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November 10, 2008


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Okay, I am the kind of quilter (#4) who buys the pattern with my own ideas for fabric, very seldom buy fabrics that are pictured. For the next question, I usually do #1, use the pattern and make it work for me.

Silver Scissor Quilts

I usually buy a pattern, but do use whatever fabric I want. I also usually change the patterna little bit. With that being said, I am making a quilt using the exact same jelly roll as used in the pattern, but different fabric from the same line. I also just made one using a kit I bought that had the exact same as the pattern. I rarely do this though. Usually if it's 30s fabric, for example I'll use 30s fabric, but not exactly the same. If I really like the colors I'll use similar colors, but I rarely do the exact same fabric as the pattern and I usually change the pattern, either adding blocks, changing the boarder or whatever.


There are certainly instances where I fall for the combination of the pattern + fabric, but the vast majority of the time I fall into the #4 camp above ... I want to know how to make the block or pattern or effect, but really enjoy the process of envisioning that pattern in the fabrics of my own choosing. (A good example is seeing a pattern in very traditional prints, but envisioning it in brighter, more modern fabrics). As for your second question, definitely #1.


I'm a relatively new quilter, with barely any room to maintain a stash, so I would say I fall into the buy the pattern, and buy whatever fabrics I want. Patterns are super nice, because they tell you how much to buy, which is needed when you can't really buy more than you need due to space constraints. When I deviate from the pattern in terms of color, it is sort of difficult to keep track of colors, there's lots of sticky notes and numbered pins involved (and a sheet of paper with a scrap of each fabric stapled on and labeled).

And I would never throw in the towel if I started something like that...at least, I don't think I would...I haven't run into that situation yet!


Hmmm...I'd answer a "Yes" to all questions 1-4! Sometimes I want to make just the same quilt the designer made...but sometimes I'll rather decide to choose my own fabric...and other patterns inspire me to add something of "me" {don't know if this is better or worse for the quilt - but as long I love it, it's right ;o)} or even only use it as a start point. Sorry, that won't help you much - but I think it absolutely depends on the pattern...some are destined to let your creativity flow - and some aren't...they are made for "re-creating".
Cheers, Julia


I seldom work from others patterns as I love designing my own in EQ - but when I do, the pattern is used as an inspiration and I can't help myself, I have to had my own twist to the design. I would never create a quilt with the same fabrics that someone else did - I just like mine to be different. Each unto his own, I say - and whatever makes you happy, go for it.


I usually fall into camp 4 or 5; I rarely use the fabrics specified because I enjoy mixing and matching lines for my own taste.

Substitutes are a go, and even encouraged, by me :-)


I tend to buy the pattern for inspiration.. I use my stash where possible.. I think using a specific fabric range can be limiting and to be honest, who wants a quilt like everyone else?? I try to put my own 'stamp' on it.. I guess if you are designing to a fabric, when some fabric print runs are only that year, you are limiting yourself to only being able to sell that pattern for that year?
I do like it when patterns have two colourways, sometimes you can't 'see' what it will look like in a dif. colourway.. I like one of the american patchwork mags that always show a variation of the pattern but in different fabric..


Laura Tawney

I've been quilting for about 12 years and sewn for much longer. I probably go with number 3 and or 4 on the first portion of the question. but it also depends because I may want to do my own thing. If there is a central fabric I may try and match it because there is a "mood" about the picture that may have drawn me in to begin with and then I'll try and work with my stash. As for the second part I would go with number 1 - no sense in throwing in the towel.

What I think it can be intimidating for beginning quilters is seeing a pattern with certain fabrics and liking it and then trying to recreate it. However patterns will come out after the fabric has come out and possibly the fabric is unavailable. New quilters typically can be hesitant to use their own color sense or don't feel they have the color sense needed. However if you are good on the computer the fabric can typically be found. I do this for a lot of my friends.


I tend to pick the pattern I like then do my own thing with the fabric
But I have been known to make a quilt useing the same fabric as the pattern if it is what I am looking for at the time
hugs Beth


Mostly #4 and #1.
I love to use patterns and books for inspiration and for the technical explanation.
I love it when a I’ve made a quilt which can be recogized as a product from my hands.

Paula in NH

I definitely fall into #4. I use the pattern as inspiration and it's even better if there is a new technique to learn from the pattern. I always choose my own fabric for a pattern and seldom follow the color choices of the original design.

Lately I've been buying fabric first and then choosing a pattern to showcase the fabric.

I don't think I would ever buy a pattern to create a specific quilt so I can't answer your second question.


I fall into #4. Patterns to me are for inspiration and not bought so I can make an exact duplicate. So I really can't answer the second question either -- as I wouldn't want to buy the exact same fabrics.


I buy the patterns then pick my own fabric............don't want exactly the same as everyone else...........sometimes I change the pattern.........


I buy the pattern and do my best to make it just like it calls for. The fabrics used is usually what makes me choose the pattern. I do have to substitute at times, but I get as close in color and design as I can.


I buy a pattern because the design speakes to me, but I never try to copy the fabric line that's been used, I either pull from my stash or buy new fabrics to suit the design. For question #2 I'd be a #1.

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