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December 18, 2009


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That I would be able to go home for Christmas but it doesn't look like it's possible... that makes 2 in a row and I'm not on a mission :(.

sue brown

my wish is that this isn't my last Christmas with my dad and we have many more to share together.


My Christmas wish? I wish I had time set aside every week (day) that I could do a little crafting...that aside, my wish for the new year is that my 2 wonderful, beautiful, make my heart sing kids would become a little less like oil and water!!
Thanks for the giveaway, enjoy your holidays with family!! Merry Christmas.

Cheryl Arkison

I don't have much of a Christmas wish for myself, so I will echo yours - a safe return of your son and his friends.


So glad you will have all of your kiddos with you at Christmas. My Christmas wish is for my youngest daughter, Allyson. She has suffered several injuries to her ankle/foot in the last 15 months & has been left in terrible pain, unable to walk. My wish is that she would be finally relieved from her pain & able to be active again.
Merry Christmas


I wish for a sense of peace.


I'm wishing for our troops to enjoy their holidays no matter where they are serving their country. Thanks again for sharing your son with your country. :) Merry Christmas!


My Christmas wish (which should be granted) is to enjoy some time with family that I don't get to see as often as I would like :) I hope that everyone else can be so blessed as well!

D Spack

My Christmas Wish: to win your giveaway!:) oh, j.k. It is that: everyone makes it home safely and that the holidays are wonderful for all.


Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I have 4 dear friends who are all expecting this spring, so my Christmas wish is for all of the babies and mamas to have easy, safe, and healthy deliveries in the coming months!


so glad melissa is feeling better day by day.

thank you for the generous giveaway! you're too nice.

i wish for an engagement ring! i know i won't get one, but now that we've been shopping for them, i'm secretly hoping to receive one.


What a nice giveaway! My Christmas wish is that we not have too cold a winter this year! Other than that, I can't ask for too much more.


That is a beautiful photograph you posted. Is that YOUR place?? I love me some snow covered trees.
Prayers for your son and please thank him for his service for our country.
My Christmas wish would be for good health in the coming year for our family as well as opportunities to serve the Lord.


My wish is for continued good health for my family and friends.

Tina Osborne

My Christmas wish would be World Peace. My Son will leave for Bagdad This coming June. It is so hard to send them away. May every one have a Wonderful Christmas.


My Christmas wish is that we will have a healthy baby when he/she decides to come (whenever that might be) in the next 2 1/2 weeks! :)

Debbie  St.Germain

My wish is that all of the men and woman come home safely, including my nephews, 2 of them are serving and one is a reporter for the army.


Kathleen C

You are so kind to think of all us moms who would enjoy receiving your giveaway.
My Christmas wish is for my daughter to have a wonderful Christmas with her father and his family and a safe trip to Fl and back to CT. She is all grown up, but this is still very important to me-and to her.
Kathleen C.


What a wonderful giveaway!
My Christmas wish is that many who don't know now will come to know the true meaning of Christmas and acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior.


No I am not really ready for Christmas. But it is coming anyway. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway. My Christmas wish is for our family to be together on Christmas. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas too!


my wish is for an end to violence, hatred and intolerance. i know ... not very realistic ... but we can all hope.

Barb Brainard

What a wonderful, thoughtful giveaway!
Please thank your son in advance for his personal sacrifice and service to our country. My wish, like yours, is for his safe return and the same for all our brave service people.
A second is for the true meaning of Christmas to be in all of our hearts.


I'm just wishing for a happy healthy family (and to win this giveaway ...lol)
Andi x

Ruth Oblinski

My Christmas wish is to be strong and keep my promise to myself to eat healthy and exercise often, to change my way of life!

so we added chickens

My wish: for our troops - both those already abroad and those headed there - to come home safely, and for their families to remain strong and healthy in their absence. Have a wonderful Christmas together and congratulations on your upcoming book - the cover quilt is beautiful!


I'm wishing my friends and family will all be safe and healthy in 2010. I send my prayers out to you and your son, may you have a wonderful Christmas.


Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! Can I have a few wishes Cheri? I wish for peace, joy and happiness, health and love and safety- and a new golf club if Santa has time to think about it in between all that fixing the world. :) Merry Christmas to you and yours. x

Sarah N

My Christmas wish - A peaceful house for the next two and a half weeks. No arguing children would be wondering! And if we could all manage to stay healthy!

Thanks for the great giveaway!


My Christmas wish is that my brother, who has kideney des

My Christmas wish is for my brother,who has kidney disease, and is suffering from depression will ove come the depression which will allow him to get the next step to recieve a new kidney. I also wish for peace and prosperity(spiritual as well as monetary)for all.
Merry Christmas


My wish is for the human race to stop yelling at each other. Peace.

Thank you for the chance.


Sounds like a really great give away!! Hmmm, my Christmas wish is a short vacation. I'm a full time caregiver, and three or four days away sounds like HEAVEN!!


What a generous giveaway! My Christmas Wish is to honor the love of my husband & children and make them proud of me.


My Christmas wish is that my son will find some relief from the depression that he's experiencing.


My Christmas wish is that my husband and I and our 5 children (9 and under) get to spend lots of fun times together in the next 2 weeks. Life is very busy and it would be so good for us to play, read, relax together.


So glad to hear she is recuperating well, I am honored to be part of your prize!!! Also, enjoy your holiday

Scott at BlueNickelStudios

well, can a Dad sign up too?? My wish is that my children will grow up to be wonderful people who know they are loved by their parents and their Creator. And that they will share that love with everyone they meet. That and continued good health and humor. Thanks for making me thinking about what sort of thing I would wish for.


What a very generous giveaway.... My christmas wish would be to have just one more christmas with my mum... I miss her so much and christmas was her favourite time of the year... this year will be our third christmas without her... my other wish is for the next twelve months to be easier on my dads health, my health and a safe year for my family and friends... and if I could be so bold to ask for a christmas that is COOL, and for a christmas with no bushfires.......

take care and merry christmas to you :O)

in HoT HoT Hot Australia


My Christmas wish is for the safety of all the troops serving. May they feel the love their families are sending them this Christmas and our prayers are with them to keep them safe.


My wish is to have a relaxing day with family without the holiday stress.


i'm wishing for some quiet time in front of the fire with the family. and a nap.


My wish is for much happiness for everyone in 2010 - and that I may help spread some of it.


Too many wishes for Christmas and the New Year to list here, but I guess the first one would be that the bodies and minds of the injured at Ft. Hood be healed. Iran took over an oil field in Iraq this morning, and I hope they leave without this escalating into something big like during the 1980's. I wish for all our military serving over seas and at home be safe.


Thank you for a generous giveaway! My Christmas Wish- that we all grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge- that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:18-19.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family, and peace and strength for the upcoming year!


Wishing you a wonderful Christmas family gathering!

My Christmas wish is wisdom for our worldleaders. If they had only a little bit more of the kindness, generosity and wisdom of so many crafting bloggers, the world would be a better place.

Morgan M.

My Christmas wish is world peace. And for new fancy frying pans! Can't be altruistic all the time, can I?!
Thanks for the giveaway!


My wish is for a better environment for our stunningly beautiful planet Earth, with a focus on improving our world for our children rather than on conflict and pain.
With all good wishes to everyone: Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!


my thoughts are with your son - this is our second christmas without our darling son - i'm wishing for the strength to continue
gill x

Eliane T.

My wish is a new iPod.
Thanks for this great giveaway!


My Christmas wish is for the troops and their families: safety, protection, peace in their hearts and hope for their speedy return.


My wish is that my family stay happy and healthy and have many more Christmas's to spend together.

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