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February 09, 2010


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Live a Colorful Life

Yes, definitely modern. Your quilt designs are amazing! I straddle the fence right now between traditional and modern quilting. I'm glad I have the background basics for good construction. And now I'm working at expanding my creativity, allowing myself to be more improvisational and less structured.


Definitely modern! And beautiful!! Loved hearing your thoughts. And I agree completely - once you have that skill set, you can go anywhere with it!!


I love your work, and your explanation!

In particular, I couldn't agree more about this: "I feel that if you have that knowledge base, you can do anything within a particular framework."


Thanks so much for adding to the conversation. I love hearing all the different points of view. And, yes, you are most definitely modern! Many patterns that are looked at as "modern" are just updated version of the old classics. And you do an awesome job of updating!

Cheryl Arkison

I wholeheartedly agree about having the foundations of technique. Without it modern will just be bad. It also applies to colour theory, balance, and design. You need those principles, at least at a basic level to make modern quilts work. Or, at least to push the boundaries in a successful way.


I love the word modified! Your quilts are modern and modified. I love your choice of fabrics and use of solids, your way of looking at traditional blocks in a modern way.

Today I tried to make a liberated block. It’s fun to see the result, but it’s not me. I’m still too much of a perfectionist to push the boundaries, but it’s fun to explore.

wishes, true and kind

I think your quilts are modern and beautiful. I agree that a good knowledge of fundamentals is important as well as a sense of the history of quilting in all it's varieties. And we owe so much to all the quilters who have gone before us -- who were all "modern" in their own time.


Absolutely modern!! To me, it's all in the pattern (or lack of) and color choices, the clean lines and use of negative space. Love your quilts!!


Yes, so beautifully modern! I love your quilts and the patterns that you choose...maybe it's the colour - doesn't matter. They are beautiful.


Modern to me means freedom and not using a calico! I believe in producing a quilt that is done technically well, but all the other rules are thrown out the window. Your quilts are beautiful and the repetition of pattern is what makes them modern to me.


I agree that it is definitely modern. I love the designs of your quilt. I found your posting truly interesting. :)

Mama Spark

I think they are Modern for sure. I love the clean, bold lines of them and your use of colors.


Yes, modern. I love the colour you choose for your quilts and the strong lines.
So...does modern me the same as contemporary? ;-)

I have to share your sentiments about sewing. I really want to

be able to sew, but so far the only things that come out good

are things that are square, ie: pillows, or quilts or linings

for purses. I tried a top...yeah not so much.


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