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February 17, 2010


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I already have this book on pre-order through Amazon. I'm looking forward to getting it - hate to wait though.


Yay!! I am so looking forward to this book! Since I stock Kona cottons I am anxious for your books arrival!


Cherri your quilts look so fantastic. I am trying to talk my sister into quilting..she is very adept with a machine, but no desire. Your quilts are magnificent, so stunningly simple. I can't wait to show this book and say, look! just squares and rectangles etc, you can do this! you take the simple shapes and do beautiful stuff with them. thanks so much for this much anticipated book!

Jen Eskridge

Congratulations! Very exciting stuff and the quilts a perfect.

Emily {Creative Chicks}

I'm not sure how I landed on your blog a few weeks/months ago, but MAN, I am LOVING these "city" quilts.

wishes, true and kind

Oh, my -- I love this quilt! And the other quilts from the book! That book will be mine come payday!

Emily {Creative Chicks}

By the way...I linked to you today!


Congratulations on being published! I came here by way of the CT blog.


awesome post!! doesn't it feel good to get recognition like that? i'm giddy for "quilt by.." in an official navy press release, but a whole book and on the publisher's website is inspiring.

looking forward to seeing some of these quilts in person saturday at the guild meeting!

Cheryl Arkison

You've produced some stunning quilts for that book. Congratulations!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Wow - great news about the new book!

Tina in Boston

Oh so cool!


Very coo indeed how exciting!

Deb Myers

This is one gorgeous quilt~~ WOW-ZER!!!!!!
I have your book on pre-order and can't wait to get started! One obsevation~ That's ALOT, ALOT, ALOT of seams, isn't it!!?? Phew~

Lizzie Swinney

Wow, your graphics are wonderful!


Can't wait for the book. Not much longer! Do you talk about the fabrics you used for each quilt? I love the blues and greens and turquoise solids and was wondering what brand they are (Kona?).

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