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August 29, 2009


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Ellyn Z

Cherri you crack me up! those fabrics are so cute! I honestly love all fabric sales & always come home with way more than I went for! But my best deal ever was the bolt (15 yards!) of old fashioned pillow ticking I found at a garage sale in June for $12!!!! I've made so many bags out of it, combined with adorable quilt store fabrics & it just keeps multiplying! Kind of like the loaves & the fishes...

Mary P

Very cute. I'd been eyeing Keri Beyer's "Proud" fabric for awhile, thinking it would make the perfect fabric for a one-block wonder. I know that you need a good amount of yardage for one of those, so when I saw it on sale for $5/yd, I snapped up five yards. I was super happy. Haven't made the quilt yet, but it was a great deal!


Aren't those types of sales so much fun?? My LQS had a BLACK FRIDAY sale last year and if you were a keychain member you could get in EARLY and get a 50% discount. When I arrived they had changed it to a 60% discount!!! It was still dark out but the shop was jumping. They only had one gal cutting but as she cut a runner would put the bolt back on the shelf. It was a great morning of bonding with likeminded fabric lovers. I got some GREAT pieces and some were found watching the cutting table and asking for the bolt before it was returned to the shelves. Sadly the store closed in the spring. :(

Dee Johnson

My favorite find was when my niece from Seattle called me(MN) and asked how much fabric she should buy at a quilters garage sale - when she got thru telling me about the Moda, batiks & wovens she said, what about the cream and whites - told her to buy all of it (50-75cents a yard. She said what are you going to do with all of that. Told her, remember the scrap quilts, and nickle quilts....they need a place for the eyes to rest - she ended up buying half for herself too:) Thank goodness that was before they started to charge for luggage:) Dee


My favorite fabric sale is in March when our local shop has a "Hat Day" sale. Wear a hat and you get 20% everything. I've never run into a 60% off sale. You are so lucky. Would love the win the fabric. Thanks for a chance.

Paulette Doyle

I love the charm pack-too cute! If you have ever read my blog it is all about quilting AND getting the ultimate good deal. Today I bought a truck load of vintage lace for $8 and last Saturday I hit the mother load of fabric/books at at Garage Sale-check out the pictures. One of my best 'buys' was getting a huge bag load of roving for wool felting for FREE. It is hard to beat FREE! I love the bird cage planter that I paid 25 cents for (check out the pic-so cute!)You must pop by for a visit! It's all about the hunt!
Take care!


I just spent two days going from second hand store to second hand store looking for sheets, dresses, and fabric. I love the bright colors of some of the older fabrics!


Favorite fabric sales....I think my most memorable one was when my Hubby took me on a mini shopping spree at JoAnn's I had been watching sales flyers and saving coupons for just the right weekend. Anywho....with my 13 year old son beside me I went to JoAnn's while my Hubby & 2 year old daughter venture into the pet store next dorr to watch the dogs. 2 hours later we emerged from the store with bags in hand. My Hubby reminded me that it was supposed to be a MINI shopping spree on a budget. After showing his the receipt that showed I was within budget and had a savings of over $130 bucks he started the van and we made our hour journey home.


i'm digging the pattern you posted.

as for my worst moment... they're all pretty benign. however, i have been known to drive all the way out to my LQS to buy stuff, and then forget what i wanted, only to show up the next day to buy supplies again.

let's just say i'm pretty well known there.

Renee G

These are darling and I would love to have them. Your story reminds me of a Christmas party I attended a few years back. You were allowed to pick a wrapped gift or take one away from someone. I took a cute Christmas dish from our receptionist in the game, and spent the next week looking all over town for one to give her for a gift.

Cathy Reaney

I was going to be out of town during a 50% off sale of quilting cottons. So, I went in ahead of time, and bought the smallest cut possible of the fabrics I wanted. I wrote on the selvedges how much I needed (and for what quilts for my info). Then I paid my sister $20 to go back and buy all of the fabric for me. She told me how crazy it was, there were ladies with multiple carts full of bolts of fabric. She said it took her two hours of waiting to get to the cutting table. She got almost everything (5 of 7) I asked for though. Best $20 I have spent in a quite a while.


I just start to sew and had not run into any exciting sale yet. But I sure looking forward to one.

Shelley C

I am FRUGAL! Not cheap but FRUGAL! Big difference. I don't like to pay over $3/yd for anything, and everything else has to be on sale...If I'm patient, the sales come round...may not be the newest and the greatest, but I have a decent collection of designer fabrics at closeout prices....I'd love the charm pack to reward myself for being FRUGAL! THanks!

Anita in Florida

When I first started quilting...I was very much into creating applique scenes...I needed LOTS of what I called 'uglies'...actually small print calicos. Went into Fabric Bazaar and collected about 30 bolts of fabrics....all had to be cut into 1/4 yard pieces...I guess they didn't have FQ then!


My less than stellar moment came last month at my local guild meeting, when a member brought in 10 magazines to be given away, & as I was leaving I realized I had taken 6 of them, (really honestly HONEST...no one else wanted them) but I still felt like an "overbearing consumer".So take make amends I overheard her telling someone about a book that she would like to have, I found the book in my stash and she will be receiving it at the next guild meeting.
Wendy (not usually a little piggy)


I went on a weekend vacation in June with my sisters to the lovely beach town of Lewes, Delaware. We stayed in the sweetest hotel--very retro--and to my delight one of the shops on the first floor was a quilt shop. I found two charm packs of Urban Chik's Swell. Not marked down, but I was a very happy girl.


Earlier this summer, QuiltHome released the whole of Joel Dewberry's Aviary line. It had already mostly sold out everywhere else, and I was beside myself with excitement. I squirmed over it for days and finally bought half yards of the whole collection, which is an extravagant purchase, for me.

The next day, QuiltHome put it on 15% sale. Arrrggggh!!!

Laurie McIntosh

I ran into a sale on the way home from a quilting retreat where there was a whole room full of fabric probably over a thousand bolt all 1/2 off. I just stopped to look but you know that I came out with a ton of fabric that was in January and I still have some of that fabric left. I wonder if they have that sale every year I better check it out--I think it was superbowl weekend.??? I try not to buy anything unless it is on sale then I go crazy I guess.


There's a fabric shop in town that has older fabric for $2.98 a yard. I have bought the rest of the bolts of fabric that I knew people were looking. However, to redeem myself, I did share.


My local quilt shop had a clean up day and if you wore an apron or the like, you got an extra 10% off of sale prices...and they had fill a bag for $1...I was there a LONG time!
Thanks for the giveaway
krousegirl2 at aol dot com


When Bee Square fabric went out of business, I got some amazing fabric 50% off and I've made all kinds of great projects with what I bought!


I admit it -- I'm a fabric addict. I seem to fall in love with every new fabric that comes out. So when there's a fabric sale of any kind, I'm there. Yesterday there was a 20% off at our LQS and even though the shop was jam packed with people, one of the gals took time to help me pick out fabrics to match my bedspread to make a wall hanging -- difficult colors to match, but she did an excellent job -- I was so pleased.

Cheryl Arkison

Is it just me or do other people feel guilty buying the minimum cut at a store? I bought .1 of a meter of fabric yesterday. I was one block short for a completed top and needed just a bit more to finish. To make up for it I bought all the backing material too!

katie r

What good luck! Thanks for sharing! I went to my quilt store expecting their "birthday sale" only to realize it was the store across town. :( oops!


Oh Wow what a find! So glad that you bought them all! My fav LQS was having their pre-inventory sale on Sat. So I had to go and check it out for 30% off everything. What fun. Thanks for a great giveaway :-)


I have found some really great deals on vintage fabrics from garage sales...maybe they are just 'old' fabric, but i'll choose to call them vintage...lovely flowers and such. Haven't used them yet, but they might look good with Wee Play (hint hint :)
thanks for the giveaway
Blrohloff at aol dot com

badlands quilts

My favorite fabrics finds (my price that is), I find at what used to be my fav store until we moved back to MN from TX. itsastitchonline , their online clearance is always 1/2 off. I watch enough to get lines just when they go on clearance and can get many coordinating pieces.

badlands quilts

OK, I just went back to the post, and I wrote about YOUR LQS!!! WOW - small world! We lived in the Woodlands for 7 years. I now know the shortcut from Its a stitch to the airport!


That is so cute. I found out a few months ago that Wal-Mart was clearancing their fabrics, so I headed over and bought a ton at half price. I am using it to make quilts and it's good fabric--the same university-type fabric that they sell for more than full price at the quilt shops! What a deal!!


How about a small grocery bag filled with 50+ yards of multicolored cotton rick-rack for $2?


being from country australia we dont have real life fabric sales, its net only sales for me


Wee Play! I have to admit that I have a certain weakness for this collection. Here I have been lamenting that it is all sold out from my LQS (okay it is all sold out because I bought, sewed & quilted what was left), and that I will never again be able to make another lovely Wee Play quilt, and I find your wonderful contest on my morning website rounds! Just the idea that I have a chance to put Wee Play back in my stash has already made my day. Oh yes, I am supposed to be commenting on sales... Well, I have yet to meet a fabric sale I didn't like! Funny how 20% is almost as satisfying as 50%... Your pattern looks great -- and I really enjoy your site.

Sue Cahill

Lucky girl, I am always the one looking for just what you bought who walked into the store just after you walk out.

I hit the jackpot once at a grage sale in my neighborhood. A woman was selling all her mother's things and under a table was a garbage bage stuffed with 1930's fabrics in incredible condition. She told me she would give it all to me for 5.00, I took it and ran. I dumped the bag on the living room floor and sat for hours just studying and sorting the fabric. I have used most of it in qyults but still have some left.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)


THis is a great find. And I need to win it! The best sale I've found . . . . 50% off Moda fabrics at a little shop that I wasn't even suppose to be near! Luckily our little one was sleeping in the car so my husband didn't mind stopping . . . . ohh the wonderful things I got that day.


My favorite kind of sales are when you finally break down and go to the quilt store to buy some fabric even though it costs $$ but you just can't help it because you want/need it so bad. Then you get there and it is discounted! Even just a little bit is exciting. Ok, so this hardly ever happens, but I wish it would! Thanks for the cute giveaway and tutorial.

D Spack

Glad you kept your best behavior!in a situation like that. My lqs had 25% off Kaffe, AmyB., Denyse Schmidt, H. Bailey, etc. last Thursday, I just happened in there and of course, like you, behaved myself very nicely...thanks for a great giveaway!

Julie Allen

My local quilt shop hosts a "fat-quarter frenzy" every year. It's a crazy morning with all these quilters loading up baskets and containers full of fat quarters. I don't always get to go but a few years ago it worked out for me. I was so excited, grabbed a basket and started hunting for fabric. It was hard to maneuver between all the customers to get to the fabric. I ran across a basket set in a windowsill with some really great fabrics. I very enthusiastically started going through taking several fat quarters out until a woman came up to me and very apologetically told me that it was her basket. I thought it was a display piece. I apologized profusely and started putting back what I had taken out of it. She felt so bad, she offered to let me have some of it. I refused, of course, but commented on her excellent taste in fabric! She was a great sport and she and I and a few others close by had a good laugh. We also agreed to keep a death grip on our baskets!


What fun charm packs! My fabric moments would be all the times that my Mom and I have spent on our cell phones calling each other about great deals, and each of us buying for both. That can lead to a lot of cutting at the counters. One store my Mom goes to even asks her about me anytime she comes in.


Hmmm...can I just say how very much I would love to win this charm pack? I am at a loss for an experience to tell about - its been a rough morning.

Kelly Jackson

Oh my...just ONE less than stellar moment...I have so many :)

I was 21 and working in a local pub. There was a gentleman who came in regularly with his family. One night he came in with a young woman and I thought it was his daughter that I'd never met. I strike up a conversation and say, "This pretty young girl must be your daughter and how is your wife." Nope....it was a date. I could have died. Now I'm 45 I'm so glad I said what I said. But at 21....I felt so embarrassed.

Another just for the fun of it because I have so many....

I was 19 and working at Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith. I thought I had the world by the tail. I was young and had a good job....I was thrilled to be working in the "big time" (meaning not Burger King). My mother sewed all my skirts because I could not afford nice clothes. One day I'm walking down the front of a line of cubicles where all the brokers and sales assistants sit. I'm feeling happy and smiling as I walk back to my desk. I'm approached by a middle aged male Office Manager. He puts his arm around me and guides me into the very next office. I asked what he was doing.....he said....."saving you from any more embarrassment." Apparently when I went into the store room to get a box on a high shelf I had pulled my shirt loose/open at the buttons and I had just walked down the hallway with my bra and stomach showing to everyone who was looking at the time. Talk about less than stellar!!!



My favorite fabric sale is the basement sale in one of my LQS when they run the $1 fat quarter sale. Can't beat that! :)

Martha Robinson

Thanks for the chance on a giveaway. My most embarrassing moment was when I was asked to leave a booth at the Paducah, KY quilt show. I was just sketching a quilt pattern to give me an idea of how to use a fabric that I had. I had no intention of or have the ability to recreate their quilt from my drawing. Anyway, I was asked to leave and I've never had that happen in my life anywhere!!!!! mtower@bellsouth.net

karen delmarco

What an adorable giveaway!! I just stumbled on a great LQS, here in town! I meandered in an stayed for over an hour, I swear the fabrics contain some sort of mind altering substance that just makes you euphoric!!


No fabulous "put on your cleats and go for it" stories, but I'd love to win....could you please add me to this yummy drawing?

Thanks so much!



We dont have fabric outlets for quilting supplies and definitely no layer cakes, jelly rolls etc so I would love to have this please. It will be the first I have ever actually touched!!!!



Bought a yard of what I thought was the world's ugliest fabric at 2.98 a yd! When my daughter saw it she fell in love and I had to go buy the rest of the bolt! Now what to make?


I was at the Seattle Sewing Guild's (I think that's what it was) garage sale event last summer and got almost two yards of blue wool jersey for $3. I was thrilled when I came home and found that it was indeed 100% wool, and very soft, at that.


I love it when my LQS has their $1 fat quarter sale...I have more fat quarters than I will ever have time to do something with, but I sure love looking at them! :)

Sipiweske Quilts

What a cute charm pack! I love searching on-line for fabric sales - especially for my border fabrics. I've come across some pretty good deals over the last couple of years - just takes a bit of searching. - Marlene


Great giveaway.... I can't resist a sale... and more than once have bought the same fabrics at different sales at different stores - LOL

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