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September 15, 2009


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Ooh, an international giveaway.. :) I'm in Belgium and I do buy kits, especially if they use unique, hard to find fabrics. For example, two of the kits I've bought in the past use batiks and I preferred buying the supplied fabric rather than trying to find some that would work for it.

wishes, true and kind

I have a love/hate relationship with quilt kits. I love the design process and selecting my own fabrics, but...sometimes you just fall in love with a quilt -- and who can improve on perfection?!? I am currently participating in a BOM (with fabrics chosen for me); however, I will also be making practice blocks with fabrics of my own choosing. And I have purchased two Kaffe Fassett quilt kits and have learned a lot about fabrics, color, and combine them by careful study as I put the quilts together. I hope as a quilter to be a lifelong learner!

joan (US)


I'll buy if I like the kit - mod fabrics are good! The same thing goes for BOMs - I would love to do one, but the kit fabrics aren't usually to my taste...


Wonderful giveaway! I am on the fence about kits because I've seen some really lovely ones, and I've seen some not-so-good ones, but I find the fabric decides that. Custom kits seem to be a way to get the best of both worlds!
Oh, I am in Canada.


I don't usually buy kits because I like to make my projects one of a kind. But I see the reasoning behind making custom kits.

Thanks for the chance.

Cheryl Arkison

Is it kind of bad that on a post about kits I answer that I don't like them? Definitely not for myself as picking fabrics and design is one of my favourite parts about the process. And I really try to encourage others to be brave and make their own choices too. That being said, I understand that lots of people love the convenience and ease of kits. As long as people are still sewing and creating, right? This might be the right next step, custom kits.

Shelley C

I'm in the states. I struggle with color coordination. I have an idea in my mind's eye what I want it to look like, but have a hard time getting there. I love coordinated kits, but sometimes the kits available are not the colors I would choose. This venture is the best of both worlds! My only concern is price. I can usually get fabs cheaper myself than what they cost in a kit...I usually wait for a great sale to buy....

Ellyn Z

I've bought a couple of kits.... if they really really struck me... but I really love the process of designing my quilts & choosing my fabrics myself. I'm with the others who say BOM kits are rarely in fabrics they love... I've yet to see one that I really had to make. You know where I am, LOL in the great nation.... ummm I mean state, of Texas!


I haven't bought many kits before, but would like to in the future. Especially if I see a quilt already made and want to replicate the look. Also, if I use a pre-made kit, I believe it will help add some variety to my quilts as it will probably contain fabrics I might not have chosen myself.

Christina McKinney

Ohhh, I love quilt kits! Shhh, don't tell my mom! She says kits are cheating, but I think they are wonderful! I like ones that are unique color combonations that I probably wouldn't have thought to put together myself. Custom kits are also great for times when I want to have a say in the design :)

Elizabeth Reighn

When I first started quilting I bought kits because they were no brainers. However, now that I've matured (yeah, right!) as a quilter I look to patterns and quilts as inspiration but tend to do my own thing.


Don't usually do kits but might if the price was right.
eadaoine in the USA


I can go both ways :-) ... If I see something I like and it comes in a kit... I'm all over that. If I see something and it's not available in a kit, I have no problem picking out the fabric myself because I just have to have it. Quilting should be fun. Sometimes the no-brianer kits are just the ticket! ... and this sounds like a no-brainer with a twist. A custom twist at that. Cool idea! You go Cherri!


I have never purchased a kit before. I always think my finished project won't look as good as the photo!! The way I go is see a fabric, buy it (usually not enough), and wait until I see a pattern that will work with the fabric.

Mary P

I generally don't go with kits because I really like to design from start to finish. I like to add my own "style" to a quilt by choosing the fabrics. I live in the US (Chicago). Thanks for the giveaway--I may be convince to try a "custom" kit. :)


I love kits. It's the only way for me to be sure that all the fabric go together and I didn't have to buy a whole whack of all the fabrics.


...in Canada

I'd probably buy a kit if I liked the fabric.

Jen Eskridge

I author patterns and I'd love to be able to offer quilt kits also. All my friends love to buy kits, as all the "guess work" is done. I think this is a smashing idea.


I haven't used a kit yet since I really like looking for the perfect fabrics... but who knows, if the right pattern with great fabrics spoke to me, I could be persuaded. I'm in the US.


I live in Canada ... I admire kits but don't tend to buy them. This is mainly because my budget for most quilts depends on using a lot of rementents bin or final sale fabric.

That being said, I think that kits are great for smaller projects or those with small amounts of many different fabrics. Case in point, I am working on a table runner that includes 12 apliqued hearts. The kit came with 7"x7" squares of 12 different fabrics ... all in colours that I love and don't have much of in my stash.


The closest thing to a kit I've ever bought is a pre-cut fabric bundle.
I do like the idea of putting my own fabrics together but with a pre-cut, you always know the fabrics will work together.
Andi (Australia)


I have only purchased 1 kit with the fabric in it and it was ok. I think it is a great idea for vintage patterns and civil war patterns. For the newer patterns I like to select my own fabric.
I do think it is a wonderful idea you have and I have seen the kits at seaside and they are very affordable.
please include me in the giveaway

Amanda W

I live in the US, and I just started quilting. I find choosing the fabrics fun, but a little overwhelming! I haven't tried a kit, but I'd love to try it out and see if I prefer that!

Lynda Green

If I like the pattern and fabrics in quilt kits, I indulge as it cuts down on leftovers. Obviously, for my own 'designs,' I purchase the fabrics -- so 50/50...


Well did I hear international giveaway?:)
Here I am again, from Portugal!
I love kit fabrics I fall in love whem I see beautiful combinations and I buy only to have them. So it's a good idea that you have.:)


While I love selecting my own fabrics for quilts, I also love kits. Often I'll buy a kit that's outside my comfort zone when it comes to color combinations or styles.


I'm still pretty new to quilting, but I've never used a kit. I enjoy picking out the fabrics too much I think... but I wouldn't say I'm completely against them, they definitely have some advantages.
Rachel (in Australia)


I haven't yet bought a kit, but I've admired a few. I have sewn from pre-cuts (like Moda) and I like the ease of being able to buy a smaller amount of a wide variety of fabric and really explore what I can do with it.

The giveaway sounds great!

Paulette Doyle

Hello from Canada!
Yes, I LOVE kits! Makes everything so simple and less costly. Thanks for the international give away!


I'm not a big kit buyer, I prefer to choose my own fabrics. But having said that, I think they are a great way for a beginner to get her feet wet and decide whether she likes the quilting process. I'm in the US.

Joan Santoro

I've never bought a quilt kit before because they are usually just an exact copy of someone else's design. this is different though since I would be specifying what color scheme or theme I want. This is a unique approach (in my experience) to offering quilt kits and I like it!


Thank you for the giveaway! Im a stateside participant!
I DO like buying kits. I feel like its a good value, although, Im ashamed to admit i have never finished one! I love buying fabric, but not very sure on my ability of mixing fabrics for a quilt so your idea really appeals to me, especially if i can pick and choose a few key fabrics I would want to use. Thanks for this chance im gonna check out seaside website.
krousegirl2 at aol dot com


I am new to quilting...Ive sewn in the past but not quilting. I think your quilt kits are a fantastic idea. I love the idea of getting help from professionals to be sure I will love this process from start to finish!! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.
blrohloff at aol dot com


I have only bought one fabric kit. But I am not adverse to buying them. In fact, I came thisclose to buying the one City Scapes one from Keepsake Quilting. I still might buy it.


I live in the U.S. and from what I've seen, it depends on the kit! Some are not my aesthetic - but there are others that pair fabric in a way I would not have planned.


I live in Australia.....I'm a bit 50/50 too. I have tried some fabric kits because I loved the colours and designs and I'm more confident in others choices ...But i'm still learning to trust myself..


From Spain =)

I want to learn how to quilt so kits seems the natural way to start .. when I go to shops I don't manage to visualise the global quilt (yet)


I think this service sounds great for people who do not like or feel comfortable picking out there own fabric. For me that is the best part so I probably would not use that service. Some people especially beginners seem to lack confidence in there own choices and this service would be helpful to them. Oh, almost forgot I am from the states. (Michigan)


I love to craft and quilt and wish I could do it for a living, but unfortunately I work full time in health care. I usually have several projects going at one time and depending on my energy level, it may be a kit or my own color combinations.
When pressed for time, I use kits the fabrics are already assembled which decreases time and gas to different fabric shops. I can get the project completed in a shorter amount of time (satisfying a need for instant gratification).
Kits also generate a certain amount of anxiety as I am always concerned that I will have enough fabic. What if I make a mistake and don't have enough to cut out another piece? If I fall in love with the piece, it would be nice to know if there is additional fabric available (to purchase)to create coordinating pieces such as pillows, placemats, etc.
I absolutely love the idea of custom created quilt kits.


never used any kits -
just as in cooking -
everything from scratch!

you can teach an old dog new tricks -
i'd love to try!

thanks so much...


I rarely by kits only because I don't want to make a quilt that looks exactly like someone else's. I like my projects to be unique and I like it when people can tell that I'm the one who made it.


I have never ventured to by a fabric kit, but only because I'm still in the mode of squares and sashing! It would be nice to have everything all rolled into one, fabric and all and know what it's going to look like when I'm done (if I can do it right!)


I don't usually use a fabric kit because I like to pick my own fabric--a lot of time from my stash!
I'm from the US

Teresa Novak

I have used a few kits, but I really love picking out fabric. When I do use a kit, I usually switch something out to give it my own spin, so your custom kits sound very interesting. I'm here in the U.S. Thanks for a chance to win. I'm eager to look around your blog.

Lori Kay

I like the idea of kits although I've never purchased one. I've heard mixed reviews from other quilters that sometimes the kits can be a little stingy with the amount of fabric provided. I always pre-wash my fabrics so if the fabric in the kit is cut off grain or shrinks a bit, I worry that there won't be enough fabric.

Lori Kay

oops - forgot to say that I'm in the US.

Barbara Mars

To begin with, I wanted to thank you for having this giveaway - how nice of you! And about kits...I really like them, as I always have trouble coordinating fabrics - just have no "eye" for picking them out, so really love kits. I see fabrics all the time that I like, but combining them gives me the shivers! lol
Barbara in TN
[email protected]


I like fabric kits - sometimes it gives new ideas to my "coloreye":)
Egater from Estonia

Renee G

I love kits, because their color combinations always look so much better than mine. Although its fun to pick the fabric sometimes, I'd rather leave this step to someone else. (USA)



I've purchased kits and so far have had good luck. I have a pretty large stash but most of the fabric doesn't lend itself to most current style of patterns. Thus my reason for purchasing more along the kit line.

So please throw me into the pot. thanks.

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