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January 08, 2009


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katie r

your quilts and scraps are beautiful!

Ellyn Zinsmeister

scraps? I love scraps! I especially love making bags from scraps. Have a safe trip!


...there's something fun about the little scraps and bits and pieces - I love to make little treasures and what-nots to give to friends when they least expect it.


Hello from Barcelona!
Scraps? Yes please, I'm newbie in this quilting world and I have only a few fabrics. A bag of scraps will be fantastic for me :)
Beautiful quilt, and beautiful color combination too. The quilting gives it an elegant touch.
Enjoy your trip!



WOW! I adored this quilt when I saw it on your flickr so I would LOVE to grab up your scraps. How sweet of you!!

Best! and safe journey!


oooooh did you say scraps, I love scraps and some especially from you would be awesome. Happy Quilting


What a great giveaway - I love fabric of any kind, particularly scraps! in fact, i think my next quilt will be one using just scraps, so this would be perfect (plus, I'm in dire need of solids!)
Love your blog and that quilt using solids - wow!


Hi from Portugal. I love scraps and I have a few ideas to use them.
Happy birthday to your son and have a save voyage!


I would like the scraps too!


I just used up a pile of scraps on my Christmas sewing projects. Guess that means I have room for more.


Hope you have a safe and fun trip, another bag of scraps, how exciting.


I love scraps. I even buy them when the store sells them.
I use them for applique and my scrap quilts.


Have a great trip!


Scraps are a good thing ~ Count me in!

Brittani Oliver

I LOVE SCRAPS! Count me in!


Scraps? Heck yes I dont have any scraps of my own and I could really really use your scraps! =)


Scraps can be so much fun, especially if you love doing patchwork. (I do! lol) Thanks so much :)

Lori Erickson

I am just starting to build a "scrap stash". Hope to win!

Judy B.

Your quilt designs are wonderful and your daughter's fabric is lovely. Thank you for including me in your fun contest.


I absolutely love your City Fair Quilt....its simple but elegant! I love your blog....keep up the good work. You are such an inspiration to me.


Wow, what beautiful quilts!! I would love to win a bag of scraps to help me create.
Please enter me in your giveaway.

Thanks and blessings,

Paula in NH

I love scraps! I love Cherry House and Lizzy Dish quilts and fabrics. The sneak peak is gorgeous! Please enter me in your drawing.

Anna R

Wishing you a safe trip. Love scraps.


How fantastic that you're having another scrap giveaway! I'm pretty new to quilting (just about to finish my 2nd top) and don't have a big scrap collection. I am trying to keep up with what I do have and they're all cut into sizes suggested by Bonnie Hunter. It's harder to keep the other quilting stuff organized!


I love scraps and can't wait to be entered in your drawing.


Love the City Fan Quilt!
And scraps... we all love scraps, especially your lovely collection of scraps!!

Happy weekend!


oh I just love scraps please enter me in the draw
hugs Beth

Quilted Stitches

Oh Boy!!! Scraps!!! I love Scraps! I am trying to collect all the scraps I can to make a great quilt with!

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