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February 11, 2009


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Shelley C

how about Memory Trips to the Cabin which would explain the fabs picked up in cities everywhere, and fabs of the kids clothing etc. It is very pretty...I love two color quilts.


How about Scarlet Runner?

It's another name for the runner bean, which may not seem at all appropriate on first thought. However, most varieties have red flowers and dark, multicoloured seeds (rather like your central squares); some have white flowers and white seeds.

Also, here in the UK a runner is a long, narrow ornamental strip of cloth (usually placed along a table) or a long narrow rug, especially for a hall or staircase. Anyway, the suggestion of strips and staircases works for me.

Well, good luck with the naming. You'll know when you hit on the right one.


I'm nameless Cherri, but it sure is pretty!


Did you want the quilt to be quilted with one bullseye starting in the center and quilted out, or lots of different bullseyes, red in the red, and white in the white?

Harley W.

Well the colors immediately made me think of some kind of cherry dessert, so I'm thinking Cherries Jubilee, Cherry Cobbler or Cherry Cordial.

Whatever you name it, it's gorgeous :)


Cherry Turnover! What I can see of the quilt is beeeeeuuuuuteeeefullll!


After I read your post and saw the picture of this absolutely gorgeous quilt, the only thing I could think of is "Sentimental Journey" or "collections of my heart", anyway the quilt is stunning, Enjoy!


Lovely quilt!!

How about Cherri's History Logs?



I also thought of a Cherry when I saw it. With your experience of getting it quilted and finding a name, I like "Pretty Please, with a Chery on Top" for a name.

Ruth Berke

I'm thinking "Cherries in the Snow". That quilt is beautiful and the quilting is awesome too.


Ok, and I totally just thought of playing off of the red and white, which just so happen to be the two main types of wine. What about something like, "A bottle of red and a glass of white," or "red, red, wine make me feel so fine..." or "Chiraz and Chardonnay" (fill in your favorite red and white wine there).


Wow, love the story, the quilt, the quilting, simply gorgeous!!

A name... The Cherry Family Tree, or ...Cherri’s Memories ?


Well when I saw it my first thought was "Red passion" the second "Strawberries with vanilla"!


The reds look like fire to me so I'm thinking Fireplace in the Log Cabin or Warm Fires at the Cabin. It looks stunning. Great fabric choices.

Tina G

Hi Cherri! It's beautiful! I like Country Steps or Cherri Steps.


I'm with the others with the Cherry theme....has to be Cherry something.....Cherry Pie a la mode?
Great quilt!

Kelly Ann

Watermelon Jam....I saw watermelon with the center of the log cabin being a seed, call me weird but now I want some melon...

Carol M in Or

I had to go and get all fancy. The feather quilting reminded me of Italian architecture and roses climbing a trellis.
So I say Traliccio Delle Roses (trellis of Roses), or Scala Delle Roses (Stair of Roses). I supose you could even go for Base Delle Roses (bed of roses, a play on words there.)

Whatever you chose it is a beautiful quilt!


Prithee, whilst thou not name the quilt after thine own daughter Elizabeth, so named after Gloriana, the Virgin Queen?


I seem to see something different altogether.What I see is a "Flaming Arrow". And it is absolutely gorgeous!


The Presidents' Quilt -
Cherries for George Washington and Log Cabin for Abe Lincoln - and finished in an inauguration year!

Cherri House

Hi friends! I must say, you guys are certainly creative, and not at all stuck for ideas. I'm still not sure which way I'm going, but you have given me lots to think about and consider. Keep the great ideas coming please - I'll let you know as soon as my mind is made up.



I think it could be called 'Start Somewhere.' Something made you save the jumper and the begin collecting cloth from all over and adding pieces from loved ones until you found the right mix. We all have to Start Somewhere.


Well... I really would just call it Cherry House. It's so beautiful and that name just seems simple enough. I hate quilt names that get all cheesy and too clever. It's a log cabin block, hence the house, and those reds are so incredibly vibrant, plus, you're Cherri.

It seems just cheesy enough. :p


beautiful quilt.
how about "Continental Cabin"?


Hi - I think it looks like a wonderful quilt and thought "Passion Hunt" or "Timeless Passion" ... The "Passion" to acknowledge the passion/obsession we have for quilts and the wonderful reds that represent this so well ... and I love the hunt for quilt shops all in different communities (this is something I do also) or Timelesss because it doesn't matter how much time or how long it has been waiting, it is still beautiful and the memories it holds for you are timeless. Love your quilts!


Log Cherri
Cherri Striper
Cherri Candy Cane

Ellen B

How about Strawberries and Cream? It is very beautiful!


How about Cherry Bomb. I love the way the red color explodes over the quilt - it reminds me of fireworks. It's beautiful.


Your quilt reminds me of an ice cream I used to enjoy, "Rasberry Split".
It had white ice cream inside with a frozen red shell. Absolutely delicious as is your quilt.

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