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June 06, 2009


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Congratulations Cherri and Lizzy of course! It has been so nice to meet your talented family!

2 fav. hobbies: quilting and photography;
2 fav. people: my hubby and my mum;
2 fav. CH patterns: City Park and City scapes;
2 fav. foods: salads and fresh red Summer fruit;
2 things: my scence of humor... yeah!! it’s not modest to talk about that, but I’m really grateful for that. It helped me through some rough times in my life and of course I’m grateful for my health and creative spirit!

To the next two years of inspiration and wonderful posts!!


My 2 favourite redheads:
Can't go past that really.
Happy anniversary.
Andi :-)

Sheryl W

Well I have four children under 8, so my two favourite things are "peace" and "quiet"...actually it would have to really be, love and laughter.
congratulations on your blogiversary...

Judith R

My favourite two hobbies are quilting and stitching.

Jane Weston

Happy Birthday!!

My 2 favourite hobbies would have to be quilting and photography. Just wish the days were 36 hours long so I'd have more time to indulge in them :o)

Vickie E

My 2 favorite girls are Grace and Elly...my daughters.
2 Fave hobbies: quilting and knitting
2 fave movies: The Wedding Date and Something's Gotta Give
I could list many things...thanks for the fun giveaway and congrats on 2 years!!

Beth Dasecke

wow Happy blog Birthday
my 2 favourite things are my 2 Daughters and my 2 sons
and my 2 favourite hobbies are patchwork and quilting

hugs Beth

Nanna mary

Happy blog Birthday My two favourite things are
1 good health after having had Two heart attacks
2 Is having so many loving grancchildren
Hugs Mary.

Kelly Ann

Yeah 2 years...way to go!!!
"The Girls" are my two favorite things...
Zele our lab and Stella our Golden.


Happy Blog B'day! My two favorite things...my two beautiful daughters, my two wonderful lab dogs (yellow Sophie & chocolate Buddy), my two favorite hobbies (quilting and cross stitching)....;o)

Lauralee >^.^<


Two. Two. Two. There are two robins in my yard right now (I'm watching them). I have two sisters. My two favorite foods are cake and lasagna. I have 2 to the power of n (where n is a very big number) favorite hobbies, but the two that I'm spending the most time on right now are quilting and making my own clothing.


Congrats! My two favorite little girls are Lila and Rosalie, my daughters. My two favorite activities these days are sewing and sleeping, maybe in reverse order! Seems my two favorite little girls wear me out!!


My two favorite Cherry House patterns -- I Do and Foreign Currency! Happy anniversary! Here's to many more!!


My two favorite hobbies, sewing/quilting and knitting. My two kids. My parents...my mom who is married dad. And my husband, who I love at least twice as much as I did when I married him 25 years ago!


Two Fave hobbies- scrapbooking and quilting
Two Fave People- hubby and my bagels (long story!)
Two Fave Patterns- City Block & City Park
Two Fave Foods- Crab Legs & Ice Cold Coke in a CAN!
Two Grateful Things- Faith & my kids :)
I love your patterns and I'm so happy for you and your anniversary. Many more to come, I'm sure!

Ellen Ban

Happy 2nd Anniversary! My favorite Twos...my 2 daughters!

Mary P

Happy Anniversary!
2 favorite hobbies: quilting and swing dancing
2 favorite foods: cheese and chocolate!
2 favorite seasons: summer and fall
2 favorite beverages: port and black cherry soda (not together of course!)
2 favorite flowers: tulips and hydrangeas

Have a great day!


Happy 2 years! Since I have my delicious bundle of Red Letter Day I won't be greedy, I'll just congratulate you guys and wish you many more!


Are ya gonna be throwing in a piece of that cake too? :D Lol. Ok, twos.. hmm. I wear two necklaces all the time, every day. One is a short, plain silver box chain, and the other is a silver necklace my sister gave me. It has a little round silver tag on it that says "luck" with a little 4-leaf clover dangling from it :)

Debi Lohr

Congrats on the 2 years. My 2 favorite people: two daughters. Two favorite garndkids: Madison & Charlie (only two), two favorite hobbies: quilting and crocheting. Two favorite friends: Jan and Brenda. My two favorite foods: chocolate cake and chicken salad. Two favorite drinks: anything with vodka!

Shelley C

Happy anniversary! Let's see, here are two favorite color combinations: pink and yellow, especially with flowers; and blue and green, calming beachy kinda colors. ANy other twosomes? Favorite foods? Lobster and winter squash. Favorite people? Little grandsons and granddaughters! Can't leave any of them out!

Paula in NH

Congrats on two years! I love reading your blog. Some of my favorite twos: food: coffee and steak; hobbies: anything with fabric and watching sports; two favorite colors: purple and red.

Andee in aZ

My favorite two body parts are my hands, since I am a sign language interpreter, my favorite two new hobbies are crochet and knitting since I am learning them this summer! My favorite two regular hobbies are quilting and reading.


Thank you for you generosity and CONGRATS! on two years.

My two favorite people are my husband and my daughter. My two favorite hobbies and collecting fabric and photography.

Thanks again!


Congratulations on your 2 years! Some of my favorite twos are ice cream and strawberries, quilting and x stitching, family and friends.

Ruth B

Congratulations!! My favorite 2 hobbies are quilting and applique. Needleturn applique. My 2 favorite drinks are diet coke when I'm well and orange juice when I'm sick. My 2 favorite kinds of people are my children and grandchildren. Thanks for the giveaway!


Congratulations on 2 years!! That cake is too prety to eat.

My my most special and favorite thing are my two boys, Matt & Kyle. They are grown now with lives of their own, but I still smile when I think of them. Koye

Laurie McIntosh

My 2 favorite things would be quilting and brownies. What could be better than that. Congradulations on your 2 years and thanks.


Happy 2nd birthday, Cherry House Quilts!

Here's to a wildly successful "Terrible Twos".

Hmmm... Favorites...

My two favorite places in the whole wide world are the beach and my bed. Sad to say, I spend far too little time in each!

My two favorite colors are red and blue, which I think are simply my adult interpretation of purple, which was my favorite color when I was a child.

My two favorite quilt patterns - as far as classics are concerned - are the fan and wedding ring.



my two fave hobbies are quilting and knitting and two of my fave crafty discoveries have been Cherry House Quilts and Lizzy Dish fabric! Happy 2 to you!!



My two favorite ice cream flavors are: Cherry Custard and Black Raspberry Cheesecake. Yummm!


Mary on Lake Pulaski

Happy Anniversary - wow two years!!
Quilting and stamping are my two favorite hobbies, my two children, Nathan and Amber are my two favorite people ('cuz my husband is my partner), my two favorite Cherry House Quilts patterns are City Scapes and I Do, my two favorite foods are chocolate and lobster, two things I am totally grateful for are my parents and my mother-in-law and that's it!

Joyce Levengood

Congrats on 2 years! What an amazing milestone. My two favorite things are my daughter and my husband. My next two favorite things are quiltig and embroidery.
Thanks for a chance to win.

Joyce Levengood

Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. My two favorite people are my daughter and and my husband. My two favorite things are quilting and embroidery


Faves in twos;
My two fave hobbies-sewing & scrapbooking
My two fave people-hubby and BOTH my kids (yeah three)
My two fave movies-Gone with the Wind & White Christmas
My two fave foods - MEXICAN & desserts
My two fave seasons - fall & winter
My two fave patterns - Sliced Fruit & Candy Box
Happy 2nd Anniversary!


My tow favorite words: yes, love.


Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!!

Here are my 2s :)

Two fave colors : yellow and pink
Two fave deserts : Brownies and Cinnamon Rolls
Two fave general quilt blocks : Pinwheels and Courthouse Steps!


Congratulations on two years!

My two favorite letters are F and W.
My two favorite Cherry House patterns are City Part and I Do.


I love my 2 beautiful children
Been happily married just over 2 decades
Have 2 sweet (sometimes damanding) cats
2 fav treats - coffee, chocolate
2 fav past times - friends and patchwork

Gail S.

Congratulations on TWO years!! My two favorite hobbies are quilting and scrapbooking! Both have taken a back burner the past few months due to my daughter getting married. Now that is all over with - I can get back to my TWO favorite things!!

Amanda M.

BIG congrats on your two years! I recently found your blog and your patterns (courtesy of Pink Chalk Fabrics), and I love both! Your work is just beautiful. For me, the two things I am most grateful for are: 1) My husband, b/c he really is a super guy and very supportive and loving, and 2) My fabulous pets - 3 kitties and a bunny, who all get along great. :)



Happy birthday Cherry House Quilts

My two favourite hobbies are patchwork and knitting

My two favourite CHerry House Quilts patterns are City Park and City News

Thanks for being such a great flickr and bloggy friend and inspiration


Bev C

Hello, Congratulations on your 2nd Birthday. Two favourite things are family and sewing. Oh and that saying "Good things come in pairs" Happy days to you.


Congratulations on 2 years.

Favorite hobbies, quilting and embroidery.
Only two favorite people, I don't think I can narrow it down as I have a hubby and four kids, so I'll be greedy and say 5 favorite people.
City scape and Candy box quilt patterns.
Roast leg of lamb and salad, can't go wrong with either.
Grateful for my salvation and my faith, both precious gifts.
Looking forward to another two years of following your blog.

katie r

Congrats on 2 years!! I love sunshine and fresh air- yea for summer. I also love fresh fruit and homemade whip cream! Yea for 2s. :)


Happy Anniversary!

My two favorite hobbies: writing & quilting. Two favorite foods: Chinese and ice-cream. My fav patterns are the Marble Champ and the Marble Champ! LOL I'm grateful for creative designers like you, I'm grateful for generous bloggers.

Susan V.

Congrats on 2 years--I hope you have many more. My 2 favorite hobbies are quilting and knitting. I have 3 boys, so I can't pick just 2, and I love to eat, so how could I pick just 2 favorite foods?


Happy two years of blogging!
My two favourite colours and blue and purple, my two favourite people are my partner and our son, my two favourite flowers are tulips and poppies, and my two favourite crafty things to do are quilting and sewing.


Happy Anniversary! Some of my favorite two's are coffee and popcorn, J and H - my boys ages 4 and 2, and photography and reading.


2 favorite hobbies are quilting and knitting
2 favorite foods are bread.. good old fashioned bread, and strawberries

2 favorite things to do are talk with good friends and go out to dinner

congratulations on your 2 year anniversary

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