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August 01, 2009


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EEEK! I'm a little bit behind with my flowers. I KNOW - it doesn't matter but still...

The hubby put shelves up in my new sewing closet so I've been playing around organizing. Pulled out lots of scraps so they should go together in a jiff!

Thanks for all the wonderful instructions, Cherri!



They are just all so beautiful. Its a very rich composition and I'm filled with envy.


Should I add the batting and backing before I sew down the flowers...or should I sew the flowers to the background only? If sew flowers to background only how will I then quilt it without messing up the stitching composition on the front? Here's what I am thinking...what if i sew the flowers to the background only and then add the batting and back and then add some hand-embroidery and beading that will hold it all together. Any suggestions or tips?

Cherri House

This is what I have found works best for me. Pin the flowers, and leaves to the top, stitch the flowers down; either by machine or by hand. Then layer the fabric, batting, and back - then quilt the entire background, plus the leaves. This way the flowers are not distorted by the quilting, but the quilting the leaves will stabilize the whole piece.

Hope this helps! There really isn't a right or wrong; it just depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

Can't wait to see it!


Lynne Demeter

I just found you and I'm off to the sewing room to the "green" bin to cut fabric!! I didn't think you'd mind if I came into this a little late. Will take progress pictures. This is a good item for me to practice my free motion quilting, too. Thank you.


wow this is really nice, found yr site by chance as I wanted to do something like that but not sure how to get started.

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