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October 07, 2009


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wishes, true and kind

So sorry about your dog! It is so hard to see our pets in pain. After all, they are part of the family, too!


Nanna mary

I hope your dog gets better soon poor little thing its hard when they are in pain and you cant help them.I am sure the vet will fix him up keep your chin up.
Hugs Mary.

Cheryl Arkison

Oh. happy birthday and hugs.


Aw, poor guy! We'll be sure to send happy thoughts your way


Don't you wish your Mickey could just tell you where/what hurts?? Sorry to hear about his troubles, hope all is on the mend soon. Hello to Lizzy!
krousegirl2 at aol dot com

Ellyn Z

poor Mickey, hope he begins to heal soon.


awww... I hope things get better or Mickey. It's so hard when you don't know, and he can't tell you!


Pets in pain break your heart just as much as when your child is in pain. Hang in there, and so will we!

Paulette Doyle

I hope little Mickey is OK. Our first cockapoo had back problems and it really broke our hearts everytime he strained it. Hope the vet has some magic pill...keep us posted!


Happy Birthday to you!

To Mickey, Get well and tail waggin' soon.

Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Ann Ferguson

Happy Birthday, get well wishes to Mickey and you didn't have to add an extra bundle - life happens! Ann.

Debbie  St.Germain

I hope Mickey feels better soon, hard to see our furry babies in pain and not know how to make them feel better. My dog has lyme, so he goes through spells where his back end gets crippled and then after some cillin, he is fine again.



Happy Belated Birthday Cherri! I actually had your birthday pop up in my calendar, but couldn't get around to coming over here to send my wishes! Hope you had a fabulous day!

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