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January 15, 2009


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Ellyn Zinsmeister

I think I like the bottom left corner best, I'm into symmetry! Haha, but they are all fabulous & the fabric is to die for! I can't wait to get some of it & play with it myself (I've got immaginary placemats dancing in my head!)

Candy Glendening

I like the more random looking ones - so bottom right!


I love the quilt on the bottom right-with less of the dark fabric. Would love to make cloth napkins with the fat quarters!


I like the randomness of #6 ;)


2 and 6 are my favorites, just because of where the dark fabric lands.. and I also like the plate fabric in the middle :)


Number two is my favorite!


Bottom left corner - I like how the red print flows thru the quilt, adding a little pop of color


Top left and bottom right are my favourites! Thanks for having a give-away of some Lizzy Dish!!

Cynthia H.

I like #3 because of the way the "circle" fabrics touch at their corners and keep the eye moving.


I think I like #5. I am not sure why but it catches my eye.

Barbara Myltschenko

I love #1, but i'm totally anal and love symetry. amazing work!

Helen Costner

I like the 5th block. the colors appear brighter


#3 is my favourite, I love the symmetry in this one.


I love the middle one on the left! Can't wait to get some of these fabrics! Placemats and a tablerunner are just waiting to be made!

Ellyn Wood

I like #3 (I think) -left hand side bottom. The design is symetrical and pleasing and quieting.


#1 really catches my eye :)


Number3 number3. It looks scrappy, I like it.

Billie Kretzschmar

I like the bottom right one the best. I like the extra bit of orange.

Vivian Oaks

I don't have a preference. They all look very similar - guess I don't have that artistic leaning... When I first looked, I thought they were all exactly the same, and had to actually go back and look again to realize they were variations.

Sue G

#6 is my favorite.


I like the arrangement of #6 best. The dark green? pieces seem more spaced.

Quilted Stitches

Number 5! It has a scrappy look, and I like the way the colors are arranged.


Hi! I like #3 the best (middle left), and downloaded the Housewares pattern. Love the fabric!

Christy K

I really like 3 :-)


I like all of them, but #3 the best.


#5, bottom left is my favorite.
All are nice tho, amazing how much difference we can get from just making a few changes to the layout isnt it?
Great fabric, and tyvm for the pattern!


Hi - #6 (bottom right) is my favorite. I really like the randomness that comes when the big brown blocks appear to be randomly placed. It's been a lot of fun to watch the development of the fabric and the pattern over time!


Bottom left is my fav. I love the border though in the dot. That is fantastic.

Shelley C

By squinting at the pictures, I found the dark brown squares kind of over powered the rest, and it was hard to see much difference between the 6 quilts. But, with the squinting method, I liked number 6 best...it had the fewest brown blocks, so the other fabs had more of a chance to get seen.

Lee-Anne Gilbert

How can one decide?? They are all beautiful!! Lx


I like the 1st on the polka dot and red fabric fabric seems to pop in that quilt.


#3 is my my pick


#6 keeps catching my eye! LOVE these fabrics!


Hi Cherri
Number 5 is the one that catches my eye, not sure why! I just downloaded the pattern too - thankyou.
Janelle xx


I like the balanced look of #3 the best.

anna donato

They all look great. The bottom right looks really nice. What a great giveaway.

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