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December 17, 2008


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Ellyn Zinsmeister

Hi Cherri! I'm a new fan since I heard the interview on Annie's podcast. I am loving exploring your work & Lizzy's too, loved the duet your girls sang on the podcast... you seem like the kind of ladies I'd love to have for a friend! Would love to win fabric too... that would be a bonus.


Oh, pick me for the US! This weather is completely crazy this week...snow in places that don't get snow, it's unseasonably cool in LA even! I go back in one week to visit family for the holidays, and I'm really hoping to see some good (and clean) snow, and go sledding! Wheee!!!


well it looks like i am the first person -- here's hoping that the random number generator thingy picks my number -- I could really really use that fabric.


Hi, I'm Andi from Melbourne in Australia.
I follow quite a lot of blogs from the northern hemisphere so it's fun watching everyone's snow photos. It's supposed to be summer here but we seem to be having lots of rain instead. At least my garden is happy!
Andi :-)

Sue Daley

I Cherri,
I am from a little country town in QLD Australia and I love reading your blog.
It is so wonderful receiving fabric in the mail. I'm like a kid at Christmas. I am hoping to get to meet you in Houston when we come to exhibit at Quilt market in October.
Thankyou for the chance to be in the draw.
Sue Daley


How wonderful for you that you were there with your Lizzy, and such stunning art work. You must be an extremely proud mum. I'm here in the US and would love to relieve you of some of those fabric scraps. Adore the snow photo, we don't get too much here in Oklahoma, and being an Aussie girl living here snow is one of the things I'd love to enjoy on a regular basis in the winter time.


oh wow I would love to be in on the draw for the free fabric

my name is Beth [chook] and I live in Australia
hugs Beth


we've finally got snow in kansas. i'm getting the cross country skis out this weekend. thanks for the giveaway...i can never have enough fabric!


I'd love some free fabric! Thanks.

Sarah Vee

Hi there! I'm in Espanola, Ontario Canada, which is really close to Manitoulin Island. We have lots of snow. FREE Fabric would warm my soul!:)

Paula in NH

I love, love, love snow. We got 3 inches of the fluffy white stuff today, plus we will get more on Friday and then again on Sunday!

I'd love to be entered in the drawing for the fabric scraps.


Yeah! Another chance at that fabric. VBG I'm freezing in the mitten (Michigan).


Scraps...I love scraps! Sign me up for the drawing!


Wow, Lizzy is so talented. Enjoyed viewing her prints. I'm from Illinois, not too far from St. Louis. We are having some snow but also freezing rain this week. I can do without the ice! Thanks for offering the fabric giveaway. Happy Holidays!


You have a lot of snow there . We didn't see mutch snow here .
thanks for offering the gabric giveaway , we outside the us have not mutch chance for winning a giveaway because people don't like sending it out here .


Where am I from??? MI, then CA, then MT, then ID, then WA and now again ID. We have lots of snow and more on the way. :D
Lizzy's art is beautiful! WOW! I love the details and really love that little bird.


Snow -- well, snow everywhere. We're about to get a huge storm, they say.
Where am I from? Toronto, Canada


Hello :)
I love lizzy's art! she is a really talented girl...u must be so happy for her graduating.
Here in Gijon (Spain) we only have snow once a year and its probably gonna be in january, hopefully on my b-day :P Count me in for the fabric giveaway! & happy snow day!


Well, its definitely snowy in NY. How fun to have some in Houston (at least for a little while !) :) A box of scraps! Yay! Wish me luck!


Lizzie is indeed very talented!

The webshots photo is gorgeous. Something I'll never see here in Florida. I would love to be entered into your contest! What a nice thing to do!


Hello, I'm Noémia, from Porto, Portugal. Here we have a lot of cold weather, some snow in hight lands but I live near the ocean, right in front of New York,across the sea,so...I don't have snow in my city. It is a pitty because I would love to have some fun with a white Christmas.
You must be a proud mother because Lizzy is a very talented artist!
I would love also to win your giveaway in international categorie.:)


Greetings from the Peach State.


Hi from the Mitten State, where we're bracing for a big snowstorm. Hope I am a lucky winner - thank you for your generosity! Those fabric lines are beautiful.


Yeah... snow. We are sweating right now here in Virginia. I think the weather in the world is on shuffle. Can we have some of your snow?

Lori Erickson

Please send some snow to Northeast Tennesee! My kis are dying to go sledding and it's in the 60s here. Would love some fabric to start a new project after christmas. Lori in Unicoi, TN.

Kathy J

Kathy J in very snowy Michigan. Lizzie's art is very cool. She must have a lot of patience for such fine work and you must be very proud of her, too! I can see why she says she 'misses' seeing her work. By the way, I'd be really very happy to relieve you of your unwanted fabric! ;o)


Hi Cherri!

Snow, snow and more snow here in Milwaukee, WI. But it's pretty much the norm between November and April. Today is my birthday and I'm hoping the snow won't put a damper on the festivities!

Happy sewing,

Gail S.

Greetings from SNOWY Nebraska! We have snow and weather man says that we will have a white Christmas! Just as long as we don't get the strong winds we are noted for. Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for a chance to win some fabric!!


Hi Cherri
I'm Janelle from Western Australia, where we have a very sunny Christmas :) I would like to experience a white Christmas at least once in my lifetime.
Janelle xx


Hi I am new to quilting and trying to build up my stash. I would love to win Thanks


Hi I am a new quilter and would love to build up my stash. Thanks ,)


We've got lots of snow out here in Seattle - we're more than willing to share! Though more fabric is always awesome...


I live in Philly! Thanks for the chance to win!
maumauisginger at gmail dot com

Laura Tawney

i would love to win a box of fabric! You have a great blog. We have lots of snow in Seattle WA (living in Redmond - close to Seattle) and love Holly Holderman! Thanks, Laura

Jane Weston

Happy Holidays from Jane in Rugby, Warwickshire England...we're still dreaming of a white Christmas here... :o)


Merry Christmas and yes please enter me ...am in Sydney, Australia

Muffet Schroer

Hi Cherri-
I love the blog and have ordered patterns on occasion too. You've some talented girls there... maybe I could introduce my sons? :-;

I read your blog from one of the Chicago suburbs: Northbrook, IL

Thanks for a great read!


T. J.

Oh Wow! I sure could use this. I'm a new quilter. My mom and grandma have been trying to get me to quilt for years and years. Well, I decided to go for it and now I'm hooked! But we can't tell my mom and grandma yet because I need time to figure things out for myself. I just work better that way. Could you work with two kind but kinda bossy women hovering over your sewing machine? Also, those two nice ladies are getting some of my new handiwork for Christmas.

Oh, and I love your daughter's work. Ultra talented. And I'm sure all your girls will be thinking of you on Christmas. You are such a good mom to let them stretch their wings.

And I'm from College Place, WA.

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