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April 27, 2009


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Mary P

This definitely looks like a quilt to me. I have the same problem--floor tile patterns, interesting windows, wrought iron grates--I see quilts everywhere! I think it comes with the territory.


I'd be more surprised if you told me it WASN'T! I know I've seen quilts made like that. ;-)


It does look like quilt to me, but one made of paper strips. Must have something to do with my graphic design distortion....
I don’t necessarily see quilts but often I see and even hear grids in things like pavements, buildings, landscapes, plants, clothes, music, there’s so much inspiration!


Haha, yes! I recently took this photo of a stained glass window in Germany, because I thought it looked like a quilt to me. :) My husband thought it looked like pixels to him.



Yes, it does look like a quilt. I do the same thing. I think it goes with the territory. Every time I see some interesting image my mind goes: "hmm, now how could I translate this intto fabric"!


You're right...it definately looks like a quilt. Quilt patterns are everywhere...you just have to look!


yes...everywhere...quilts are everywhere. my boys love tegan and sara and just showed me some album art....knew i would be making a quilt from it...i sat in the car sketching a design in the brick wall on the side of a building the other day as my impatient teen waited to put the car in gear...yup, everywhere!


A couple of months back while adding music to the new ipod, I came across this very album cover(I also love Death Cab for a Cutie)
"Hey! Rachel!(my daughter) "don't you think this would make a great quilt?" "Oh yeah! Bookmark it!"
So I did!

Heather B.

Quilts are everywhere! I see them too...I'm glad I don't see dead people.


i see quilts everywhere, too. i'm glad that it's NOT just me!

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