.


Gratitude IS the best medicine! I'm so glad it's springy! And thanks for the heads up on the LofL stationery. I didn't know there was any!

p.s. is there a current scrap quilt along going on? i clicked on your button but it just goes back to your blog.

D Spack

Grateful for my daughter being home for a visit right now, she is helping me with my quilting projects. Thanks for a nice giveaway from you!

Laura Tawney

I'm grateful for my husband, kids, grandkids, pets, friends and my job! What a fun give-a-way and how very generous of you!
Laura T


I'm grateful for my daughter's giggle. It always brightens my day. :o)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I am grateful for my son and daughter-in-law who will make me a gramma for the first time in May and for my daughter and son-in-law who chose to move back to MN after he obtained his doctorate far, far away. My spring ROCKS!

Janet P.

I am grateful to be able to get up in the morning! Once that is accomplished (really, not a hard feat) I am grateful for family, quilting and, sometimes, work!


I am grateful for still having a job in this ecomony. I am also grateful for my sewing talent - that I can make beautiful quilts to keep babies warm.

Mama Spark

What a sweetie you are! I am grateful for a healthy family, that my father is still here and relatively healthy. I am grateful for my 5 cats and that both my DH and I have jobs that we like. I am grateful for having such wonderful quilty friends that do nice things for others too!! = )


I am so grateful Spring is finally here! My flowers are almost ready to bloom, new shoots and buds are arriving, Daylight Savings Time has begun, and warmer weather is on its way.

Deserae Fiedler

I am so grateful for my family! I love them so much!

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