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December 15, 2009


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((((Cherri)))) if they told us in advance how hard it is to be a mom, none of us would do it. Adding my prayers to yours for your children.


Ohmygosh Cherri! That's scary!!! I'm glad to hear everyone will be ok. Isn't it funny how when they're babies you think that's as hard as it can possibly be? Having them out on their own is MUCH harder to me -- if only we could always keep them safe under our wings! I hope you're taking care of yourself too!

Cheryl Arkison

Phew, that is a rough time. I hope everyone, including you, is on the mend emotionally as well.


Good grief you're right, being a mom is hard and sometimes just gets harder. I've been thinking about you and your brood. Glad they're on the mend.


Stay strong...I hope everyone is getting better (you included) I always turn to music and sewing when I need to think or lose myself from the world. I hope this week is good to you! ((hugs))


Oh boy, all we do is worry about them. I can't imagine my worries multiplied by so many kids, but you have multiple the pride and joy too. One day at a time. That is all we can do.


am so sorry to hear about this .... i left a comment the other day to send my best wishes....must have gone to spam

it is an awful thing to happen and i assume it was in the workplace...i do hope they learn from this to ensure it does not happen to anyone's child again


Amanda in KS

I will be praying for you and your family. We also have children in the military. We have 2 sons overseas (1 in Afghanistan & 1 in Iraq)and our oldest daughter is Army National Guard. It's not easy, but by God's grace we are getting through it!

Amanda in KS


Hi Cherri, Just found your blog via CherryWood fabrics blog. OMgosh this is a mother's worst nightmare. My daughter Carmen is away at school this year from Chico, California to Charleston, South Carolina. You can't just get there fast enough! My hugs to you and my little mantra from a Sheryl Crow song (silly I know but it helps :) "chances are we'll make it back" I believe it and pray while sewing as well! xo Pam

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