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October 02, 2009


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What a sweet face! And what a great thing to do for a cat that obviously deserved a good home.

I wish we could have a cat but, alas, we just move and travel too much.


He is just beautiful. I'm such a cat person and tabbys and pure blacks are my favourites so your Finn is a mighty handsome guy in my eyes... though he has a mischievious twinkle definitely. I so miss having a cat in the house. We have 2 doggies at the moment and I keep trying to persuade the OH that we need some kitty personality ;)


What a handsome fella!

So glad he is safe and loved in his new forever home.

Adds xx

Welcome Finn!

Debbie  St.Germain

Finn looks like he loves his new home. I always get our kitties from the local pound. They make the best and loyal pets.



Oh, I would love to rescue a sweet kitty! But I doubt my two dogs would feel the same! They really don't share my love of cats!

Amanda M.

Yay! Congrats on Finn - he is QUITE the handsome boy. :) We have 3 kitties and a bunny ourselves, and couldn't get along without them. :)
Skritches to Finn!

Bev C

Finn looks like he could be a relation of our cat Clyde. Have fun with him,he has been blessed to be given a new home with you.Happy days.


Happy birthday!

Ann Ferguson

What a sweety, thanks for saving his life! Ann.


He's beautiful. What a wonderful gift he's given you! (and you to him)
I think he looks like a cat who will park himself in the middle of your projects! LOLL


Hi: I found your blog via our Liberated Quilters yahoo group--and scrolled down to your kitty photo. He truly looks like the twin to my Martha, and I'd post a photo with this comment if I could. I'm sure you'll enjoy Finn as much as I enjoy Martha.
Kathleen C.
[email protected]


Congratulations on your newest kitty. I know your post has been up awhile but it's always so heart-warming when someone rescues an animal!! Lucky little Finn (love that name too)!

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