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June 11, 2009


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my goodness my friend jacquie and i won!!!!

woo hoo and all that... am so excited!!! Especially since i have loved your quilt patterns since i met you on flickr...yeay!!!

Thanks so much cherri, and mick, thanks for not eating the names!

Am off to read all the other comments now...if i can calm down enough that is!

emailing you soon

Shelley C

Congrats to the winners. And yes the quilt in the back is very nice! Isn't it a cracker block or something like that? I made some this year for a block lotto in brights on whites. I didn't win, but I soooo wanted to! It would have made a great baby quilt!


Congrats to the winners! I’m so happy for Jacquie, she’s such a wonderful unselfish quilter!

The quilt in the back is stunning! And so is Mick! What a cutie!


wow! i'm a winner...first because i found your blog and your fab designs. i've gotten more from you than you could know. thanks so much for your generosity. and mickey...you take a great photo...slips or no slips! thanks so much!


Awwww...Mikey is a cute puppy. Congratulations to the winners and cheers to another two years to you for blogging.

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